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5 Fantastic Tours for Family’s First Time in Europe

By September 11, 2015October 7th, 20174 Comments

Two young boys and mother at museum in Paris

It’s time to take the plunge and bring your whole family abroad. It can be a little daunting to undertake such an expedition, but there’s definite ways to conquer an adventurous family vacation in another country. In fact, a trip from the East Coast of the U.S. to London is the same distance as going to Los Angeles!

If booking hotels, finding family-friendly attractions and flights all seem too much, consider consolidating. You can either book tours that will take you to see all the sites in an afternoon, or you can simply have an entire package that handles all the details. Just because you try a tour also doesn’t mean being stuck on a bus for hours! I’ts totally not cheating either to get a little help and leave some of the planning to the professionals, especially for your first few times.


All the Icons

The most popular places in Europe to visit are famous for good reason. They are landmarks of a diverse continent just itching to welcome families to come and explore. Of course, although major cities are a lot for little ones to handle, they are also the best places to go first because language barrier won’t be as much or a challenge and the tours will be plentiful. As a recent expat to London, I know first hand this place is wonderful for families. Just a 5 or 6 hour flight from New York, this destination is chock full of history, hearty food and beautiful public spaces.

Maybe your little girl has been eyeing her Madeline doll and wondering when she can go to Paris too. Or perhaps your young boy has hear about the incredible desserts and pizza in Rome and wants to try some REAL Italian food. Can you imagine saving up some of that camping trip fund for a while and using it instead to head to France or Italy? You could do anything from sail for six days throughout the Italian coastline or have a private lunch with views of the Eiffel Tower and a accompanying city tour.

Ireland is another incredible destination that’s easily accessible. Tours will bring travelers to the Cliffs of Moer from Galway (if you feel like ditching the car for the day) or bring you all around Dublin in a private taxi tour.


Cliffs of Moer in Ireland

A Few Wild Cards

Maybe flights seem like a bad idea for a long trip with kids. You could simply fly into a major port, not too far away, then give cruising a go. This can be the perfect introduction to Europe, as many of these affordable trips will give you a quick taste of several different countries. It also gives everyone a little break on board to hang out in between ports. You can easily spend a few days in Spain, France and Italy to explore which one you’ll want to visit again in the future. Also, get the kids pumped about cruising by having them help pick activities aboard in advance or read up about these massive ships.

Another great way we love to experience local flair in a destination is by having someone who lives there lead the way. There are tons of options for these types of experiences that are great for families of all ages. For instance, give a foodie tour in Marrakesh, Morocco a try, led by American expats who also have kiddos of their own. Hang out on Trip Advisor’s message boards (or ask us!) to choose the best options for whichever destination to decide on.

I could go on an on about all the incredible things to see and do with your crew in Europe, it could never fit into one list! If you have specific questions or would like me to create an itinerary for you, reach out anytime. What places in Europe have you been dreaming about with your family?


Eileen Cotter Wright

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