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5 Practical Tips to Take Amazing Fashion Travel Selfies

By February 19, 20222 Comments

If you want to experience a new place to the fullest, there’s a lot to be said for traveling solo. You get to wake up whenever you feel like it and move at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Best of all, because you aren’t worrying about anyone but yourself, you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. Anytime you’d like to take a detour down an interesting side street or explore a more obscure spot far away from the usual tourist traps, you can.

But while solo traveling can be extremely fun and fulfilling, it also comes with its own challenges. You’ll have to find your way around your destination, keep yourself safe, and work up the nerve to ask strangers for help on occasion. And you’ll need to somehow engineer a whole lot of photos of yourself with the amazing scenery—without a companion around to play photographer.

Every adventurer at heart knows that getting remarkable and social media-worthy photos is one of the best perks of traveling. There’s no reason you should miss out on that when you choose to take a solo trip. To help you capture fantastic travel selfies, consider the following tips:

Plan Your Outfits

If you’re really serious about getting the perfect shots, your preparations will have to start before you even arrive at your destination or pick up your camera. Packing a travel wardrobe that’s just as functional as it is fashionable is the first step to looking incredible in every selfie you take.

The outfits you pack for your trip should take the weather, terrain, and activities you expect to do into account. A flowing maxi dress, for example, is ideal for breezy seaside locations. If you’ll be roughing it in the mountains, meanwhile, you’ll want something a bit more on the sporty side. Think water-resistant windbreakers, comfy leggings, thick socks for women, and sturdy boots.

Whatever you wear on your travels, what’s most important is that your outfit choices are comfortable and make you feel confident. After all, the better you feel, the better you’re sure to look when it’s time to click the shutter.

Invest in Good Equipment

If you’re looking to boost your photo quality, the first thing to do is get a quality travel camera. These days, there are plenty of portable digital cameras out there that incorporate DSLR features like manual exposure control and built-in optical zoom lenses. These cameras produce semi-pro quality shots that are a notch above what regular point-and-shoot cameras or smartphones can achieve.

When shopping around for the right camera, look for features that can help you level up your selfie game. Front-facing or flip-out LCD screens are a plus, for instance, as they’ll let you see yourself as you pose. Lightness, portability, and durability are also must-have qualities, especially for travelers who love the great outdoors.

Equipment like tripods and selfie sticks can also help you get more creative and take better pictures on your travels. Selfie sticks extend your reach and allow you to fit more of your body into the frame, while tripods can stabilize your camera for night shots and other long-exposure photos. However you choose to build your travel photography kit, just be sure to invest in equipment that’s appropriately compact and light. That way, you’ll be able to carry everything around comfortably wherever in the world you go.

Time Your Visit Wisely

Capturing good selfies at popular tourist spots is all about beating the crowds. Depending on your chosen location, you may want to show up early in the morning before people start arriving or in the evening as they’re heading home. That way, you have better chances of having the place all to yourself and more time to set up your shots. You won’t have to worry about your camera being stolen, crowds getting in the way of your equipment, or people awkwardly walking into the frame.

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The morning and evening are also ideal shooting times because the sun is low in the sky, producing a soft, gentle glow that makes anything and anyone look stunning in photos. Conversely, you’ll want to avoid shooting at midday, as contending with crowds and harsh sunlight will just leave you sweaty and squinting. That’s definitely not the sort of look you want to have immortalized in a photograph.

Experiment with Composition

For truly unique travel selfies, do more than just stand in the center of the frame with the same touristy smile on your face. Try experimenting with angles when using your selfie stick or tripod, like shooting yourself from below as you climb a hill or a flight of stairs. You can also lie on the ground, do jump shots, or walk through the frame to create a sense of motion. Getting creative with perspective and movement will make your photos look much more dynamic and interesting.

Another trick to taking fresher travel photos is featuring parts of yourself in the shot besides your face. Try taking a picture of your hand, back, shadow, or side profile. Hand shots, for example, are great for featuring objects, so show off that local drink you’re enjoying or that souvenir you just bought. Shoot your feet against cobblestoned roads or intricately tiled floors to show your viewers where you’re going. The sky’s the limit when it comes to composing your shot, so don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Showcase the Destination

Your travels are as much about the breathtaking places you visit as they are about you, and the best travel photos will reflect this. The last thing you want is to take up so much space in your shot that the viewer can’t even tell where you went. Practice framing your photos in such a way as to make the location the focal point, and treat yourself more as an accent.

When taking a photo of yourself against a particular landscape, go for wide shots that create a lot of space around your body. This ensures that any eye-catching features of the environment, like skylines, architecture, or natural formations like cliffs and mountains, will be clearly seen. You may also want to try placing yourself to one side of your shot, rather than in the dead center. This composition showcases your environment more and creates a sense of vastness.

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Want one final, fail-safe tip for taking the perfect travel selfies? Just have fun with it. Wherever you go and whatever equipment you take with you, photographing your travels is all about portraying the world’s beauty in your own unique way. Don’t be afraid to play, to experiment, and to be yourself in your photos. Keep all this in mind, and you’ll surely come home with enough captured memories to last you a lifetime.

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