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A Holiday Gift Guide: For Digital Nomads and Slow Travelers

By November 30, 2018March 14th, 20194 Comments

We’re taking it a little easier these days when it comes to planning annual trips. We’re slowing down, but that means just more time spent at each destination! Slow travel is fully immersing in the local environment and taking time to connect to it. Many slow travelers work on the road too – hey to our digital nomads! – and need to keep their gear at a minimum. After testing and reviewing these products personally, here’s out top picks for perfect gifts when grabbing something for your favorite slow traveler.

Homesick Candle

Homesick Candle UK

One of the toughest parts of living life on the road is battling homesickness. No matter how far I travel away from my hometown I’m always thinking of the family and friends I have left behind.

One retailer has found a way to bring nostalgia to your olfactory senses. The brand Homesick has come out with a line of candles; allowing you to bring the aromas of home with you. The Boston candle scent of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves remind me of all the yummy pies that my grandmother bakes during the holiday season. Simply light one of these candles, close your eyes, and be transported home! – Jeanne

Retail: $29.95

SanDisk 400GB Micro Memory Card

Sandisk microCard

Disclaimer: Product for this giveaway was provided by SanDisk. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of SanDisk. This has been a HUGE game changer while I travel. If you’re on the road a lot and don’t have time to switch out your memory cards for photos and videos, you’ll want the largest storage possible. SanDisk has a great 400 GB micro card that works in most digital cameras (it comes with a macro converter) and action cameras. It’s more than enough space for hours of 4K footage and tens of thousands of RAW file photos – I’ve not come even close to filling it. I used to have to switch out my 64GB cards constantly and even lost one, which was awful. So it’s well worth investing in one large memory card to streamline your process, especially when cutting back on space for slow travel and working on the road. -Eileen

Retail: $99-$129

Genius Pack Luggage


Genius Pack SuitcasesIt was high time to elevate my suitcase game. I’ve been lugging around the same old squished bags for years, and my belongings suffered for it. Genius Pack has sturdy hardshell cases that look sleek and stylish too. They rest on wheels so you can zoom through the airport and it comes with matching carry-on and checked bag sizes. Besides the durable handle, compartments for sundries inside and compression straps, my favorite feature is its weight. While they look and feel solid, they weigh much less than normal bags (about 6 and 10 pounds respectively) which can be a lifesaver for people like me to pack right to the weight limit. Make sure you take a peek at all the perks of these bags — we’d be here all day if I included it all! -Eileen

Retail: $309 for checked and carry-on Hardside Bundle

Youphoria Microfiber Travel Towel

Youphoria towel and hammock

For those of us who crave time outdoors, adding a light, compact towel to the packing list is a must. Whether you are a hot yoga enthusiast, the rugged mountain climbing camper, or a lover of the sea, you’ll need a towel handy. The Youphoria travel towel is a lightweight microfiber blend that can absorb four times its weight in water. It also dries ten times faster than your average towel.

The towel with mesh case, allowing material to breathe and dry when you are on the go. You can also machine wash this microfiber towel at the end of your trip. The lightweight material will easily fit into your backpack and be a lifesaver on your next outdoor adventure. – Jeanne

Retail: $9.99- $19.99 retail

Men’s Travel Box by Ames and Oates

Ames and Oates Mens Travel Kit

The time has come to simplify your gifting – Ames and Oates has taken out all of the guesswork. They curate beautiful boxes of sundries that suit all tastes. I knew the Men’s Travel Gift Box would be perfect for my traveling brother who often battles red-eye flights and needs a pick-me-up. It comes in a stunning ribbon-wrapped gift box, complete with high-end toiletries kit and sleek leather carry-all pouch. Bring your own earplugs, eye mask, toothbrush and eye cream – check. Who needs business class? -Eileen

Retail: $90

Mermaid Straws

mermaid straw bundle

After the latest craze of ridding businesses of plastic straws, it made me think about how many I have used in my lifetime. Especially when I travel, I consume too much plastic that I could most likely avoid. The Mermaid Straws are a fun, colorful way to protect the planet just a little bit every day. These straws are made from food-grade stainless steel in several sizes, including a bendy version and a bubble tea thick one. You can easily pack the straws in a small pouch in your purse or carry-on suitcase, then forgo the plastic straw when it’s offered wherever you go. -Eileen

Retail: $17 for a pack of three and pouch

Everlane’s Men’s and Women’s Sweaters

I like to look somewhat presentable on the road, especially when I’m traveling for work or have a client meeting – even via Skype! But I’m also not fussy and prefer something simple to keep my look fresh and clean.

The men’s Cashmere Crew is ideal for a traveler, as it’s wrinkle-free and completely packable to look nice on a night out. It’s also both breezy and warm, perfect for between-season travel. What’s great is the quality cashmere sweaters are available in classic women’s sizes too. Now I’m not suggesting you get matchy-matchy on your next vacation, but I definitely think you could each enjoy your favorite color.

Besides being chic, Everlane prides itself in complete transparency when it comes to manufacturing and ethically sourced materials. We love supporting a business that gives back too – every Black Friday their proceeds go back to the workers and factories they use to improve and enhance work conditions. Costs are kept low for each product to ‘pay back’ the consumer and pieces are made to last. It’s a win-win for everyone when choosing this apparel. -Eileen

Retail: Cashmere sweaters, $100


Rocky Mountain Oils Holiday Latte Kit

Rocky Mountain oils Holiday Latte Kit

My collection of essential oil blends is growing! The more I travel, the more I like to find ways to diffuse the chaos of being on the road. While classics like lavender and eucalyptus are lovely, I’m happy to expand my horizons and try new things. I was so thrilled to discover Rocky Mountain Oils and their beautiful blends for the holidays, like Mocha Peppermint and Eggnog! This small business prides itself on certified, safe and single-sourced oils direct to consumer for the best quality and cost. The kit comes with packable 5ml bottles which is plenty! A few drops can be diffused for hours or added to pressure points on the skin.

Along with traveling though, I’ve enjoyed diffusing essential oils at home too. Especially around the holidays, it’s a wonderfully relaxing way to add scent and atmosphere in a healthy, wholesome way.  -Eileen

Retail: Holiday Latte Kit, $75

Liberty Lite Total Wireless Earphones by Soundcore

These earbuds are amazing! I love them! They are small and lightweight so they can easily fit in your pocket which makes them an easy travel device. The Liberty Lite wireless earbuds come with jackets so the size can be adjusted to fit your ear. They will last 3-4 hours but will take about an hour and a half to fully charge again in their case. The range of the Bluetooth connection is huge, about 30 ft with crystal clear sound quality. I was also very happy to find out that I could use one earbud at a time because I like to listen to music while waiting for my mom to call me! It’d also be great when I travel to places like Disney World so I can hear my music and be alert in the crowds. Finally something I thought that was unique was that if one earbud wasn’t working properly you could reset them both and they will be fixed. Overall the Liberty Lite Total Wireless Earphones are a great set of earphones and I recommend them to everyone who is looking for something like it. – Sebastian

Retail $64.99

Allbird Shoes


allbirds shoes

What hit me first is how light these shoes are. I do love the look of cozy merino wool (unusual for kicks!) but the best part is the comfort. Breezy, light and molded to my feet, Allbirds shoes are something special. They source Italian Merino wool which offers breathability and style in a wide variety of colors. They are made with the future in mind, as they are crafted with a low carbon footprint. Allbirds are ideal for travelers for so many reasons – they can be a go-to dressed up or down. Machine washable, moisture-wicking and simple – boom, shoes sorted for your next trip! -Eileen

Retail: $95

Mophie Powerstation plus XL Rechargeable Battery Pack

Mophie Battery charger

OK, Ok, so rechargeable battery packs may now seem like an obvious choice for a digital nomad themed gift guide. With the number of devices people now travel with, carrying something to recharge them is a no-brainer. There are hundreds of options out on the market, but what makes the powerstation plus different is in the details.

I personally have owned dozens of recharging packs and one of my biggest issues is forgetting the cord to connect the battery pack to the device! The powerstation plus has solved this issue by integrating the apple lighting connector directly into the battery pack. The battery pack can be recharged wirelessly with any Mophie wireless charging pad devices. Never get low device power anxiety ever again! – Jeanne

Retail: $99.95

Pop Grip Mount Holder

Working on the go doesn’t always have to include wearing headphones in the coffee shop, pounding away at the laptop keyboard. As someone who travels often for business, I often find my most coveted tool while traveling is my mobile device. Pop-up mount grips make one-handed communication simple and easy. Just peel and stick the mount to the back of your phone and you are working in seconds! Who said you can’t answer that email or slack message while on the bus? – Jeanne

Retail: $7.50, Pure Wander Shop

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Digital nomads and slow travelers are bound to make friends wherever they go, looking at the world as one giant adventure. After a night out with new friends, return to your hotel, Airbnb or hostel to relax—and watch a movie with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Any television that has an HDMI port will be able to play films from apps like Netflix, Hulu and more. All you need is an internet connection. Even better is the Alexa remove that the device comes with—you can launch movies or television shows verbally, making it the ultimate tool for relaxation and entertainment. —Ashley

Retail: $39.99

Succulent Studio Plant Subscriptionsucculents

When you travel a lot, some things in your home have to be modified – including plants. There’s nothing more annoying than begging a friend to have to come over and water all your plants while you’re on the road! That’s why succulents are the perfect plants for travelers, as most don’t require much care or watering at all. With this subscription service, you receive two small succulents every month that can be potted and presented in your home, adding style and the comfort of living interiors. It comes with a little info card about the species and care too. I left them for a couple of weeks on a recent trip and they continued to thrive! -Eileen

Retail: $16.50 for two plants a month including shipping

Travel the World iPops


Showcase your love for traveling on your wrist with these adorable adornments. Digital nomads will love this bling, which can be added to the bands of a variety of smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, as well as fitness trackers like FitBits. This three-piece kit offers a small silver circle charm as well as two travel-themed icons: an airplane and the Eiffel Tower. Simply push the silver studs on the back of the Travel the World iPops through the holes in the band to decorate it in any way you wish. And don’t stop there—digital nomads can select additional charms, from sports and animals to foods and flowers, to customize their bands with other interests as well. —Ashley

Retail: $19.99

Qwerkywriter S Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard

Sure, typing on a laptop can be a great way to get work done while roaming. But another wonderful tool to get you excited about writing is the Qwerkywriter S Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard. The old-school typewriter has some pretty modern tricks: it connects via Bluetooth to digital devices like smartphones and tablets. Turn any touchscreen device into a word processor and enjoy a vintage feel under your fingers at the same time. Those that work in the digital realm will appreciate some of the more interesting features, like wireless connectivity for up to three devices, knobs that both scroll and control volume, a stand to hold your device in view and wonderful keys that make the same clicking noise as a vintage typewriter. —Ashley

Retail: $249.99

Rite in the Rain Memo Book & Black Metal Clicker Pen

Rite in the Rain Memo Book & Black Metal Clicker Pen

Weather can be a factor in so many things, but it’s definitely a killer for trying to write. Luckily, Rite in the Rain has crafted a series of incredibly innovative products that allow note-taking to be possible rain or shine. As a writer, this will likely become one of my go-to’s, allowing me to put a pen to paper no matter where I’m at—the perfect tool for digital nomads that are always on the go. The company’s Memo Book is waterproof so the pages don’t smudge, tear or differ in any way when wet. This impressive technology extends to the brand’s pens, like the Black Metal Clicker Pen, which writes on wet paper and continues to work in extreme hot and cold temperatures. Whether you’re describing your surroundings, taking notes on things to remember, jotting down phone numbers or leaving letters for others, you’ll never have to risk losing important information, indoors or outdoors. —Ashley

Retail: $5.45 and $15.95

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

When always on the go, it’s important for digital nomads to stay connected, whether for networking and meet-ups, for directions, to read e-mails and more. Many may not be driving around on their adventures, but for those that are, the WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder is the best way to keep your phone within reach while on the road. Offering a hands-free way to travel, you can still keep an eye on the navigation and you surely won’t miss a call as the small gadget clips right into the car’s air vent to keep it within sight. —Ashley

Retail: $14.98

Kelty Salida 4 Tent

Kelty Salida 4 Tent

To travel slowly is to truly appreciate the world around you—and what better way is there to do this than camping? Experiencing the Great Outdoors in the most natural of ways, camping allows you to soak up nature, exploring everything from beaches and fields to mountains and deserts. And the key to a successful camping trip is a high-quality tent. Kelty’s Salida 4 is a lightweight, four-person option that is easy to lug around by foot no matter how far your travels take you. On top of that, it’s quick to set up and features an additional fly attachment that makes it the perfect set-up for inclement weather as well. —Ashley

Retail: $229.95

Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles

Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles

Innovation is key for digital nomads: it’s all about the next best product. For an interesting travel-related product you may not have heard of before, try the Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles. These handy guys can be cut to your size then slipped into your shoes for a seamless experience unlike any you’ve had before. The insoles feature a haptic technology that offers gentle vibrations to guide you on your way. The sleek pieces have their own smart pods that connect to your devices via Bluetooth to do everything from offer directions (via the vibrations…a simple buzz on the left or the right) to track steps, calories, distance traveled and more. These are an incredibly unique product that digital enthusiasts of all kinds will love, and with a long-lasting battery, offline connectivity, and washable material, what’s not to love?  —Ashley

Retail: $149.99

Eileen Cotter Wright

Author Eileen Cotter Wright

Eileen Cotter is a freelance travel journalist and owner of Pure Wander. She's our resident expat extraordinaire and falls down a lot in yoga class. Follow her on Instagram @Pure_Wander.

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    What a great list! I’ve used a Mophie phone case that has a built-in recharging battery for over three years now, but I still travel with a battery pack for charging other things. AND you are so right — it’s misplacing that flipping little cable that can screw everything up. I can a Mophie brand pack in my future. The other thing on the list I want is a pair of Allbird shoes — love the Merino wool and the small carbon footprint.

  • Cat Lin says:

    What, there is 400GB micro card? I will never have to worry about running out of space when I go on a multi-day trip!

  • Sarah says:

    I really love this gift guide because it has so many things I’d love but hadn’t heard of before!! I particularly love the ‘homesick’ candles. After moving back to Michigan I think that UK homesick candle would be great for me 🙂 And then I’ll have to get a Michigan one (if they have it) whenever I move away from here. I’m off to check out what each one smells like! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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