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A Look At The Benefits of Group Travel

By August 27, 2019August 28th, 20194 Comments

We know at Pure Wander, we love to travel in packs. An awesome family reunion on a beach in Spain or a girlfriend getaway to the southwest in the U.S is our jam!

But we’ve had a little problem – what kind of travel do we call these experiences? It’s sometimes family travel, but that’s usually synonymous with kids. Other times it’s just traveling with friends – but that might feel too casual. ‘Group travel’ often means large tour excursions that are planned out with guides and itineraries. 

When we say ‘small packs,’ what we mean are groups of maybe three or more – like those fun road trips you take with your husband and another couple, or maybe a boating adventure as an adult with your adult parents. Traveling in packs could also mean you go at it solo, then meet up with new friends along the way!

Whatever you decide to call it, there’s nothing better than bringing a bestie along for an experience abroad and sharing it with your loved ones. Here are some of our favorite ways to travel in numbers.

Traveling with Family is a Hoot

family on beach in front of golden gate bridge in san fransiscoMost of us started seeing the world alongside our families. Maybe we grew up going on camping trips or RV trips to some of the world’s modern wonders. Some of us even did some ‘traveling’ in the backyard, pretending to go to some far-flung places.

Kids traveling during their formative years can be a wonderful way to introduce them to new cultures. Going with the flow and learning to adapt are great skills to acquire for their education and just opening up their worldview overall. 

Some people will use trips and vacations as an opportunity to teach kids about budgeting and finances too. We used to save all our change in a giant water jug for a couple of years as a family, then split the savings for souvenirs at Disney World or another fun experience.

On the other hand, adults gain also gain much by traveling with children. If you were lucky enough to already have seen a lot of the world before you had kids, you get to see it anew through a little one’s eyes. Obviously, memorable lessons in patience are often learned with kids on the road – whether you’re a parent, an auntie or simply with some kiddos in tow.

Traveling with Buddies is a Blast

female friends_traveling with camera and mapFriends who travel together, stay together? There’s nothing like a bonding experience on the road among old friends – or new! There are loads of benefits to traveling with your pals.

While traveling on your own is exciting, it can be amazing to take a friend or three with you. Overcoming mishaps abroad, planning together, and compromising on activities are all wonderful for building strong relationships.

Traveling with friends can also turn into a tradition. I studied abroad, well a while ago – but we had a few reunions in Las Vegas and D.C. over the years, as we were spread out all over the country. Traveling with friends who live in other places is a great excuse to get together while enjoying a getaway. If you like to travel to the same places every year, you could even go in on a vacation house together.

Finding New Friends to Travel With is Awesome

Sometimes, we meet new people while traveling all over the world. I think this is the best way to travel in packs! It’s exciting to bond over interesting travel stories, learn about new countries and maybe master a German drinking game only the locals know about. Friends don’t just happen in hostels either. All-inclusive resorts are a fantastic way to meet other couples and sync-up, as is flying solo on a themed cruise. Some tour companies cater to single travelers, which offers more opportunities to hang with like-minded adventure-seekers in a group setting

A friend met on the road can last for decades, while others are fleeting. However, both are important parts of seeing the world and make the experience richer. Cultural exchanges broaden world-view for the better.

So tell me – I’d love to know how your last trip went! Did you travel with friends, your kids, or spouse? Have you made friends while taking a trip before?

Eileen Cotter Wright

Author Eileen Cotter Wright

Eileen Cotter is a freelance travel journalist and owner of Pure Wander. She's our resident expat extraordinaire and falls down a lot in yoga class. Follow her on Instagram @Pure_Wander.

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