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A presidential meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas

History? Politics? I could pass. But I’m so glad I didn’t while in Little Rock, especially when I checked out the William J. Clinton Presidential Center. It stands gleaming on the banks of the Arkansas River and provides a beautiful place to learn more about this democratic president and his rise to become leader of the free world. Not to mention, the upper floor is actually where Clinton and his family stay when he’s back in his home state, as it’s a cozy apartment just for Bill.

Oh hey there. Along the walls are photos from Bill’s political campaign, starting from the very beginning as governor of Arkansas all the way to the White House.


Ever want to see what the White House presidential office might have looked like in the 90s? This is it. You can take a peek into the replica and see it all up close.


Details throughout the building are extraordinary. It’s how I would imagine areas of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There are rows and rows of books full of Clinton’s itineraries and everything is covered with the seal of presidential approval. Screens show clips of his most accomplished moments.


Obviously there’s saxophones! A whole hallway is dedicated to gifts given by international governments for holidays and celebrations. Some of the highlights included a pearl encrusted Taj Mahal and a gorgeous glass sculpture made by famous artist Dale Chihuly. I really loved the depictions of Bill himself created by artists from all over the world. Hillary and Chelsea (and the cat, Socks) too!


Little Rock deserves a visit in itself – but once you’re there, don’t miss the chance to check out this top-notch library for a little new knowledge and a lot of fun.

Eileen Cotter Wright

Author Eileen Cotter Wright

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  • how great and unexpected it was to see this post! little rock! my niece and nephew live in little rock! i wonder if they’ve ever visited this building!

    when i visit them, i’ll have to ask them if they’d like to go!

    • Thanks! I really had a blast in Little Rock (North Little Rock also). SO much to do! I’ll be posting much more about the plucky little city in the future too!

  • Lance | Trips By Lance says:

    Little Rock is a cool town. I live two hours away in Memphis. Downtown Little Rock has a nice little arts scene too.

  • Frank says:

    Nice post Eileen. I always associate Clinton’s presidency with the “good old days” – economy was great, no stupid wars, and we were constantly entertained by his stories with the ladies.
    Good job with the blog,
    Frank (bbqboy)

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