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Baby Got Sauce: The Newly Jazzed-up Pizza Express in Leadenhall, London

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I’m telling you, not enough people in London eat before they go out to the pub. Most will just leave work right away and start chugging pints. By 9PM, everyone’s time traveling and ready to crash. I don’t understand this concept, especially because my hangovers are way, way worse on an empty stomach.

organic wine pizza express

It’s so bad in the city that I’ve seen the UK version of a public service announcement on the subway abut considering a nibble of food before getting completely trashed. When the government starts raising an eyebrow about London’s collective terrible drinking habits, you know it’s bad.

Anyways, this has led me to find cheerful alternatives after work that allows for a bit of imbibing as well as some hearty food options to keep me going all night. Not to mention, I’m always on the lookout for different kinds of group activities you can try on your trip to London with your friends and family.

veggie options pizza express pizza party

Mambo Italiano

In Clapham, our standard weekday date-night is Pizza Express. The freshly made pies, pastas and salads are always reliably tasty. Plus, they have lots of offers for discounts on food and even bubbles if you’re lucky. So when I had the chance to check out the newly refurbished Pizza Express is Leadenhall, I jumped at the opportunity.

eileen cotter wright pizza express pizza making party london

Downtown Pizza Delights

Leadenhall is by the Bank stop on the tube in the financial area of central London. It’s a surprisingly beautiful covered arcade, full of artisan shops and restaurants welcoming hungry commuters and tourists. At Christmastime, it’s even prettier with fairy lights and garland.

Leadenhall London Pizza Express

Pizza Express at Leadenhall has undergone a recent transformation in Leadenhall to make it even more welcoming. They’ve drawn inspiration from its original use as a 14th-century marketplace with dark wood detailing and artwork that celebrates London’s vibrant commerce.

Bubbles and Baking


While you can simply have a lovely dinner at Pizza Express, why not try something a little more hands-on around the holidays? They offer a fun pizza making party for grown-ups, complete with a glass of prosecco. I though it might be just a demonstration, but we really did create our own pie from starch, then ate our pizza at the end paired with some of the great organic wine on the menu.

pizza making party pizza express london

We could choose from all the best toppings – and because I stretched my dough out a bit thin, I opted for a stuffed crust! They even had great veggie and vegan options for a few of those in our group who enjoyed the vegan cheese. I appreciate that attention to detail.

topping selection pizza express leadenhall

Pizza Express can accommodate a minimum of eight people for these pizza making parties, which included the lesson, pizza, dough ball appetizers, prosecco and drinks with the meal. It’s just about the perfect gathering for your large holiday group – or hook up with others you meet on the road to make new friends! Just make an inquiry on their site and get to tossing that dough.

Where do you like to eat out during the festive season? What do you think of Pizza Express?

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