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Urban Bachelor Trip: Wine Tasting All Day in Australia

If you have a friend getting married and you need to organize a bachelor’s party for him, despair no more. You can still be unique, avoid all the cliché parties and have a blast. Follow our simple guidelines and organize a wine tasting which will last the entire day.

Where should it be organized?

Forget about hosting a party in your own house or the bachelor’s. You don’t want the unnecessary mess the day after. What you should do is organize a group travel to some new destination where you could just enjoy yourselves. You could rent a cottage in the woods and organize a wine tasting. However, don’t go too far away as you might want to go out afterwards. Or, if you have enough money to afford it, you can go to the wine country – Australia where you can check out renowned wine regions such as Margaret River, Barossa Valley and the Hunter Valley.

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What to do before the party?

First of all, start with a catchy invitation and send to all of the guys who need to be there. Then, think about the transportation to the place. Definitely book the place and date to stay. Prepare food and drinks. Visit the nearest bottle shop and get all the wine you’re going to need. It will save you a lot of money and time. There are even experts who can recommend some of the best wines to try out during that special day.

How much is enough?

Depending upon the alcohol preferences of your friends, you need to consider how many bottles you’re going to need. Have in mind that you are going to need at least a half of a bottle for each person.

Check out wine and food pairings

It is not good enough to just order a pizza or two and drink some red wine with it. Ditch that idea and look up the best combinations of wine and food. If you’re about to enjoy a couple of glasses of Chardonnay go for fish. Cabernet Sauvignon goes perfectly with red meat, so grab some lamb chops and frizzled herbs. Rose is a perfect match with cheese. So, remember, the guys will love tasting some meat, fish and cheese. Going for wine only will just make everyone drunk in short order and you need your party to last the entire day.

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Don’t forget to bring a lot of water

Let’s be realistic, you won’t be drinking just wine throughout the day. Bring a lot of water bottles and keep them in a cooler so everyone can grab a glass whenever they feel like it. Little water bottles are especially handy because they are easier to handle.

You won’t be drinking all day, come up with ideas

Even though you’d love it, you cannot drink wine all day. So, think about the creative ways you can spend the time. You can play some games. If you are out there in Australia, you could start your day surfing or stand up paddle boarding. If not, you could always organize a mini tournament and raise the motivation and competitive spirit among the people. Soccer is always a good thing to go for.

Ditch all the cliché ideas about organizing a bachelor’s party. Go on a trip to Australia, have a wine tasting day. This will definitely make the bachelor enjoy his last day of being single and remember it for many years to come. Cheers!

Arron is a self-employed life coach from Sydney and fashion newcomer who loves upcycled pieces and enjoys browsing the web in search of fresh ideas. Loves: all things spicy, barbecue, winter vacations. Doesn`t like: bad manners and narcissism. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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