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4 Inspirations for Vacation Destinations in Southern USA

By August 21, 2018March 30th, 2019One Comment

Take a deep south road trip, get on a flight, and check into one of your favorite affordable hotels – it’s time to venture south! The southern states in the U.S. have some of the most beautiful and exciting attractions to see while on vacation with your friends or family. Each area has its own spirit, so trips can be catered to your needs and desires. Travel south and explore the forests of Arkansas, jam out to live music in Tennessee, or simply soak up the rays in Florida. The choice is yours! Here are some inspirations for the best vacation spots in the south to get started:

USA South Destinations - best vacation spots in the south

Best Vacation Spots in the South

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Louisiana has so much to offer outside of New Orleans. The vibrant foodie scene of Cajun and Creole influence only grazes the surface in the capital city. To have a truly authentic experience, head west to the Lake Charles district, where you’ll find everything from lazy boat rides to stops along the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail – have your fill of traditional sausages any time of day! There are chic and expansive hotels throughout Lake Charles, too, many of which offer casinos on the property and tons of activities. Be brave and try some local alligator legs washed down with some Bayou Rum!

alligator legs lake charles louisiana cajun creole - best vacation spots in the south

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah’s old-world charm and beautiful scenic strolls are perfect for travel groups that love to be outside but enjoy a city setting, too. You can get lost for hours in Savannah’s fun shops and restaurants along the river. Fans of history and transportation alike will go wild over the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Just outside the city are some great water parks for warmer weather as well, including Summer Waves on Jekyll Island.

Scene of the crime, mercer house savannah georgia - best vacation spots in the south

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Bentonville, Arkansas

Arkansas, in general, is a state full of lush green parks, incredible culture, and a hearty music scene. Who knew? Spend some time at Walton’s, the original Wal-Mart, to peruse old-timey items and history. Older kids and parents will love staying at the 21c Bentonville, a design hotel doubling as an art gallery. Just outside downtown Bentonville is Crystal Bridges – a large, famed art museum that’s free to the public and has gorgeous garden grounds.

Bentonville Arkansas Art Museum Crystal Bridges - best vacation spots in the south

Sanibel Island, Florida

Florida is known to be a mecca for best vacation spots in the south, especially in Orlando, Miami, and even Daytona Beach. But on the Gulf Coast side, there is just as much to offer – and it’s a little less commercialized. It’s well worth taking the whole crew to this side of the state for plenty of sunshine, gentle waves, and fantastic outdoor active pursuits. On Sanibel Island, for instance, you can take a kayaking adventure through Tarpon Bay’s mangroves, which is good for almost all ages, or go on a boat ride over to Cabbage Key while dolphins dance along the bow.

rainbow umbrellas sanibel island - best vacation spots in the south

Where do you like to travel in the southern part of the U.S.? What do you think are the best vacation spots in the south?

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