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Our Biggest Group Travel Blunders and How to Avoid Them

By July 16, 2017October 8th, 2017No Comments

Don’t you think when it rains, it pours? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost the address to the hotel, then misplace my passport, then get caught in a thunderstorm all without hours. Ether things are gravy, baby, or I’m ready to pack up and just go home.

Kolkata train station(similar to victoria station)

Alright, time to pick yourself back up and regroup. Things will go wrong on vacation, on an adventurous trip or even a quick holiday weekend – it’s just how travelling goes. Especially when it comes to a group, because it adds all those extra variables to the experience. There are ways though to lessen the chances of a disaster! Check out some ideas below and also have a look at these common travel mistakes to help prepare for an easy, breezy upcoming travel journey with your squad.

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Luggage Real Estate

We’re currently planning a 10-day trip through Spain and Portugal for four of us. When considering a rental car, we have to worry about trunk space just as much as we do seats. Unless we consolidate, a four-passenger vehicle won’t be enough if there’s nowhere to put suitcases. Keep this in mind when reserving your own transportation. Also, if taking airlines that charge fees for baggage, you can consider sharing a suitcase with a friend – which can save on the fees and on space.

Kia Rental Car

Forgetting Allergies and Restrictions

When with my parents in France, he had a difficult time explaining at meals how he needed to keep light on oils and butter due to his diabetes. We figured it out eventually, but when with a group, it’s important to be aware of other’s dietary restrictions. I know it can be a pain, but you’ll save the drama if you are aware of vegetarians, those with Celiac disease or diabetics, to name a few. These days most restaurants worldwide can help out those who have to avoid certain foods, so don’t let it make you miss out on local eats! Even better, know the allergy, preference or intolerance in the native language, then write it down or use a pre-made allergy card on hand to help explain.

Seafood Platter at SOCIAL Costa Mesa

Expecting Everyone on the Same Page

Although fun, we had lots of lessons we learned on our group trip to Miami a few years ago. It was for a bridal party that didn’t all know each other super well, so travel styles varied. You might THINK you’re easy going, but when it’s 2AM, you’ve flown all day and you just need something to eat in a strange city, people tend to get slightly grumpy. Assumptions in life is what gets us all in hot water, so don’t think your group knows where your head is at. Communicate if you need a break or really want to see a certain attraction in a polite but clear way. Disappointments and drama will dissipate.

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Where did you last go on a trip with other people? How was it? Would you change anything?

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