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Airports in Romania: How to Get there

Most people choose to fly into Romania from other parts of Europe. There’s many flights into Bucharest from the US through Germany, or you can certainly take trains or drive to the capital city too from neighboring countries, like Hungary. If you rather not fly direct into the capital, there’s several other airports in Romania too. This can be especially convenient if you’re looking to maximize your European trip and use your budget for other things, as flights into smaller airports can have lower rates. There are fifteen airports in Romania that have commercial flights, including into Timisora in the west, Bacau in the northeast and Sibiu in the center.

Do note: the Bucharest airport is outside the city, so you’ll need a taxi to reach downtown. If in no rush, we recommend a day at Thermae Bucharest, right next to the airport. It’s a massive indoor water park and spa that offers swim-up bars in the evening and a swim-through door to a heated outdoor section too.

An Intro to Romania

Does the thought of Romania bring about intriguing mystery or just silly stories of Dracula? There’s so much more to this incredible country that’s overcome major adversity to be a vibrant and resilient place to explore today. From the bustling capital of Bucharest to the rolling countryside dotted with castles, there’s endless possibilities for an Eastern European adventure in this fascinating destination.

Urban Exploration

Outdoor space is plentiful in Bucharest, ideal people who love to let off steam and gt outside. Herastrau Park is 190 hectares of land surrounding a pretty lake that welcomes families to bike, walk or even blade along the trails.The lake is not for swimming, but people can rent boats to enjoy the water in the warmer months. Throughout the downtown areas are other spots of green for picnics or walking along cobblestone paths lined with fountains and trees.

If interested in European history, you can learn more about how Romania was under Communist rule only 25 years ago. Still standing from this time is the world’s second largest administration building behind the Pentagon, called the Parliament of Romania. You can take a tour and see the grand ballrooms, intricate decorations and balcony overlooking Victory Lane. The tour can run a little long, so be prepared if you get antsy. Back outside, have a look around the Revolution Square to continue the conversation about the changes that happened a quarter century ago.

When everyone needs a break from sightseeing, there are ways to turn your brain off and simply enjoy the vacation. Bucharest has several movie theaters that show all types of films. These are used for the Hip Trip Travel Film Festival in the fall, but during the rest of the year there are several flicks in English the whole family can enjoy. Look for the smaller Cinema Pro or the giant Movieplex in the Unirea Shopping Center.

Day trip options

While there’ endless possibilities for exploring Bucharest, it can be a blast to leave city limits for a day or two to see more of the country. Luckily, there are several options just a few hours outside the capital that can be reached easily by car or bus.

My favorite is the beautiful village of Sinaia. About two hours from Bucharest is this mountain escape covered in greenery and castles. There are family-friendly hotels to choose from If you’d like to stroll downtown and see all the attractions. In the winter this place is bursting with winter sport fans, while the summer brings hiking enthusiasts. The main draw is the two large castles, called Pelisor and the larger Peles next door.

Basket of fruit in Bucharest, Romania

Pelisor was a project of Romanian Queen Mary and her eclectic tastes. Your squad can go down the long hallways and take a peek into each uniquely decorated room. Make sure everyone has a chance to visit the amazing golden room that was a favorite of Queen Mary.

Down a walkable pathway is the second castle, which is very different and much bigger. Built in the 1890s, it was another grand home for Romanian royalty with a much more district sophisticated decor. Oogle the old weaponry and knight armor in the hallways and the beautiful stained glass. The best part is the outdoor terraces overlooking the foggy hills, which sweep down into views of the fairy tale castle itself.

If you want to take photos of either castle, know that there’s a small fee in addition to the ticket prices. There are a few ATMs, but have some Romanian “Leis’ on hand to pay in cash.

Have you been to eastern Europe? What did you think? Have you considered Romania? Have you flown into one of the airport in Romania before?

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