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Crooked Flight’s Festive Food and Drink Gift Guide

By November 20, 2019No Comments

Eat, drink and be merry! We’re all about making memories over the holidays, and what better way to do so then through the passion of food around the world? We’ve curated a special list of fun foodie finds, drinks for celebrating and all the accessories you may need to throw a killer holiday bash or find the perfect gift.

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Lattissima One Nespresso Machine

My entire coffee game changed once I started spending significant time in Europe. It might sound blasphemous coming from a Boston native, but drip coffee from chain shops wasn’t cutting it anymore, especially after I had my fair share of strong Italian espresso. Now that we live long-term in the states again, we felt it necessary to invest in some great espresso options at home. Nespresso has released some wonderful home espresso machines, but the one we love most is the new Lattissima One. Although espresso shots do the trick in a pinch, having a milk frother for latte options is clutch. The Lattissima has several settings for long and short shot or lattes, and is very simple to set up. We’re so thrilled to have one again after using a UK version almost everyday while living in London.

Alongside the Lattissima One, ordering Nespresso pods couldn’t be easier. They are available online and will ship for free with a minimum order. You can also return used pods to them or use one of several pickup spots for recycling. In fact, Nespresso is working hard to ensure best practices for the environment and is finding creative ways to repurpose materials. They are actually offering a Bicycle made completely of recycled Nespresso pods through their RE:CYCLE program, alongside previous initiatives of Swiss army knives and pens made from aluminium pods too. -Eileen

Daytrip CBD Sparkling Water

daytrip sparkling water with cbd

My mild anxiety always is on high alert when I travel. Changes in environment, routine and the unpredictable can have me more on edge than usual. A few experts and friends have recommended CBD products to alleviate stress and offer calm. I’ve started to dabble in CBD products – it seems everyone is these days. CBD derived from a marijuana plant and is a non-psychosis derivative of the plant. Many people says CBD oil (view online) can be used for various ailments, including pain and inflammation. I personally am test it for mental health symptoms, such as calmness and alleviating anxiety. Some people shy away from this because its close cousin is THC (aka, weed) but this is a whole different thing. While CBD is more commonly found in oil or topical form, Daytrip offers something way more fun. Based in California, Daytrip has a line of CBD-infused sparkling water, with 10mg of CBD per can. If you’d like to learn more about the potential benefits of CBD, check out their CBD fact page. Besides that unique factor, the sparkling water itself is deliciously refreshing, lightly flavored and contains no sugar. -Eileen

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Bokksu Box

bokksu japanese snack box

We could only carry back so many sweets when we recently returned from an epic trip to Japan. I assumed if we didn’t snatch up all that we could, we’d not have the opportunity to try it again as it would be exclusive to Japan. But upon return, I was so thrilled to have the Bokksu Box waiting for us, filled with themed sweets and savories from Autumn in Kyoto. My favorites so far are the matcha green tea cake, mizuo yuzu candy and the root chips.There’s nearly three dozen treats included, plus a tea pairing and a great booklet explaining everything included. Among the Japanese snack and sweet subscription boxes, this costs a bit higher than most. But the unusual selection and quality of treats is top notch and perfect for any Japan fans on your holiday list. You can save if you purchase a few months together, or one box for the next 12 months as the ultimate gift. -Eileen

Raw Generation Juices and Smoothies

Raw Generation’s plant-based nutrition juices and smoothies are a great way to look forward to a healthier new year! The assortment of yummy drinks can be used as a protein cleanse, or just as supplements to a normal diet. Personally, I chose to have a smoothie for breakfast every once in a while, and it was a great source of energy!

I had the juices as afternoon snacks after my normal lunch, which was an easy way to introduce fruits and veggies into my diet. Raw Generation’s protein cleanse package comes with 9 cold-pressed juices and 9 cold-pressed smoothies. You can keep the drinks frozen for as long as you want, then thaw for 24 hours before enjoying. These drinks are a great gift for anyone who’s always on the go and wants to add some more plant-based nutrients into their daily routine. To better take care of your nutrition while traveling, visit

Black and Blum containers

No matter the occasion, whether it be a dinner place setting, commuting to the office or a 14 hour international flight, Black +  Blum Eau CARAFE and insulated small water bottles are the perfect gift for staying hydrated! These water bottles are sleek, stylish and sustainable. The Eau Carafe is a hand-blown glass carafe that filters your water using a traditional Japanese Binchotan charcoal method and is topped off with natural cork! It’s perfect for healthy, filtered water, anywhere. It’s unique glass shape adds a little something to every place setting too, especially the home!  On the other hand, the insulated steel water bottle is a personal favorite for long flights and travel. The vacuum seal leak proof top and stainless steel body make it reliable and efficient. It keeps water cool for 24 hours without having to worry about water leaking in luggage. It’s sleek and stylish vegan leather strap is nice  handy touch for clipping it to any travel bag for easy storing. -Katie

Zoku’s Neat Stack Food Storage

Meal prep is a new thing for me on weekends to gear up for the work week. I also like to prepare food for all meals in advance to have good options when I’m not in the mood to cook. Flimsy storage plastic often gets torn up in the dishwasher or doesn’t last, so I like the Zoku line of stackable food storage containers with snapping lids. The colors are fun and also help with organization, alongside a freezer pack to keep food cool on longer journeys. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer-safe, these are my new go-to storage containers at home and on the road. -Eileen

Shipyard Pumpkinhead and Rimmer

Shipyard Rimmer and pint

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for seasonal drinks. If I’m on a beach in Florida, I want something fruity with an umbrella in it. If I’m pursuing a Christmas market in Europe, I’m craving something mulled, hot and steamy. But when I’m home in New England and it’s the autumn/winter season, I’m going after all things pumpkin. Shipyard Brewing, based in Portland, Maine, has a great variety of ales, IPAs and even Pilsners in their lineup. But once a year I grab a pack of their signature Shipyard Pumpkinhead and have it all to myself. You can visit their home base in Portland, or order some fun gift online. This year, I realized I could snag another tradition, which is a sugar and cinnamon rimmer that goes perfectly with Pumpkinhead. I’m now well stocked for the whole season. -Eileen

Built Bars

built bars

Chocolate. I could eat sweets for every meal. It can be a real issue when I’m traveling and tend to reach for less healthy options. I’m not crazy about bland or chalky protein bars and granola bars, they never seem to quote do it. But Built Bars are fantastic – I can’t figure out how they do it. They have the consistency of a chewy candy bar covered in chocolate. So far, the flavors that I like best include mint chocolate brownie and coconut. They constantly roll out new flavors, like peanut butter and pumpkin pie. I think taste best when refrigerated – luckily they offer a little carrying case with reusable cold packs you can take with you anywhere. -Eileen

We’re happy to offer 10% off your first order with Built Bar – let us know what you think!

Tramontina Stainless Steel 24 Qt Covered Stock Pot

It’s nearly nearly winter and the holidays are fast approaching. That means we cook large meals for our crazy families, or large meals to food prep for the depths of winter.  Enter the Tramontina 24 Quart Stainless Steel stock pot.  This baby is huge! It features an 18/8 stainless steel construction – which is the same quality steel that most of those fancy metal water bottles are made with these days. It works with all the common types of cooktops – including induction cook tops, and comes with a well fitting lit. You can find the full review at Spice Kitchen and Bar.

So far we’ve tried making a vat of chili in it – and we’ve probably prepped enough low fat turkey chili to last us through the winter with just one batch.  That saves us time and money. It’s also completely dishwasher safe – though finding a dishwasher large enough for it might be a challenge! We’re looking forward to bringing a 15 pound turkey in it this week!  Did you ever think a stock pot could do so much? -Christian

Drink Nutrient’s Vitamin Coffee

Keep that immune system snappy! You and your fellow travelers know there’s not much worse than getting sick on a trip. You want to feel your best. Drink Nutrient’s Vitamin Coffee is an ideal option to ensure you get your daily nutrients no matter where you adventure around the world. It’s an instant coffee option that offers a half dose of 13 of your essential vitamins and minerals. Now if we’re honest, the taste is a bit earthy, as is the scent. But I loved this best as an instant option while traveling, over ice, with a heaping portion of chocolate almond milk. You can use this instant Vitamin Coffee as a base for your favorite morning drink too with whatever mix in you please. -Eileen

Fissler Adamant Comfort Fry Pan

fissler fry pan

The hectic routine of day to day life can make doing simple things that much harder. If you’re not too tired to cook, you’re probably too exhausted to scrub pans that can’t go in the dishwasher, or find silicone utensils because most teflon pans shouldn’t be used with metal spatulas and tongs.  This is why we love Fissler’s Adamant Comfort frying pan.  The stone-based pan can be used with almost any type of cooktop, and the pan is coated with silicon carbine particles. While we don’t understand the science behind the miracle, we do know that you can use metal utensils with this pan, and it’s amazing non-stick properties make clean up a breeze. It’s also a really deep pan – meaning there’s room for larger portions and less splatter – something we wish other pans did.  This German-made pan comes in three sizes and is a great gift for the cooking-inclined person in your life. -Christian

The Wand Filter by PureWine

Looking for the perfect gift for wine lovers? Give them the gift of purer wine with the PureWine wand filters. These products have been proven to filter out histamines and sulfite preservatives in wine that can cause headaches, congestion and skin flush. Cut out the unwanted side effects and enjoy your wine more with a filter that won’t alter the taste or color of the drink. The best part? The handle of the wand is 100% recyclable, so just remove the filter and then save the planet! Bottoms up! – Sara

Clément Créole Shrubb

Time for holiday cocktails! I love giving a nice bottle of cheer to friends as presents, especially ones from my travels. One year everyone received sake from Japan, and another year was blue Curaçao…from Curaçao of course. If you like cocktails as much as we do, do not miss the Spirits mixology courses london guides.

This time we popped open a lovely orange liqueur called Clément Créole Shrubb. Hailing from the beautiful island of Martinique in the Caribbean, this fun and festive drink is infused with bitter orange peels and tasty Créole spices. It goes great as a mixer in citrus drinks and side cars, or simply over ice as a sipper on its own. Feel free to visit the heritage site of Habitation Clément rhums, or simply keep an eye out for their varieties locally near you for a perfect holiday gift. -Eileen

Wine Nook

I’ve grown to love entertaining and having people over for parties. We have a small space, so have to think smart about how we can lay out food, drinks, and still have enough room for guests. I think the Wine Nook is adorable and a fun way to have wine available and ready for everyone. These days you can find great quality wine in box form, but the sigma of it being not tasty still stands. The Wine Nook can dress up any box wine with a sturdy wooden presentation container to hold the bag of wine (or any beverage!). They also have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree for every Wine Nook purchased.

The Cocktail Box Co.

Something that fuses together a love of flying, traveling and imbibing is perfect in our book. The small and compact cocktail kits are so fun and classy to whip out at any party for a little extra pizazz when creating homemade concoctions. Most come with bartender-quality instruments, flavoring, sugars and even a stitched coaster for the final touch. I plan to put one of the mini cocktail box kits in everyone’s stocking this year. You can purchase sets of kits for multiple people too in all of their varieties, including gin and tonics, Moscow mules and old fashioned drinks. -Eileen

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