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Crooked Flight’s Health and Wellness Gift Guide

By November 25, 2017No Comments

Last year I worked on healing myself and taking care of my well-being. this year I still strive for that, but want to life up others too – especially the gals! Here are some amazing items to add to your gift guide lists, curated from all over the world. They empower and inspire while helping you and your friends indulge. Have a wonderful holiday season!


Body Analyser Bluetooth Smart Scales by Activ8rlives

Active8rlives body analyser

(guest review by Elena!) Sometimes when we travel, we let it go and eat anything it appears on our way. However, I personally don’t like to lose track on my healthy lifestyle ,even though I am in the opposite part of the world. I am not saying that you are not allowed to enjoy or try local specialties, I am just saying that is good to have some control on ourselves while we hit the road. This is why I am finding this intelligent Activ8rlives scale that useful. After I came back from India, I found out I lost 5 kilograms. Moreover, I was able to find out that the water levels on my body were correct and my BMI was not too bad.

These are just a few useful features, but one of the best things is that everything is connected by bluetooth with the free special designed App. It has also a very light and simple style to fit any bathroom. We do not need to be scared of scales, a scale like this just can help us to feel even better with ourselves. For a fresh start of the New Year, we are very excited to throw a UK only giveaway with Activ8rlives, where you can win one of their great and practical body analysers.

Retail: £49.99 – take advantage of their current deal – 3 for 2 on all products!

If you’d like to enter our giveaway for your own Body Analyser Bluetooth Smart Scales by Activ8rlives, check out the entry form below!

Stag & Raven, Women’s Leader Print

stag and raven female leaders print

This year has been a giant bummer in terms of equality and peace. The turmoil going on worldwide is almost palpable and is leaving a lot of people feeling super down. To counter some of these feelings, I’m doing my best to surround myself and others in positive messages, no matter how silly it may seem. Focusing your mind onto hopeful images and strong statements can actually make a difference in your physical self. To celebrate the victories we have had, I have hung my Women Leader’s print front-and-center in the London apartment to remind us we’re all part of the ebb and flow of change. I love that Stag & Raven, who sell a variety of prints, supports tons of local female artists in the UK and the company is run by badass ladies too.

Retail: £14.00- £20.00 for unframed print

Yoga Bolster and Strap from Decathlon

decathlong bike and yoga bolster

I don’t think I’ll ever not need instructions for my asana yoga practice. I love how yogi teachers can help adjust and guide me through some of the more difficult poses so I make sure I’m safe and reaching my potential. However, when it comes to restorative yoga, the goals are a little different. In fact, my favorite yogi at the studio says she’s happy to demonstrate the easy, relaxing poses, but then wants us to try them at home long-term. I feel wonderfully calm and stretched out after restorative, so I thought investing in some props for home would be great.

Decathlon has basic and beautifully made props for the everyday yoga fan. Having a yoga bolster (long firm pillow) has been wonderful for meditation, healing my lower back and aligning my hips when sitting on the floor. The yoga straps are great for leg stretches and assisting in more complicated holds.  If you have a friend interested in restorative yoga, these can be the ideal set for them at home.

Retail: £19.99/$26.40 for bolster and £3.99/$5.25 for strap

NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost

NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost

The days are getting much shorter, and that means commuting or cycling at night.  The NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost is your go-to front cycle light.  This light is incredibly versatile.  At full blast, the 900 lumen lamp can last a full hour.  However, the Lumina 900 Boost can be set to 200, 350 or 700 lumens, giving six hours, 3.5 hours and 90 minutes of activity for each setting.  There are also flashing settings, and an ultra low power 45 lumen setting for walking, which can last an amazing 26 hours.  It’s charged over USB, perfect for taking into the office and charging before heading home again.  It has variable charging (what NiteRider calls Intellicharge), which allows for faster charging.  It comes complete with the handlebar mount – but can also be used with other mounts purchased through NiteRider.  There are helmet and camera mounts available.  Stay healthy through the winter has never been so safe!

Retail: $79.99

Boost Oxygen

boost oxygen and decathlon yoga leggings

It’s not often my body that feels fatigue when I’m traveling or working out – it’s usually more of a breathing issue. I’m prone to irritants that can cause coughing, allergy flare-ups and other things that aren’t super pleasant. The lightweight Boost Oxygen was an interesting idea to help combat these things that I was willing to try. It’s all natural, without stimulants and offers up to 150 inhales per can. I used it to help wake up properly after jetlag and di feel a slight increase in energy. People say it’s great for altitude changes to alleviate symptoms there too. Mine came in a light pink grapefruit aroma.

Retail: $14.99 for a 22 oz. can

Yoga Will Save the World 2018 Calendar

ywstw logo

Yoga saved my life. Not super literally, but it has been a whole new spin on how I see the world and how I calm my brain. It’s invaluable, no matter what your abilities or journey in life. I’m all about supporting real, homegrown companies that also support the message of yoga. Yoga Will Save the World has a bunch of cutesy and beautiful products, but the annual calendar is my fave. It’s sleek, simple, and offers a gentle post and mantra for each month to consider.

Retail: £10.00

MONQ Personal Diffusers

MONQ Personal Diffuser

From allergies to bug bites, having a Reed diffuser Australia can make a huge difference in the health and happiness of your body. But, sometimes, it’s not super easy to travel with. MONQ offers the perfect solution with personal that are easy to tuck in a carry-on on your way out the door. Take a deep breath in and you’ll notice the diffuser light up on the end; the colors match the various blends, each of which represents the feeling the customer can expect to get. The resulting smoke is gentle and flavorful, and different blends aim to make users feel everything from happy, zen or active to sexy or sleepy.

Retail: $20.00 each or all 7 feeling blends for $119.00

Cork Yoga Mat by Cork Yogis

cork yogis premeium yoga mat

Alongside the calendar and other yoga goodies, I’ve been hunting still for that magic mat that doesn’t slip or wear down. I love the ones at my London studio, but they’re a bit boring and not super cost efficient. Instead, I found a wonderful brand called Cork Yogis that produce bouncy, yet firm mats that last for a long time. A little spritz of water helps it stay sticky too. Cork Yogis, based in London, gives back by supporting females in education and training as well, so some proceeds go towards a wonderful cause. It’s a win-win in my book!

Retail: £65.00 for premium mat, sign up for newsletter to receive discounts

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

tatcha dewy skin mist

After those long vinyasa yoga sessions, stretching your muscles and calming the mind, don’t forget to give your skin the proper care it needs. Tacha Dewy Skin Mist makes makes moisturizing as easy as a spritz. This skincare product is also free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, which will be sure to give your skin a youthful, healthy glow.

Be sure to head over to Sephora and pick up this lightweight moisturizer, it makes for the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Retail: $20.00

Flaxseed and Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow

Yoga is known to improve your physical health, however the mental health benefits are far more important. Savasana, the period of meditation towards the end of a session, brings the body into state of total relaxation. The pose silences the mind for a few moments before moving on with the day.

Savasana can be one of the most difficult poses, calming the mind is more difficult that it seems. Laying a scented pillow over the eyelids helps yogis slide into a meditative state. The Flaxseed and Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow is the perfect stocking stuffer for the yogis on your shopping list. Give the gift of mindful relaxation in a time of Christmas chaos this holiday season.

Retail: £8.00

doTERRA Yoga Collection

Yoga Collection

Known for their pure essential oils, doTERRA recently released a special Yoga Collection that comes in a compact box perfect for travel. The oil blends include Anchor, a steadying blend that incorporates lavender, sandalwood and patchouli; Align, which helps center users with bergamot, peppermint and jasmine; and Arise, an enlightening blend made of grapefruit and siberian fir. Use these oils to support your yoga practice no matter where you are in the world.

Retail: $69.33

Noli Yoga Gear

noli yoga star leggings

I’ve been a fan of Noli yoga leggings since last year, so I decided to check out more of their great active wear line. I have gravitated toward sports bras that have higher necklines so inversions and tricky yoga moves keep everything in line! Their coverups and jackets are gorgeous as well for post-workouts, with breathable mesh materials and light fit. Love. My sporty race-running friend loved the Cora jacket as her holiday gift!

Retail: $88.00 for jacket

Capresso Electric Kettle: H2O Plus

capresso h20 electric kettle

Time for a cool-down. When choosing gifts for active friends, it’s good to round out their healthy lifestyle with a little relax time. After a quick walk back in the cold from a sweaty yoga sesh, I reach right for the kettle to have some warm matcha or black tea. The sleek look of the H20 Plus by Capresso is beautiful on your counter and doesn’t take up burner space on the stove, as it’s electric. A quick, fast and aesthetically pleasing gift for the tea and coffee lover in your life.

Retail: $59.99

Mad-HQ Yoga Bag

Sometimes the daily grind involves the wonders of public transportation in metropolitan areas. For those of us who hit the yoga studio on the way to or from work, this means carting the mat on a dirty metro car only to lay on it shortly after. Keep that mat clean and pack it in the Mad-HQ Yoga Bag before heading to the office. This bag even has room for props, phone, keys, and a change of clothes. Throw it all in and hit the subway in style!

Retail: £27.49

Enchanted Diffuser Necklace

Enchanted Diffuser Necklace

Those that prefer to reap the benefits of aromatherapy can do so on the go with the Enchanted Diffuser Necklace from Drops of Joy Jewelry. Perfect for travelers with allergies or regular headaches, the necklace is a locket that unscrews to feature a compartment for a small cotton pad. Simply apply a few drops of your desired essential oil on the pad and wear it around your neck to breathe in the oils all day long. While the wellness aspect is wonderful, the necklace is also fashionable, with a beautifully intricate design that hides the cotton pad from view.

WIN a beautiful, high-tech Body Analyser Bluetooth Smart Scale by Activ8rlives (retail £75.00!)

UK Only, 18+. Good luck, enter below!

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