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Crooked Flight’s International Jetsetter Gift Guide

By November 30, 2017One Comment

Even though I’ve crossed over into a bunch of wellness topics, mental health, yoga and general treat-yoself-ness, traveling is always at the core. I’ve updated some of my fave jetsetter finds to keep my accessories fresh and funky. My fellow travel fans and I have put together perfect items to gift to your pals, or keep for yourself this holiday season!

DNA Slim Bag by Tenba

laptop and camera bag by tenba

The great debate: Do I lug around a bulky backpack when I’m traveling or find another solution? I don’t mind switching out my weekender bag for a smaller purse sometimes, but usually I need something larger, especially when working and traveling at the same time. The Tenba slim messenger-style bag has solved all these issues flawlessly. It fits a DSLR camera with 2-3 lens, as well as my Yoga Laptop, iPad and phone. There’s plenty of room for the gadgets, wallet and even a small umbrella, depending on where you roam. Straps are sturdy and hold up well against the elements – there’s even an included weather overlay if you’d like to hike or bike with you Tenba bag. So many pockets, so little time! It’s my new go-to bag on the road.

Retail: $159.95

Trtl Pillow

Trtl Pillow

Regularly taking to the skies isn’t the easiest task—especially when international flights come into play. With jet lag and time differences around every turn, sometimes it’s imperative to get sleep on the plane or even in the airport. But your standard neck pillow isn’t going to keep your muscles supported like the Trtl Pillow will. The soft fleece shell contains a special inner support system that provides the ideal support for your neck. On top of that, the pillow folds up pretty small so it won’t take up much room in your luggage—a win-win.

Retail: $29.99

Thule Subterra Travel and Duffel

thule duffel bag suitcase for travel

Travel luggage is a world apart and also depends on the needs or tasted of each person. I personally like light, comfortable and spacious pieces. I was looking for a medium-large suitcase and it was very difficult to find the right one. Finally, I found the right one for me, a Thule Subterra Travel and Duffel bag. A very spacious rolling duffel divided in two main compartments. I think, this is my favorite part that I can easily organize or my travel essentials in different compartments without creating a big mess. Actually, it is like 2 in 1, a classic open suitcase and a wide-mouth duffel. It is very adaptable, but the back it is hard case making it very resistant and perfect to resist every trip by plane. The design is simple and elegant, in black or navy blue, I opted for the navy one. This is the only inconvenience to my new wonderful luggage companion. The elements are durable and water resistant; and the design is simple and elegant, in black or navy blue, I opted for the navy one. This a really good choice for those very well organized travellers when packing.

Retail: £230.00

Contour Series Sleep Headphones

cozyphones sleep headphones

The past three weeks, I’ve slept in 11 different beds in four different countries. With this kind of insane travel schedule, I need to make sure I can relax and fall asleep as quickly as possible. CozyPhones look like an ear-warming headband, but they have headphones inside the soft material. You can plug into your phone and play meditation music, a podcast or other soothing white noise sounds without disturbing anyone around you. They don’t slip or dig into your ears either, so it’s easy to snooze or nap with them on. They do have a Bluetooth option as well.

Retail: $21.97 for wired or $29.99 for Bluetooth

Librottiglia Wines

librottiglia wines

Our wine collection grows steadily after every trip we take worldwide. I like to travel with a carry-on though, so taking wines home is often not an option. After returning from Italy, a friend told me about the new project with Matteo Correggia winery near Turin. They have released a trio of wines called Librottiglia, featuring short stories attached to the labels for a white, light red and dark red variety.

The stories come in English, or if you’d like to practice a new language, Italian. They come in half size 375 ml bottles for the ideal glass or two to go with a little light reading. It’s a fun, multi-faceted gift for the bookworm and wine lover in your life. There is a place where you can shop bags to hold your wine which can also be a thoughtful gift.

Retail: About $17.00 per bottle


Bullseye Office Magnetic World Globe

Magnetic World GlobeOften, travelers can’t be away all the time. For the avid adventurer that still holds down an office job back home, consider this Magnetic World Globe. It’s the perfect decoration for any travel lover’s desk, and comes complete with 40 high-power magnets to showcase places you’ve been or desire to go. Purchase the standard blue globe, or opt for a vintage-inspired tan look or a chic black globe.

Retail: $76.46

Eau Good Duo Water Bottle

Eau Good Duo Water Bottle

One of our biggest pet peeves is paying exorbitant amounts of money for water bottles at the airport. One of the old tricks of trade is to carry an empty water bottle through security and fill it on the other side. The only catch is that water comes straight from the tap, tasting like it came straight from the tap.

Black + Blum has solved that problem, providing a portable water filtration system. Just drop the charcoal stick into the bottle, fill it, and clean delicious H2O will be available in an hour.  

Kickstarter Campaign: Test the bottle out for £5.00

L’Occitane products for Advent Calendar

L'OCCITANE Classic Advent Calendar

Nothing says ‘joy to the world’ than twenty-four days of TSA size approved toiletries. Whether the travel lover in your life needs heavy duty hand cream, miniature perfumes, or lip balm, they will be prepared for holiday travel! The advent calendar arrives in beautifully packaged box with 24 drawers of goodies. Add this special from L’Occitane to your list for the international jetsetter in your life.

Retail: $124.00

Bill Bryson Neither Here Nor There

Nothing quite kills time during a long layover than a good book and a glass of wine. American journalist Bill Bryson puts a comedic spin his European student backpacking tales in Neither Here Nor There. This page turner includes tales of a trek to the northernmost point in Europe, pickpocketing gypsies, and a near death experience with a Parisian motorist. Bryson left me with a sense of nostalgia, recollecting my own study abroad adventures from ten years ago.

Retail: About £3.00

Kate Spade Going Places Watch

going places watch kate spade

Venturing around the globe, it’s important to make sure you’re at the right place at the right time. Confusion about the time of day can mean missed flights, closed hotel lobbies or time wasted traveling to museums and restaurants that have already closed for the day. The Kate Spade Going Places watch will keep you on track while upping your fashion game. The face, which depicts European map, will remind travelers of some of the most beautiful cities in the world. I personally love the blend of gold with pink and navy blue detailing; the colors complement one another perfectly while maintaining a sophisticated look that can be worn anywhere, from casual to upscale. You can also visit if you need a professional Timex battery replacement service.

Retail: $195.00

Sudara’s Ela Robe

Sudara Robe

Whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel, a cozy AirBnB or a budget-friendly hostel, few things can make your travel experience more comfortable than having a robe to wear at night. Whether it’s for an added layer of warmth while lounging or to cover up after a shower, Sudara offers the perfect collection of robes to meet your every need. The Ela Robe features a stunning watercolor design, gold and green trim and pockets to keep your most important items close. My absolute favorite thing about Sudara though is their story—each robe is made in India by women who have escaped human trafficking. The company helps these women maintain a stable job and some even go on to start their own clothing businesses.

Retail: $79.00

Eileen Cotter Wright

Author Eileen Cotter Wright

Eileen Cotter is a freelance travel journalist and owner of Pure Wander. She's our resident expat extraordinaire and falls down a lot in yoga class. Follow her on Instagram @Pure_Wander.

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