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There’s nothing like going on vacation, getting ready for parties, and not knowing where it’s at! Picking a bar or club can be a real crapshoot whenever you roam – sometimes it’s worth writing home about, other times it’s a dud. But fear not my friends – when you venture to the gorgeous island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, I know the inside scoop on exactly when and where to go for the best live music, dancing, imbibing and more. Not just on the weekend either – I have you covered for your entire trip.


Monday: Shake it all the way to Sorpranos for live music. At 11PM on Mondays they have special ‘Happy Hour’ drinks to help you though the beginning of the week.

Tuesday: Learn a little bit of Latin flair at El Mundo. After 1AM, there is spicy live music for salsa and meringue fans.

Wednesday: Want to have a blast with 1,000 other people? Go to Cabana located right on the beach for drinks, music and a summery night breeze.

Thursday: The Coco Bomba sport bar and grill is bumping on Thursdays. Join others for classy cocktails and lots of rump shaking on the most popular night of the week at this hotspot.


Friday: Now the real weekend begins. Saint Tropez welcomes a super sophisticated crowd to don their best beach formal wear and listen to live DJs spin all night long.

Saturday: It’s always best to hang with the local crowd. Listen to talented bands from the island at Pampus, but first op over to happy hour at Zanzibar.

Sunday: Don’ t miss the Mambo beach happy hour – which starts late at 10PM! On Sundays the Hemingway bar also is the place to be with excellent, authentic Cuban music.


Before heading out for the night though, I fell in love with Gouverneur De Rouville for relaxation and iconic views.  From their roof deck, just across the waterway I admired the beautiful row of colorful buildings splashed on ever Curaçao postcard. With Boston lacking a real happy hour, I was perfectly content to take advantage of this place’s great specials on fruity concoctions.

Need a base for all this excitement? Stay at the Floris Suite Hotel. It’s nestled between some of the island’s biggest resorts but offers something completely different for Curaçao hotels. It’s sleek, chic and unique – all things that are a big asset when looking for a comfortable choice in accommodations in a great location. Lounge by the pool surrounded by lush palm trees, have a hearty breakfast outdoors or simply lounge on one of the plush white couches in the lobby while you check your e-mail. The ambiance is perfect for a tropical escape.


I really didn’t even have to leave the property, as they have their own style when it comes to keeping you entertained. Occasionally catch a live orchestra in the main lobby area or stick around for their pool parties featuring top island DJs. The Floris has also embraced Curaçao’s newest celebrations – South Caribbean Pride and Curaçao Pride. South Caribbean Pride takes place in April, but the island’s party starts up again in September, with many of the shows and events taking place at the hotel. All are welcome to have a good time – I am really tempted to go back myself and let my pride flag fly in solidarity! This is a big deal for these types of events to be celebrated and embraced – so much so that thousands are flocking from the U.S, South America, Central America and of course the Caribbean to participate.


Speaking of fruity concoctions, want to know the deal is with blue Curaçao liqueur? One, whatever blue stuff you’ve had before probably isn’t real and is created with chemicals. The authentic stuff is essence of orange peels and carefully crafted into a strong spirit. Two, blue is the most common color, but the same liqueur comes in red, green, orange and clear, without changing it’s taste. It’s worth making a stop at the island’s distillery, as it’s the only licensed one to stay true to the traditional method of production. Sample the coffee, rum raisin and chocolate varieties too while there. I could put a swig of the coffee kind in my iced latte everyday.

It’s almost 5 o’clock back in Boston, so time to pop open my blue Curaçao liqueur souvenir and mix myself something delicious. Cheers!

Eileen Cotter Wright

Author Eileen Cotter Wright

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