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Fiji Itinerary: How to Spend 5 Days in Paradise

By June 18, 2020August 11th, 20205 Comments

When we included Fiji in our honeymoon plan, we didn’t quite know how to measure our expectations. We knew Fiji was this lovely tropical island country with proximity to New Zealand & Australia, but could we make a honeymoon itinerary for Fiji? We weren’t sure. 

Originally, we were supposed to spend our entire honeymoon of 15 days in New Zealand, spanning across North & South Islands. However, after a lot of deliberations, we shortened our North Island days in New Zealand and assigned them to Fiji.  The only destination that we considered in North Island of New Zealand was Rotorua

A 3-hour long flight away from New Zealand, Fiji is home to untainted nature and friendly people. Well, that’s at least what the internet said. Luckily, when we finally landed in Fiji, all the expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Read on for more details about our 5-day itinerary for Fiji!


About Fiji:

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands of azure blue waters with corals, sparkling beaches, enchanting rainforests and warm hospitality. Viti Levu, the main island, is considered to be the world’s soft coral capital. Hence, it’s probably one of the best romantic getaways in the world. It’s ideal for families too, and is very easy to access from Australia or New Zealand. The main island of Viti Levu is home to the cities of Nadi & Suva, the only international airports in Fiji. 

The best time to experience your itinerary for Fiji is the dry season of May to October – characterized by mild temperatures and a pleasant coolness in the breeze. Winds and water currents are ideal for  the varied experiences Fiji has to offer. The wet season can be a bit rough with frequent storms, torrential rainfall and increased temperature and humidity. It can be risky as well. However, there are few offerings in the form of vivid lush green, clearer waters (downpour usually happens during the late mornings or afternoons) and much smaller crowds than the usual.

Be it hiking or scuba diving, chilling at a floating bar or swimming in a waterfall, Fiji has it all! Here, I’m recommending a 5-day itinerary for Fiji to indulge in all that the islands have to offer.

Day 1: Check-in & Relaxation

Fly into Fiji Islands through the Suva or Nadi airport. Nadi being better connected internationally, is preferred by the travelers. So, given its popularity, the immigration line may be long, but all travelers are given a lively, welcoming local musical performance at the airport. The immigration process itself will grant you the taste of the warm & ravishing experiences that await you!

Since exchange currency shops are scattered outside the airport, it is wise to convert inside the airport. They do not charge much extra, unlike other international airports. For better connectivity in the islands, we recommend buying a local SIM card as well at the airport only. To commute from the airport to your resort, you can opt for the yellow cabs. These are metered cabs and you can insist going by meter only. However, if the driver isn’t very accommodating, you can pay $1 FJD per KM as that’s the standard rate. We didn’t mind paying a premium as we were eager to settle in the resort! 

Day 1 of your itinerary for Fiji is all about checking in your resort and taking it slow. Here are a few stay options. I stayed at Fiji Marriott Resort near Nadi. The stay experience and service was impeccable. 

Stay options: 

Shrug the jetlag off, and consider taking some time to enjoy the atmosphere. Instead of running on your first day, rejuvenate through sunset viewpoints, amazing beaches and pleasant climate while chilling at your resort. Since it’s a popular travel destination with few top notch resorts, early bookings are wise. Here are a few of the best options you can consider.

  • Fiji Marriott Resort, Nadi – Marriott is known for its luxurious hotels and resorts. They spared no expense at making Fiji, an already incredible destination, more stunning and enthralling. They offer water and ocean-view bungalows to families or couples, and is a ravishing getaway indeed! This 5-star resort is situated in Momi Bay, approximately 35 km from Nadi Airport. When we stayed here, we had asked for an ocean view room. After checking in, we figured that we did have an ocean view room, but the view was restricted by some trees. Nothing against the trees, but that’s not we paid for! Anyway, the Fiji staff was nice enough to shift us to a better room, both category-wise and view-wise. 


  • Radisson Blu Resort, Denarau – This resort offers you a mind-blowing array of options. It is 15 km from Nadi Airport, hosting Jacuzzis to mini-bars, mini-golf course, lush gardens and of course, a private beach. It’s 1 or 2 bedroom suites have private balconies as well, overlooking a snorkeling adventure off Malolo Barrier Reef nearby.
  • Treasure Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands – A more affordable 3-star resort, it is set on the coral island of Mamanuca, where the natives’ warm welcome gives you the authentic Fijian experience. With water sports and private beaches, this resort offers everything that the costlier ones do too. The best part of this resort is the sea plane or boat ride to reach here. 

Day 2: Mount Batilamo Hike

Rejuvenated after spending a chilled out day at your resort, we first recommend including a hike to Mount Batilamo in your itinerary for Fuji. It promises you a worthy trek in Koroyanitu National Heritage Park. Feel compensated by a waterfall swim, delectable village food and a panoramic ocean view from the top.

Consider staying in the national park for the sunset. But check in advance if there are options to travel back to your resort the same night. For example, if you are staying at the Treasure Island Resort at Mamanuca islands, traveling back after sunset might not be possible.

For this experience, I’d recommend a guide. Ask your resort if they can help you with this experience. Check if you can witness the traditional Kava Ceremony or the Lovo Feast in Fiji. 

Day 3: Scuba Diving at Coral Coast

Yesterday you climbed the mountains. Today, we recommend you explore the serene beauty of Fiji’s open secret, the underwater life. All along the 80km long Coral Coast, there are numerous resorts and diving centers. A must-go for any vacation in Fiji, about 200 FJD (single dive) takes you through colorful caverns, walls and plants alongside turtles, dolphins and many species of shark such as bull, tiger and white-tips.


A few of the experienced dive schools shops are Scuba Diving Fiji, Coral Coast Divers and Dive Away Fiji. Following the life-changing dive, try experimenting with the exquisite local food while resting on the secluded beaches. Ask your Scuba Diving provider if they can help with that. 

Your resort can definitely assist you with the Scuba Dive, but you may want to check PADI Travel to be sure that you are experiencing Scuba Dive with a good dive center. Preferably, I would suggest going ahead with a 5-star Scuba dive center. 

Day 4: Cloud9 Bar

After that soul-refreshing scuba dive, our stop for today is a unique eatery. In about 45-50 minutes, boats from Port Denarau or Wailoaloa will bring you to a bar/restaurant you probably can’t imaging – Cloud9. This is a floating bar! Yes, Cloud9 Bar Fiji is a two-storied full bar & pizzeria. It is located right in the middle of a crystal turquoise ocean. Which means you enjoy a beer with your partners while watching the oceanic life in motion all around you. 

Photo Credit: Cloud9

Cloud9 even hosts DJs, weddings and cruise captains. Also, imagine water sports such as snorkeling, sailing and jet-skiing in affordable rates, while you wait for your delicious wood-fired pizza.

Cloud9 is a perfect place to chill and enjoy the 2nd to last day of your 5-day itinerary for Fiji. Ideally, you shouldn’t fly within 24 hours of Scuba Diving, hence Day 3 is best kept for Scuba Diving and Day 4 for just chilling amidst the ocean!

Day 5: Check out and fly back

Goodbyes hurt, but one vacation is the stepping stone to another. At least, that’s how I convinced myself to get onboard the return flight. 


In case you have more days to spare for Fiji, you can consider visiting far off islands as well. Taveuni island is a domestic flight away from Viti Levu island and not only does it have better access to rainbow reef, a scuba diving site, but is also home to a lot of adorable resorts. 

You can definitely include Taveuni island in your 5 day Fiji Island as well. However, it will add a lot of cost & traveling within the island country. You may miss out on some experiences due to travels in between. 


Umang Trivedi is a travel blogger based in India. He writes about his travel experiences on He has traveled extensively in India, Europe & New Zealand. Along with penning down travelogues, he also curates travel ideas, itineraries & tips based on his travel experiences.

Umang Trivedi

Author Umang Trivedi

Umang Trivedi is a travel blogger based in India. He writes about his travel experiences on He has traveled extensively in India, Europe & New Zealand. Along with penning down travelogues, he also curates travel ideas, itineraries & tips based on his travel experiences.

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