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Gift Guide: For California Locals and Lovers

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California remains one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. The coastal redwood trees in the north are perfectly complemented by the sprawling beaches and remote deserts in the south while the mountains throughout the state experience some pretty spectacular snowstorms for a state known for its sunshine. This holiday season, opt for some of these incredible gifts—whether made in, resembling or inspired by California, this list has some great ideas for those who live, love and travel in the Golden State.

California Limited
California Grown Racerback Tank

California Limited California Grown Racerback Tank

Nothing can better showcase your love for the state of California than a tank top from local company California Limited. The brand’s vintage purple California Grown Racerback Tank is a soft cotton blend, perfect for the warm weather and humidity in the Golden State. Layer it with a hoodie on cool California nights or bare it proudly in the summer sunshine. The tank features a chic, handrawn design where the shape of the state is made up of a field of the state flower, the California poppy. These tanks are also printed by hand right in the heart of Orange County, one of California’s most magical regions. —Ashley

Retail: $27

Flojos Fiesta Sandals

Flojos Fiesta Sandals

Known for its beaches, no trip to California is complete without the perfect sandals to slip into your suitcase. The Fiesta Sandals by Irvine, Calif.-based Flojos are perfect for a day by the coast. Whether you are strolling along beach boardwalks, running through the sand or wandering the shops in perfect little oceanside towns, these padded sandals will keep your feet comfortable with padding and arch support. The thin straps are perfect for slipping the shoes on and off throughout the day, and material is incredibly soft. —Ashley

Retail: $21

Kris Nations California Solid Charm Necklace

Kris Nations California Solid Charm Necklace

Wear your love for California proudly around your neck with the California Solid Charm Necklace by Kris Nations. The golden hue is flawlessly reminiscent of California’s nickname as the Golden State, with an 18K gold vermeil charm paired with a gold-filled chain. This is a great gift for anyone who loves the sun and sand on the West Coast, whether they grew up in California, live here now or simply enjoy summertime vacations filled with endless summer fun. The necklace comes in a small glass bottle with a card reading “Home is Where the Heart Is,” inspiring the owner to reminisce about time spent back “home” in California. —Ashley

Retail: $58

O’Neill Women’s Bahia Short Spring Wetsuit

O'Neill Women's Bahia Short Spring Wetsuit

What better place to learn to surf than on some of the most famous beaches in the world? Those both experienced and amateur will find that California is a surfer’s paradise. Dive into the rolling waves in one of O’Neill’s Bahia Short Spring Wetsuits. The warm weather in Orange County means this shorter suit is the perfect way to hit the beach as you won’t get cold and will be more comfortable throughout the long day. The zipper in the back makes it easy to slip on before heading to the coast while seals along the wrists and neckline keep cold water out and heat in. While the suit also features a key pocket complete with a loop and an incredible stretchy neoprene material, it’s the sleek, chic style of the suit that really makes it stand out. —Ashley

Retail: $109.95

Ravpower 26800mAh Power Bank

Ravpower 26800mAh Power Bank

From San Francisco’s towering Golden Gate Bridge and the nearby redwood trees to colorful sunsets on sandy Southern California beaches, there is plenty to photograph throughout the state. Whether snapping pictures on a phone, tablet or camera, you’re bound to run low on battery after a few hundred clicks of the shutter. Ravpower 26800mAh Power Bank is the solution to any low battery issue, with the ability to charge up to three devices at once. It also features numerous other benefits, from battery indicator lights that showcase how much charge is left to shorter wait times. While the weight may be a bit of a downside, this personal charger makes up for it as it can charge devices up to 10 times before losing battery. —Ashley

Retail: $59.99

Talaria Flats Premium Champagne Flats

Talaria Flats Premium Champagne Flats

There are so many different places to visit in California; sometimes it is hard to pack everything you need for an eclectic adventure. One of the most difficult things to wrangle into a suitcase is a pair of shoes so find a unique option for travel enthusiasts, like the Talaria Flats Premium Champagne Flats. These stunning ballet flats fold up into themselves and tuck into their own travel bag for easy transportation that won’t take up much room in your suitcase. On top of that, they come in a brilliant champagne color that is both casual and sophisticated at the same time, meaning they can be worn out to upscale restaurants and luxury theaters in addition to more relaxed settings. —Ashley

Retail: $38

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

With so much space and so many different types of climates, it’s easy to experience discomfort due to the changing environments in California. Rather than simply dealing with the fallout, grab the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier to create a soothing space no matter where you’re at. The USB port makes it easy to plug this travel-sized humidifier anywhere, ensuring a smooth, hydrating atmosphere in your hotel room or rental home or even in the car during a long West Coast road trip. All you need to go with this product is a bottle of purified water. Then, place the filter into the humidifier, lower it into the water and plug the USB port in to a laptop or wall plug to start it up and breathe right. —Ashley

Retail: $29.99

Jade Yoga Voyager Mat

Jade Yoga Voyager Mat

California’s vast landscapes inspire the desire to find fulfillment and peace; yoga is just one way to find such a happiness. But forget rolled yoga mats—the Jade Yoga Voyager Mat offers all you need for a portable fitness session. Those that love to practice poses outdoors will appreciate this versatile product, which can be folded up and used on the go in the mountains, along the coastline, in the forests and under the desert stars. Only ringing in at 1/16-inch thick, it can be folded up to resemble a yoga block in size and weight, making it ideal for those looking to take it along on all of their treks. And just as the mat can inspire happiness in all who use it, the company inspires happiness across the globe, planning a tree for each mat sold. Made from a renewable rubber, the grippy mat is great for any and all types of yoga practice on the go. —Ashley

Retail: $39.95

Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra Elite 65t

In the hustle and bustle of travel, wireless headphones play a pivotal role. Wandering the overcrowded state of California, the Jabra Elite 65t headphones are great for tuning out the many people nearby, offering a chance to block out the sounds of the day and immerse yourself in your choice of music. But the benefits don’t end there. As you walk the streets, take phone calls at the touch of the hand, syncing up with the Bluetooth component of your cell phone to enjoy numerous features. In addition to the stellar sound quality, these earbuds make it easy to move around due to the lack of cords as well as come in variety of colors for a sleek, shimmering look. —Ashley

Retail: $169.99

Dr. Scholl’s Brief Memory Foam Ankle Boot

Dr. Scholl's Brief Memory Foam Ankle Boot

In an area as big as the Golden State, it’s important to have a stylish shoe that is also comfortable for extended amounts of walking. City streets are found everywhere from San Diego and Los Angeles to San Francisco, so take a stroll in the Dr. Scholl’s Brief Memory Foam Ankle Boot next time you hit the road in California. They are perfect for a night on the town or a nice dinner, but the memory foam insole leaves your feet feeling refreshed after a long day. The zipper on the side of the boot is accompanied by pieces of elastic that make it easy for travelers to stretch their feet into these comfortable, leather-wrapped shoes. An intricate design on the back half of the boot adds a little more character, making this shoe the ideal one when you’ll be visiting a few different environments and want some great footwear to go along. —Ashley

Retail: $69.99

Body Glide Body & For Her

Body Glide

We’ve all been there: walking around in shorts in the heat and humidity, chafing is a common irritation. While it’s tough to find ways that truly soothe this ridiculous amount of pain, Body Glide has stepped up to the plate and mastered it. The original Body balm is ideal for everything from blisters on the feet to thighs rubbing together, creating an invisible layer that protects the skin before the irritation starts. It’s not wet or greasy so it stays in place, and it’s resistant to sweat so it will continue to do its job in any weather. Women can take advantage of the For Her option, which features additional vitamins to help moisturize the skin. The brand also offers a cream, a foot balm, a muscle relief option, saddle sore balm and a sunscreen. —Ashley

Retail: $9.99 each

BRÜMATE Winesulator

BRÜMATE Winesulator

Lounge by the pool or on the beach with your favorite bottle of wine in hand—and I’m talking the entire bottle. The Winesulator by BRÜMATE is the perfect cooler in which to dump your wine to tote it along with you. Aside from fitting the entire contents of a 750-milliliter bottle, the product’s triple insulated walls will keep the wine cold for at least 24 hours—possibly even longer. In addition, you’ll be sure to create some product envy should you take this stylish bottle on the road with you. The glittery finish means that bottles come in sparkling versions of rose gold, aqua blue, neon pink, matte black and more. The iridescent movement of the glitter ensures that all eyes will be on you as you sip wine in the California sunshine. —Ashley

Retail: $34.99

Quechua Helium Trekking Pillow

Quechua Camping Pillow

Decathlon is one of Europe’s largest outdoor retailers, and their camping and hiking brand Quechua brings value across the spectrum.  The inflatable Helium trekking pillow weighs just six ounces and costs less than $20. The fact that it’s inflatable means you can set your own pressure – which makes the pillow just right for those who like it firm or soft.  You can even fill it with clothes if you don’t want to bring the inflatable part with you! That means the soft outer shell is removable and machine washable. It stuffs down to the size of a can of soda – perfect for travelling and camping!

PS, Decathlon has open its new flagship store in San Francisco! Have a look at the camping pillows and other accessories while your in California on your next outdoor adventure. —Christian

Retail: £11.99

This Journal is Going Places

This Journal is Going Places

Get the ball rolling on your next trip to California with a special notebook designed just for vacation planning. Deemed the This Journal is Going Places, you can fit up to six trips in this book—each one offering different colored pages to keep them straight. Small tabs reading “Trip One,” “Trip Two” and so-on allow travelers to easily flip to their current trip, where pages detail the when and where of the vacation, followed by research pages, a mini travel bucket list, space for an itinerary, pages for maps and sketches, and a “What I Did” section to detail your experiences. Make this apply to California by planning six different trips to the region, each with its own unique organization. —Ashley

Retail: $15

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Travel Size

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Travel Size

Sometimes it’s hard to determine whether sunscreen or makeup would be the right move—and layering both can get messy. Instead, opt for a sheer coverage moisturizer that adds just enough color while also protecting from the sun: the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Travel Size. With an SPF of 20 and a radiant warmth stemming from the undertones in the moisturizer, you’ll find yourself looking flawless, even after a day of adventuring. This special travel-size product lets your skin breathe as well, ensuring you’re ready for a day out in the California sunshine. —Ashley

Retail: $24

Seascape Bracelet

Seascape Bracelet

From the vibrant colors to the intricate, nature-inspired designs, it’s easy to tell that California artist Casey Parlette is inspired by the ever-changing ocean. Typically a sculpture artist, he launched Parlettei Jewelry to showcase a new line of titanium jewelry that he crafts from scraps left behind from his artwork. The metal is heated to produce an array of unique colors each time, and it’s no different with the Seascape bracelet. The small circles at the ends of the cuff are reminiscent of Laguna Beach as a whole, showing the bubbles that often arise in the coastal tide pools. Each bracelet features its own unique color, from paua green and deep sea blue to sunrise gold and a shimmer-y silver. —Ashley

Retail: $119

Matador Droplet Wet Bag

Matador Droplet Wet Bag

Swimming is a huge part of the culture of Southern California. From bright blue pools to waves crashing on the sand at the beach, there is always somewhere to take a dip and beat the heat. However, toting around a wet bathing suit is never ideal, no matter where you are. Next time you’re bounding around in California, opt for the Matador Droplet Wet Bag. It fits inside a small rubber keychain that can be placed on keys for quick access. Pull the bag out, toss your bathing suit inside and you’re ready to go. —Ashley

Retail: $14.99

Clever Travel Companion Travel Scarf

Clever Travel Companion Travel Scarf

The Clever Travel Companion Travel Scarf is an incredible way to keep your valuables safe when traveling in California, with two special zipper pockets hidden in the material. Whether it’s to keep things from getting lost or simply to avoid carrying a bag around and ensuring you have easy access to your phone and wallet, these zippers are a game changer when it comes to traveling. In addition to helping keep things from getting lost, they can be a great way to hide things from possible attackers and thieves. The black color is wonderful as it matches nearly any outfit and the soft material ensures a comfortable trip. —Ashley

Retail: $54.90

American Tourister
Disney Mickey & Minnie Romance Spinner

American Tourister Disney Mickey & Minnie Romance Spinner

No trip is complete without the perfect suitcase, and American Tourister has just the thing for avid California travelers. The Disney Mickey & Minnie Romance Spinner is the perfect choice for 2018, as the two iconic characters celebrate 90 years of animated fun. The rolling bag has adorable decorations on the outside, showcasing many scenes of the two mice exploring and interacting with one another in a display of adorable affection. Inside, the themed, hard-shell case means that your gear will be protected no matter where you’re venturing to the Disney parks from.  —Ashley

Retail: $159.99

Quechua Air Seconds 4.2 XL Tent

This was my first new car camping tent in quite a few years – and this one doesn’t disappoint.  The ‘air’ in Air Seconds refers to the fact that the “poles” are inflatable!  All you have to do is stake down the corners, and use a foot pump or battery operated pump to get this tent up in seconds!  The fully set up tent has three rooms! One main room in the middle easily holds a camping table and chairs, and most impressively is tall enough to stand up in!  The two bedrooms can each hold two adults and all their gear. With huge, airy doors and mosquito nets, this tent is very breathable and doesn’t gather much condensation.  It has a heavy waterproof rainfly, and bathtub floor that seals out the damp If weight is no concern, this tent is the perfect car camping tent.

PS, we used this tent while living in the UK – but Decathlon has open its new flagship store in San Francisco! Have a look at their camping gear that will go great with the tent on your next adventure out west. —Christian

Retail: £299.99


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