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Island Essentials: Packing Tips for Summer Trips

By May 4, 2017October 8th, 20172 Comments

Will I ever get the hang on carefully packing for a trip?! Probably not. Sometimes I need just a carry-on, while other times I can’t zip the suitcase closed. For our trip to The Canary Islands last week, we had to finagle two suitcases between three people, and have enough space for seven people and their stuff in our rental holiday home. I had to be a little savvier than usual, so I was picky about what came with us on this island adventure.

Geonaute W900M Swip Timer Watch Decathlon Eileen Cotter Wright

Plane Game: Don’t Ban Me for Leggings!

Those young girls who were banned from the plane for wearing leggings worried me, because I ONLY wear leggings on flights! Alright, they were trying to fly standby into first class, and rules are you have to look a little more presentable. So fine, I’ll hang out in coach and be comfortable, I’m OK with that.

decathlon leggings eileen cotter wright


Because we were pressed for time, I ran right from yoga class in London to Gatwick Airport and had no time to change. Luckily, the Domyos Yoga+ Leggings from Decathlon were wonderful for my vinyasa class and so comfortable later on the plane. I have an unhealthy amount of leggings for every occasion, but honestly these are the best fitting by far. No need to pull them up all day and the shape is very flattering.


No Bikinis for Me

I’m a fuller figured woman, but I’m happy to lay out in a bikini any day. I’m comfortable like that and can try to work on evening out my freckle-covered skin that way! However, at the end of the day I prefer swimsuits that I can have a blast in while swimming – without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

decathlon swimsuit siam park tenerife eileen cotter wright

When we scored tickets to the famous Siam Park water kingdom from Attraction Tix, I immediately knew which swimsuit to pack – the Tribord Vaiana Womens Tankini and Shorty. I think I was the only one who didn’t end up with my swimsuit rapped around my neck after the crazy waterslides. It was also ideal for my skin – while I wish I could get a tan, I didn’t have to worry about endlessly applying sunblock after the wave pool or lazy river in this swimsuit either.

Iberostar Anthelia Tenerife Spain poolside Eileen Cotter Wright

Later on, we had a perfect ‘treat yourself’ evening at the Iberostar Athelia hotel – A five-star, all-inclusive luxury paradise located steps from the Costa Adeje beaches. Their massive swimming pool is heated, but as the day yawned into the afternoon some clouds moved in. I opted to sport my Tribord Daria One-Piece Swimsuit for fuller coverage on this chilly day so as not to miss any time in the water. And of course, not miss out on those fresh and frozen strawberry daiquiris.

Tribord Daria One-Piece Swimsuit Decathlon garachico tenerife spain eileen cotter wright

The bottom black body of the suit is flattering, and the bright chevron top is right on trend. Several people complimented the suit and were shocked at its affordability when I told them it was from Decathlon! There’s a store right on the island too, so I’m sure plenty of people made a beeline for it to purchase their own swimwear.


Beach Accessories for Tenerife

I won’t lie, I love messing around with beach active gear too even in the pool. We had some great races at the holiday home rental in our snorkelling fins and pool floaters. For all this fun, I made sure to also pack a ton of waterproof sunscreen in spray and lotion form. The sun was MUCH stronger in Tenerife that on mainland Spain.

swim mask decathlon garanchico eileen cotter wight

Decathlon’s Subea Easybreath Masks were best for our day trip to Garachico – a town that has natural rock pools for sightseeing and swimming. As the only crazy people to actually dive into the water, we were rewarded with underwater views of tiny schools of fish and other sea creatures. X the husband says he loved how no water seemed to leak despite his beard and somewhat rough waves.

decathlon snorkel mask

It’s tough for us to pull away from our phones while splashing in the waves, but this time I didn’t have leave all my gadgets on the shore. My favorite investment for the trip is my Geonaute W900M Swip Timer Watch that can withstand up to 100 meters of water pressure.

Geonaute W900M Swip Timer Watch decathlon underwater eileen cotter wright

It’s rose gold and white colors weren’t convincing that it’d keep looking pretty in the waves, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn I never had to take it off the whole trip – from climbing mountains to diving underwater. I can’t wait to test more features in the near future.


Heartier Outerwear

Weather in Tenerife was a little unpredictable. While the south certainly boasted blazing hot temperatures most of the time, hiking through the Mt. Tilde Natural Park was a little breezier. And when up north, we were greeted with some overcast skies too. So for the outdoor adventure near Tenerife volcanoes, I opted to wear my Kara Jean from prAna for the day. They feel lighter than regular jeans made mostly from organic cotton and can be cuffed for a straight leg look.

mt tilde national park tenerife spain

Up in the north near the capital city of La Laguna, we weren’t as lucky with the climate. It’s a little more unpredictable. X the husband has some family who live there though and we happily agreed to meet for a visit in the UNESCO town of La Laguna. Under the cover of tall, colorful buildings, streets were shadowed, so I needed something light to go over a maxi dress. The prAna Liana Sweater is perfect and was practically made for wearing on a Spanish island. I love the asymmetrical style and soft texture that’s light and breathable. It did pull if snagged on jewelry, so as long as I’m careful I’m sure this will become a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Liana Sweater Prana in Tenerife Spain Eileen Cotter Wright


If you want to grab some items for an upcoming vacation from prAna, use the code “MHMS17EC” for 15% off the whole online store until the end of May!

The sustainable mission of prAna is the main reason I love this line of clothing. Have a look at why using sustainable cotton matters so much this summer.

Tenerife was the first of hopefully many sunny trips I’ll take this year. Where to next? Sri Lanka is coming up this weekend for some more tropical experiences with Corey from Learning Patience. It’s a straight up holiday, so I’ll be off the grid and enjoying all my island essentials!

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