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Most ‘Instagram-able’ Locations in Western Australia

By December 16, 2021December 19th, 2021One Comment

Let’s be honest.  Western Australia is Instagram heaven.

This vast state is home to some of the most jaw-droppingly spectacular scenery in the world and you’re guaranteed to fire up your feed with a drool-worthy pic wherever you are.  No filter required.

Given that WA covers a massive 2.6 million square kilometres (it’s four times the size of Texas and 20 times bigger than England), it’s obviously impossible to list all of its awesome Insta spots in one short article – but here’s a little taste of what’s on offer.

Rottnest Island

Where to start?  This island paradise with its turquoise water, pearly beaches and secret bays is a treasure trove of Instaworthy spots, but any selfie-respecting adventurer will probably start by sharing the obligatory snap with one of Rotto’s cute furry residents, a smiling quokka.

Tip – try skydiving on Rottnest for a breathtaking birds’ eye perspective that will have your instagram running HOT (plus you’ll have the most thrilling experience of your life!)  Contact Skydive Geronimo on for more details.

Nature’s Window, Kalbarri

This is Mother Nature’s way of displaying her stunning artwork.  Check out how wind erosion has created a natural gap in the ancient layers of sandstone which makes the perfect frame for the spectacular landscape of the Murchison River snaking through the gorges below.

Tip:  The early bird gets first prize.  Sunrise adds an extra special dimension to the colours and contrasts of this spectacular spot.

The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles desert and Namboung National Park. Western Australia, 2012.

The otherworldliness of the strange sandstone shapes of the Pinnacles make for the most fascinating photos.  Even though it’s an easy day trip from Perth, your pics of these weird and wonderful limestone rock formations will look like you’ve been light years away on an intergalactic expedition!

Tip:  Explore the Pinnacles on foot to get some really funky angles

Hutt Lagoon

There are several pink lakes around WA with Hutt Lagoon near Kalbarri being one of the easiest to access.  Its striking rosy hues are a result of algae in the salty waters which produce beta-carotene, the red pigment found in carrots and other colourful veggies.

Tip:  The algae produces the pigment when it’s exposed to sunlight – so make sure you choose a bright day to visit so that you pack the most punch from your pic.

The Crawley Boat Shed

Who knows why this unassuming 90-year old boatshed at the end of a wooden pier stretching into the Swan River is such a hashtag hottie, but it’s an absolute must for your social feed if you’re in Perth.  Just be prepared to wait your turn among the tourists, wedding parties, romantic proposals and the rest!

Tip:   Sunrise is the best time to capture the bold blue hues of this iconic landmark.

Busselton Jetty

Here’s another Insta must-have featuring cute blue and white weatherboard buildings and a wooden jetty – only this historic one stretches for more than a mile into the pristine waters of Geographe Bay and is the second-largest tourist jetty in the world!

Tip:  Try a panoramic view for added wow.

Wave Rock

WA’s massive swells are revered in surfing circles around the world, but this big wave near Hyden in WA’s east is a real rock star.  It’s a huge 15m high multi-coloured granite cliff shaped like a crashing ocean wave and is the perfect backdrop for a striking selfie.

Tip:  Pack your surfboard and show off your rocky ride.

Injidup Natural Spa

You might need to wait for the crowds to part before you get a turn at this hugely popular spot along the famed South West coast.   Nestled between rocky outcrops and the thundering Indian ocean, this little rock pool forms a natural spa with endless photo opps.   It’s tide-dependent, so you should plan your visit when the waves pour through the narrow openings into the aqua pool.

Tip:  Take care down there.  The sea is unpredictable and big waves can be very dangerous.

Elephant Rocks in Denmark

As you cast your gaze over these gigantic rounded granite mounds, it only takes a little imagination to picture a herd of elephants paddling in the shallow turquoise waters.  Elephant Rocks and the adjacent Greens Pool are some of the WA most picture-perfect beaches and your social feed from here will be an INSTAnt hit!

Tip:  For pics that are even more high and mighty, bring a drone.

Boranup Forest

Tall trees covered with mist in a tropical forest in Chikkamagaluru.  From Wikimedia Commons

If you’re visiting the state’s south-west (which literally has hundreds of insta-worthy locations around the region), Boranup Forest is a must-see.  You won’t believe how tiny you’ll feel among the soaring karri trees and their tall smooth trunks and with dappled sunlight dancing on the forest floor, there’s Insta-inspo galore.

Tip:  Photos look best when the light is soft (pre-dawn is good).

Cable Beach

The camel train along Cable Beach at sunset has become one of the most instantly recognisable pics on Instagram.

Tip:  Sunset and sunrise are the most popular times for this iconic shot, but have fun playing around with shadows at other times of the day for added interest.

Karijini National Park

No words can describe the awe-inspiring scale and ancient grandeur of Karijini’s gorges.  The convoluted red rocks contrast vividly with the blue sky while the green trees and shimmering water below complete the spectacle of colours and contrasts.

Tip:  Be there for dawn or dusk to experience the warm filtered light on the rocks and the colourful reflections in the water.

The rich and varied beauty of Western Australia provides infinite opportunities for Insta-worthy moments and it’s impossible to list them all.  From spectacular scenery and weird and wonderful gifts of nature to adrenalin-fuelled adventures, one thing is for certain though.  There’s enough material to keep you hashtag happy for life!   So go on, pack your bags and wander out yonder to discover the magic of WA and feed your soul – and your Instagram account!

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