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The Art of Travel

Movement of the Caribbean Ocean

By January 5, 2014February 24th, 2015No Comments

waves sliderThis travel activity for kids will stimulate your child’s imagination on a journey to the Caribbean, exploring pattern, color and the movement of ocean waves. Encourage your child to explore as many shades of green and blue as they can. Finished artworks can be cut out, glued onto card and sent as holiday postcards to friends and family if you wish.

This travel art can be done in:

  • Cars
  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Hotel rooms


What you will need:

  • Print out wave activity sheets
  • Felt tips, pencils or crayons in shades of blue and green
  • Safety scissors, stiff card, glue stick – optional



  1. Print off as many wave activity sheets as you need
  2. Put all drawing materials in a plastic lidded box ready for transporting. Give your children a tray to work on.
  3. Ask them what they imagine waves look like. Discuss ‘wave’ words like ripple, swell, crash, roll…..
  4. Invite them to color in wave patterns and to design their own wave patterns on the blank template.


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