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My Travelin’ Father’s Day Gift Guide

By June 19, 2015December 1st, 20224 Comments

Dad and Little girl at the aquarium



Dads are always on the move. They’re flipping burgers, clapping wildly at dance recitals, throwing toddlers in the air, school their kids at video games or wiping ice cream off faces. We take this weekend to salute all dads all over the world for the great things they do. We especially honor those who love to pile the kids in the car for an epic road trip, explore a nearby hiking trail for the day with the kiddos, or save all their spare change for a big international adventure with the family. We know these dads just love sharing their passion for travel with the kids and deserve to have the best swag in return! If you haven’t grabbed a present for dad yet, here’s a curated gift guide to get you started this Father’s Day.


For the Wine Connoisseur

Dads these days are classy. Sure, they like a nice domestic lager once in a while, but my father has been upping his game with bold, delicious red wines. He finds a nice steak is even more incredible on the grill paired with a beautiful Cab. So this year, I plan to bring him “Jack’s Masterpiece” from Hall wines. Located in Napa Valley, this gorgeous variety is crafted by the president of the brand in honor of his son. The label is a drawing by his then 18-month old kiddo that makes for a sweet story to share with your father too. My dad loves to reminisce about our road trips in California when I was a teenager, and I plan to pop this with him while we swap nostalgic tales.



hall wine's Jack's Masterpiece at a picnic with burgers

For the Mixologist

In the Western Hemisphere, Father’s Day often kicks off the start of summer. That means we’re certainly ready to start muddling herbs, zesting citrus and blending fruity concoctions. While Dads love to order something frozen on vacation, it’s always fun to make your own cocktails for a staycation too. Relive beachy memories in your backyard by gifting Daddy-o a few prime libation ingredients. We particularly love Don Q rum for a summer refresher. Grab the fun coconut variety do Dad can make a Coco Bongo (coconut water and pineapple juice) garnished with a fresh fruit slice.

After visiting the Don Q Rum factory in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we were inspired to reach for this liqueur at home and bring bottles home for gifts. Not to mention, they do fantastic work with the non-profit Surfrider Foundation that protects the world’s oceans, so you can be sure you are supporting a great brand.



gorilla pod with man in background

For the Photogenic Father

It’s tough to find a photography gift for a dad who had a GoPro before I did. But I do like the little things that can make taking everyday vacation photos more crisp and clear. I got myself the original GorillaPod when I began to take elevated photos and will get my Dad one too. It is a mini tripod that can be flexed and wrapped around or stood up on various surfaces to take great landscape photos or old school selfies at a distance. They eliminate the need to delete a bunch of blurry shots and instead offer clean and easy photos that make you look like a pro.



Using XCom in Sydney, Australia for wireless internet on the go

For the Plugged-In Dad

No Dad wants to admit it – but we all get lost on road trips. Mine refused to stop to ask for directions that got us stuck in a corn field or on a dead end street. But if you treat Dad to a XCom Global package on your next vacation you can avoid the embarrassment and frustration on being off the grid. The nifty little devices can be rented anywhere in the world to get wonderfully fast WiFi on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We had the pleasure of using XCom on our recent trip in New Zealand and avoided so many headaches having a real-time map at our fingertips over the 3G network. It can also take the guesswork out of shoddy hotel internet and ensure you’ll be connected at all times when away from home. Dad will love it for your vacations as well as his business trips to always enjoy great wireless internet for a reasonable daily fee.

Have fun gifting the man who took you on your first camping trip or survived Mickey-land with you this Father’s Day!


Eileen Cotter Wright

Author Eileen Cotter Wright

Eileen Cotter is a freelance travel journalist and owner of Pure Wander. She's our resident expat extraordinaire and falls down a lot in yoga class. Follow her on Instagram @Pure_Wander.

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  • wen budro says:

    Those are some great gift ideas for Dads. My father is a wine connoisseur so he would love those gifts.

  • intensev5 says:

    XCom Global package would be perfect for my husband who likes to stay connected where-ever he is!

  • Dana Rodriguez says:

    I really like the GorillaPod gift idea.I think my fiance’ would love that!

  • Laurie Nykaza says:

    This makes me remember the trip we took with my dad . Love the products mentioned to help out I threw away my daughter GorillaPod I didnt know what it was. Now to buy another one for xmas.

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