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Noshing at the Mall of America – Best Spots to Eat and Drink

By September 10, 2017October 1st, 2017No Comments

There’s nothing better than a mecca of the best things to eat and drink — all in the same place! We’re big fans of the Mall of America in Minnesota, and we especially love to browse all the wonderful restaurants and cocktail lounges here. Shopping can be a tiring task, but luckily, this destination is full of cozy and delicious watering holes, too. With entertainment, theme parks, and hotels inside the Mall of America, there’s plenty to round out your entire vacation.

Vom Fass

It’s time to whet your whistle before exploring the good eats in the Mall of America. Vom Fass is a European company that prides itself on curating the finest artisan items from a variety of small batch businesses. You can check out the shop and do a couple tastings of the various olive oils, spreads, vinegars, and pesto. However, the real showstopper is the selection of spirits and wine available from all over the world. Keep an eye out for apple brandy or absinthe among the single malt whiskies. Along with wines and bubblies, Vom Fass has premade gift baskets.

Firelake Grill House & Cocktail Bar

Mall of America Firelake Cheese CurdsImage via Flickr by arnold | inuyaki

After your sampling of spirits, try some classic dishes from Minnesota in a fun atmosphere. Start with cheese curds or loaded fries,and  then move into beer-battered rock shrimp or quail eggs wrapped in bacon. The ambiance is lovely, and be sure to book a table overlooking the mall for a prime people-watching spot.

Shake Shack

It’s a chain, but this spot has some of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I love that Shake Shack keeps its menu simple and delicious. Grab a hearty burger with special sauce, and then pair it with fresh French fries and one of the famous “concretes.” It’s basically the thickest shake you’ve ever had. Shakes, ice cream, burgers, and fries is all that you’ll find here, and that’s all you really need.


Although there are several sushi spots in the Mall of America, many say Masu is one of the top choices. It’s even a good place for vegetarians and vegans, thanks to the extensive menu of veggie delights like edamame. Gluten-free diners can enjoy their own separate menu, too. Have some fresh sushi or opt for a big bowl of noodles washed down your choice from the big drink menu of cocktails and Asian beers.

Cantina Laredo

Mall of America Cantina Laredo Mexican Food TacosImage via Flickr by The DLC

It’s time for Mexican food. There are several places for tacos at the mall, but this elevated restaurant offers more in the realm of modern Mexican cuisine. Have a main dish with signature sauces drizzled over pork, steak, or fish. It’s also worth just going to Cantina Laredo for a margarita and some dips, as this spot has fresh guacamole or queso dips with sirloin steaks blended in. The Mexican tapas menu is extensive as well, with fish tacos and ceviche.

Have you been to the Mall of America? What did you eat? Do you like shopping while on vacation?

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