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A Plan to Island Hop in Greece

By October 4, 2017October 17th, 201732 Comments

It’s almost all set – Greece is happening!

A real adventure is mapped out and we couldn’t be more thrilled to get going. It’s a little bit of a process to work out exactly how to navigate Greek islands and get the most from your trip. How do you decide which Greek islands are worth visiting? Are some over-hyped and some hidden? How is Greece is the off season? How much olive oil can I bring back with me in a suitcase?!

Greece skyline at night

Yes, these are all pressing questions. To prepare for the upcoming excursion, here’s the rough plan of a two-week itinerary. It could easily be modified into a week, or exclude some of the spots all together. Let’s do this!

Fly into Athens

Flying into Athens is the easiest way to start in Greece. The airport is a large hub and the city itself is worth spending a few days in. They have direct flights from most other major European cities and worldwide destinations. It’s about a 20-minute taxi ride to the main ferry port to reach other islands from there as well.

Athens columns

Fly out of another Greek Island

I found going in and out of London, it was comparable to book two one-way flights. This way I wouldn’t have to make my way back to the capital and could take a one-way route instead. So, flights into Athens, then flight out of Santorini back to London. Easy peasy.

All the Greek Islands in Between: Itinerary

Once the touchdown in Athens is complete, a few days are spent exploring the city and many of it’s ancient attractions. From there, a car rental will give freedom to move about the mainland. Then I’ll visit two islands and head back to London.

Day 1-2

Fly to Athens, explore the city a bit! I’ve never been to Greece and look forward to the trip. I’ll meet a friend’s parents who I’m sure will show off their amazing cooking skills and neighborhood.

Day 3-5

Greek islands blue water and sands

Drive to smaller villages and towns, including Monastiraki, Nafpaktos and Chania-Trizonia where there’s a recommended amazing fish restaurant. The experience will include a lovely homestay with a dear friend’s family home in the village.

Day 6-10

A few hours from the towns is the port of Pireaus, where many of the ferries go to reach the islands. I have a very early ferry to catch to the island of Paros after dropping off the car. I booked ahead of time through Open Seas, which was simple to use and gave a list of all the routes with various ferry companies.  In Paros, I am graciously hosted by a gorgeous and spacious Airbnb owned by Asterios and his family. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to explore this less tourist-centric island.

Pireaus white and blue home

Day 10-13

The final stretch is Santorini! I will take another ferry from Paros to Santorini, which is about 3-4 hours with a few stops in between. I thought it was worth purchasing online ahead of time to make thing easier, as with the Pireaus-Paros route. In Santorini it will be relaxed as the season winds down, with us staying at the beautiful Vedema Resort in the small village of Megalochori.

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Miss Tunica dress


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