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Preparing for the Worst: Travel Protection Services for Your Group

By July 15, 2017May 8th, 2019One Comment

It happens once in awhile. Your flight gets canceled, a storm hits, or an injury occurs while traveling. This is especially true for groups of adventure seekers, as the odds rise when you are with larger parties. It’s extra important to cover all your bases when your group is larger, as a big group offers more ways things could potentially go wrong.

When you take these steps to protect yourself, you can get to the fun parts of planning without the added stress of wondering what might happen. t’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are a few group travel guidelines for protecting yourselves against problems on the road.

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Added Relief En Route

Holidays, vacations, and trips tend to go more smoothly once you’ve arrived. Instead, most of the problems that occur during an experience abroad have to do with transportation. This includes flights, public transport, taxi rides, and even cruise lines. A flight delay can make or break a trip, causing you to miss days of the experience you’d planned. Most of problems occur when on the way to a destination, so look into options for protecting yourself  your belongings, and your time while on the move.

Extra Safe for Extra Adventure

Take into consideration what you and your travel group will be doing on your trip. Will there be a lot of pool time? Do you plan to party and see where the night takes you? Will you be trekking through unfamiliar landscapes or partaking in extreme sports? Evaluate the risk factors involved in your experience and prepare accordingly. Understand your own comfort levels as well. If it’s your squad’s first time exploring the desert in Morocco, consider additional travel protection from MedjetHorizon in case of emergency far from home. That way, you’ll be able to be transported to a hospital closer to home for care.

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Consider Varied Plans

Obviously, if someone in your crew has a pre-existing condition to consider, extra protection is essential. For instance, travelers who have Type 1 diabetes and need insulin to survive should consider additional medical assistance just in case. If other people in the party have multiple layovers, they might want to look into baggage reimbursement, as their luggage is more likely to get lost.

Have Backups Plans for Dropouts

Sometimes when traveling in groups of three or more, people’s plans change. That means you have to cancel flights, rearrange dates, or re-book hotels. It’s tough to coordinate with several people at once, and things can fall through. Check flight cancellation policies before booking. Some airlines will allow a name change for a small fee. If you no longer need tickets to an attraction, find out if you can resell them. Several booking sites allow free cancellations for hotel rooms, too. Before you book, have a chat with your group about who covers costs if anyone needs to back out.

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What do you differently when you travel with a group? Have you ever invested in travel protection? Have you ever had to use it before?

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Eileen Cotter is a freelance travel journalist and owner of Pure Wander. She's our resident expat extraordinaire and falls down a lot in yoga class. Follow her on Instagram @Pure_Wander.

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