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Pure Wander’s Traveling Galpals Gift Guide

By November 29, 2017November 24th, 201812 Comments

We wanted to celebrate Pure Wander’s current all-female editorial team with a gift guide just for us! The ladies in your life who are looking for something new, fun and fresh will find amazing gift ideas right here.  Three cheers to the girls who travel and who deserve a little pampering after all their hustle, hard work and holidays!

 “And So The Adventure Begins” Scrapbook

adventure scrapbook paperchase

I love Paperchase – it’s my favorite place in the UK for hilarious greeting cards and little gifts. They also have amazing item for larger projects too. I had my eye on their “Adventure Scrapbook” for a while and finally made the plunge. I love to keep ticket stubs, postcards and other baubles from my travels with friends, and think this will be the perfect keepsake for all these memories. Comes with pockets and a big inspirational cover. I can’t wait to fill it up!

Retail: £16.00

Lomo’Instant Automat Dahab + Lenses

Along with the scrapbook idea, I love having tangible photos. Its seems almost novel now, but I used to put together wonderful albums and have my photos printed out on every trip I took. The Lomography camera lines are a blast from the past and allow for such fun opportunities to instantly print out photos on the road. They release travel-centric styles often, with the most recent being Egypt. It takes a little finagling, but the final product is stunning – give out trinkets to new women you need along the way and lasting keepsakes for you and your travel buddies.

Retail: About $225.00 for full camera and lens kit



Rituals: Hammam Collection

rituals hammam gift set

While I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy spa treatments all over the world with my girls, my favorite experience was in Morocco. We had spent the day getting to the top of the Atlas Mountains to stay at the beautiful Kasbah du Toukal. On site, there was a traditional hammam: a steam bath where you scrub and exfoliate your skin with black mud and minerals. It’s minimalist and incredibly soothing; how I would imagine old steam houses would be centuries ago. To carry on this wonderful feeling, I fell in love with Rituals beauty products and their Hammam-inspired bath line. Scrubs, gels and creams all offer the gorgeous scent of invigorating eucalyptus and rosemary.

Retail: £39.50 for medium-sized gift set and keepsake box

Wine Lover’s Card Deck

Wine Lovers Card Deck

Chances are, you won’t have any trouble staying entertained when traveling with your best galpals. But, just in case you find yourself in need of something to do, bring along the Wine Lover’s Card Deck. The same size as a standard deck of cards, it won’t take up much room in your suitcase. Use it to play any game you’d play with a regular deck (Hearts? War? Whatever you’d like!) or create a trivia game with the wine facts displayed on each card.

Retail: $15.95

Wine Condoms

Wine Condoms

Enjoying a nice bottle of wine definitely enhances a trip with your favorite girls, whether you’re lounging by the hotel room or enjoying a sunset from the balcony of your suite. While I try to never waste good wine, it’s sometimes difficult when traveling. While carrying a bottle stopper isn’t entirely impractical, it’s an unnecessary item that takes up precious space in your bags. But now, there’s no need at all; instead, pick up a box of Wine Condoms. These hilarious but useful little things come in a golden wrapper and look just like condoms—but with the tagline “protection for wine lovers,” it’s clear that the black rubber stopper is placed on the top of your wine bottles. Whether you and your galpals want to preserve your first bottle or your fourth, just slip the Wine Condom on and place in the fridge to enjoy later on.

Retail: $10.00 per box

Thule Subterra Travel and Duffel Bag

thule duffel bag suitcase for travel

Every time we’re am on a trip overseas, as many people, we fight with luggage. We like to be able to transport my whole style from one country to another without compromising comfort. Yes we do like to have most of my wardrobe on my two wheels, but we do also like not to carry too much weight. This can be a difficult goal to achieve, but now with Thule Subterra Travel and Duffel bag 28L we have the maximum space with the minimum weight. When you jump from continent to continent, it feels nice to have everything well organized. Thule Subterra is a classic open suitcase with a wide-mouth duffel and two strong enough wheels. As the front is soft and divided with two main compartments, it fits way more stuff than any other previous luggage. It also looks minimal and its two available colours, blue and black, are very stylish. Maybe you could split a checked bag with your girlfriend and spend the extra budget on bubbly!

Retail: £230.00

L’Occitane products for Advent Calendar

L'OCCITANE Classic Advent Calendar (1)L’Occitane should make it on the shopping list for every travel obsessed gal pal in your life. The French fragrance retailer sells an advent calendar, filled with travel sized perfumes, oils, and creams. The beautifully package includes twenty-four drawers of joy, guaranteed to bring a smile to your travel buddy face this season. On another note, ‘tis the season’ to treat yo’self, be sure to pick up an extra!

Retail: $124.00

Balanced Tourist Box

balanced tourist gift box

Last time I went for a long trip I packed on plastic bags my superfoods like seeds, powders or grains. At the end was very uncomfortable to keep everything in good shape on my backpack. However, I don’t want to resign on keeping my healthy lifestyle just because I am travelling. For example, I always avoid plane food and try to keep very well hydrated. Sometimes, I recognize that is very easy to let myself go on fast on my travels. Now, I have the perfect solution to keep straight my lifestyle with the Balanced Tourist Box. A sustainable box containing 16 essential products for eating well and healthy on the go. I find that the selection is very complete and realistic. My favorite choices are the Flaxseed organic and cold milled from Linwoods, the Matcha Green Tea Organic from Teapigs and the Essential Oil Energy from Tisserand. The rest of the products are as well on a high quality standard with very well known brands that I always have at home. This is the best option for saving time on thinking and packing your travel snacks and products.

Retail: £22.00

Women Leaders Print

stag and raven female leaders print

Women supporting women! The ladies behind Stag and Raven do an amazing job curing art from some of the best talent across the UK. They have artist take inspiration from their tattoos to commission exclusive and limited edition prints. Grab the “Female Leaders” or “Amazing Tattooed Lady” for your best galpal!

Retail: £20.00 per print

Beach Glass

Beach Glasses

When you’re traveling with your girls, it’s all about fun, relaxation and a lot of laughter. One surefire way to check off all three of those boxes is with a cocktail in hand. But when you’re lounging on the beach, it’s hard to keep your cup upright. Enter the Beach Glass. Fill these colorful acrylic cups with a fine wine or your favorite cocktail then press the stake on the bottom into the sand—voila! No need to worry about spilling, even if you get a little bit tipsy. While these glasses, which come in two shapes, are perfect for the beach, they can also be used while camping in the woods, exploring a snowy wonderland or even in the pool (they float!).

Retail: $42.00

Xoriguer Mahon Gin

Xoriguer Mahon Gin

One of my favorite galpal trips was to the island of Menorca. Sure there were some guys there too, but us girls had such a blast swimming and sunbathing all day on this beautiful Spanish island. As I traveled mostly with British women, they kept trying to turn me onto gin, which is often the drink of choice. I wasn’t sold on this at all until we visited the Xoriguer Mahon Gin distillery in town. The variety made on the island on Menorca is super smooth and so easy to sip. But I much preferred this gin mixed with lemonade on the hottest of days, locally called ‘Pomada’. I had to pick up a few extra bottles to bring home to my American girlfriends the next time we travel together! The good news is, you can get some in the UK too at a few distributors.

Retail: £21.99 off-island, about £14.00 on-island

Cork Yogi Mat

cork yogis premeium yoga mat

These days, my galpals and I can’t hang like we used to. We’ve survived a bachelorette in Miami, ski trips to the Alps and hiking in the Romanian countryside. After all this, I’m ready for the ultimate girl’s trip: yoga! Hear me out. Many yoga retreats offer luxury accommodations, wellness routines and a little bit of relaxing. I hope to go on one someday soon – and pan to bring my new favorite mat too. Cork Yogis have a beautiful line of sustainable, sticky mats that travel great and feel springy. Each mat supports female education initiatives worldwide too, so that more could you love?!

Retail: £65.00-85.00

Tampax Active

tampax active tamponsIt’s a fact of life for many women. Periods happen whether we’re out snorkeling with friends in Greece or gin tasting in London. Tampax Active works well for all of these trips and more, as they are specially designed for active women on the move. They can be used while playing sports, hiking swimming and more. Motionfit tech prevents leaks and having to spot-check each other in your galpal pack. The compact shape and smooth applicator also make these tampons ideal for traveling – and covering your girl when she forgets her own!

Retail: Varies, about £3.00 per 18-pack

Librottiglia: wine + stories

librottiglia wines

This line of Italian wines are extra special. Each bottle is half-size, perfect for sipping, and is wrapped in a short story to read along. It’s ideal for the bookworm lady in your life who doesn’t mind imbibing and learning a little something too. What a fun way to try several varieties, choose your favorite and have a lovely keepsake at the end. When ordering, you can have the label say something custom along with the story as an extra personalized gift.

Retail: About $17.00 per bottle

VSSL Flask

vssl flask

OK, we like drinking. And drinking-themed gifts are great. But why not pair that bottle of wine with something practical too? The VSSL flask is a handy baton-shaped travel product that serves many purposed. If you and the girls are camping, you can use the multi-purposed flask, shot glass cups, flashlight and compass to keep on the straight and narrow. What ore could you want at the nest music festival, outdoor weekend or ski trip?

Retail: $72.50

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