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Pure Wander’s UK Holiday Gift Guide

By November 22, 2017November 20th, 201840 Comments

It’s that time of year!

We have diligently curated the perfect gift for every member of your family who loves to travel, indulge and explore the entire world. Here are our favourite picks hailing from the UK and Europe for 2017!

Ollo Clip, Case and Ollo Pivot

My long love affair with a bulky DSLR has finally come to a close. Smartphones cameras continue to get better and better, lessening the need for fully pro equipment – especially for web-based creatives and hobbyists. Some things missing from the iPhone in particular though are a larger depth range and macro capabilities. This is where the Ollo Clip shines. It’s a small lens duo that fits in the Ollo Case snugly with your phone. Use it to widen your landscape shots and get super close to those beautiful details in nature. Alongside the clip, the new Ollo Pivot helps stabilize those selfie shots, which can fit all your friends and more.

Retail: £69.00 for basic lens

AfterShockz Headphones

Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones in pink

For the mover and shaker in your life, this snazzy bone-conducting headphones are sublime. They sit on the outside of your ears, are Bluetooth enabled and come in great colours (like pink!) They are designed to allow you to be aware of your other surroundings, such as when exploring a new city or working out. But you can also use earplugs to get a more noise cancelling experience, such as on the plane.

Retail: £99.99

Nova Silver Earrings

nova silver earringsWe love supporting local UK brands with wonderful creative gifts. The gorgeous geometric-shaped Geo Diamonds line from Nova Silver. The earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces pay homage to the jeweller’s favorite diamond cuts and can be worn in silver, rose gold or yellow gold. The interesting design is a stand-out for sure and would look fab paired with any festive outfit.

Retail: £20-25.00

A by Amara Beach Towel

a by amara beach towel

It’s so fluffy! Finding the perfect beach towel is magic. Everyone needs one that is soft, large and great after swimming. I like to skip out on the scratchy or threadbare towels offered by hotels and bring my own. I love the watercolor anchor pattern from the A by Amara line that reminds me of catamaran adventures in Menorca or cruising through canals in France. It make a lovely, bright gift for any nautically-inclined loved one.

If you’d like to really up your beach game, they also have a gorgeous line of Missoni towels that are beautiful, bright and perfect for any sunny, sandy day.

Retail: £28.00

Pomora Italian Olive Oil

pomora olive oil gift cans

Imagine you can adopt an olive tree in Italy and then receive olive oil at home quarterly, from your tree. That is Pomora an Italian olive oil adoption programme. First, what it took my attention is the small and secure packaging of each of the three 250 ml bottles. I can see myself travelling with one of the bottles on my suitcase. Olive oil it is like a whole food for me that I cannot give up wherever I am. Every box might contain a different type of olive oil, but coming from the same tree. I received one of the flavoured boxes with the garlic, rosemary and new olive bottles. I did a tasting at home with the three of them to feel their flavour raw and I have to admit that the quality is really good. The flavor is quite concentrate, so I would be careful in which meals I include the garlic and the rosemary ones. The garlic one can be ideal on a homemade margarita pizza and the rosemary one on a nice Salmon or Trout on the oven. The new one it’s the easiest one to accompanied your regular salad dressings. Having a curated olive oil box is the coolest you can get!

Retail: £29.00 per quarter on a subscription basis

Music Star Pack  – Tech Will Save Us

My younger, musically inclined brother-in-law loved the look of these super fun kits. Older kids and kids at heart will have a blast creating their own music while learning basics of electronics. It’s compact and portable as well for travel. The synth kit allows for construction of three different mini-synthesizers, and the speaker system integrates household items for different sound dimensions.

Retail: $69.99/£52.99 for kit duo

Graze Snacks

graze tea and cake snack

There’s always something special about treats in the mail. It’s just better! The little wholesome snack packs from Graze can be found at the local Tesco’s, but it’s way more fun to have them sent through the mail – perhaps even as a gift. Graze offers dozens of sweet and savoury nibbles to choose from, sold in packs of six or in bags. You can mix and match your order in bulk, or try a Graze box to sample four different yummy bites. So far, our favorites include the blueberry toasts with white chocolate dip and the grilled cheese crunch. Another fun UK-themed fave is the tea and cake snacks!

Retail: £3.99 per 4-snack discovery box, gift vouchers available

Cider Cream Tea Hamper

cream team cider hamper devon hampers

The most delicious tradition we’ve embraced since moving to London is the humble and wonderful cream tea. I wish I knew about Devon Heaven gifts before wasting time and expense on fancy afternoon teas in the city when people come to visit. Instead, I know from now on I’ll purchase a lush hamper for fans of fluffy scones, clotted cream and fresh-made preserves. Devon Heaven’s cider cream tea hamper has the added bonus of a bottle of the strong stuff, plus some crisps and other goodies. Those who aren’t crazy about bit of fruit in their scones will also rejoice, as their are plain options as well.

Retail: £28.00 and free delivery

Kalenji trainers from Decathlon

kalenji trainers decathlon

I might never be a marathon runner, but I do want to have comfortable, sturdy trainers. They need to handle the ongoing movement of my travels for work, yoga practice and commuting to meetings. My feet are flat and arches are fallen, so support is essential. The Kalenji running shoes are super light and go great with all my active wear outfits. I wear them to the airport and the yoga studio almost everyday! Who knows, I might even try a bit of jogging in the near future. They go great with the light and airy Domyos yoga bottoms too. I usually wear tight ankle-length leggings but these breathe and stop at the calf, plus wear looser and are perfect for a lighter practice.

Retail: Trainers £12.99 and leggings £7.99

Stags Shirt

christians stag shirt thought clothing

Everyone needs to look their best at the holidays.  I’m not totally into the itchy, hot Christmas sweaters – especially not in an ironic way.  The Stags Shirt from Thought Clothing is perfect for a holiday party, without that uncomfortable sweater feeling.  It shows a pattern of stags in different silhouettes – perfectly wintry, casual when needed, and certainly nice enough with a jacket or coat for dinners about town.  It’s made from sustainable cotton, and was designed in London.  Getting a holiday look, without giving up parts of your dignity, has never been easier.

Retail: £49.90

Neom Organics Christmas Perfect Peace

Neom organic travel candle for christmas

Scents can make you travel without leaving home, this is why I am a candle obsessed. Even more, when they are hand poured using 100% natural vegetable wax. This Christmas I have found my ideal scented candle from Neom Organic. The Perfect Peace Candle combines pine, myrrh and lime peel with 22 other essential oils. At first, you can really feel the citrus touch, but after a short time the woody and wintery scents come out creating a lovely atmosphere. It also looks good at the living room, the packaging and branding of Neom Organics is very well curated. After this positive experience, I am looking forward to try their travel candles. This is a good gift for those travellers who really care about their well being and they are all into creating spaces wherever they are.

Retail: £30.00

Have a look at all the Pure Wander gift guides coming out this week! We have ideas to fit every style and inspiration. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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