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A Quick Guide to Protecting Home Base While Traveling

By August 4, 2016October 8th, 2017No Comments

It’s vacation time! In the midst of packing, planning and buying extra sunscreen, I sometimes overlook the safety and protection measures that will keep my home front secure while I’m gone. While it’s important to make sure you have the perfect bathing suit stashed in your suitcase, it can be just as essential to take some steps to ensure everything at home is safe and sound while you’re gone.

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Be smart about discretion

It’s so tempting to splash all over social media how awesome your vacation is going. Sometimes it’s half the fun snapping and sharing photos with loved ones back home! But do realize this also lets everyone know what your home is empty. Sometimes it’s best to share when you’ve come back from your break, or simply be vague about the dates you’ll be leaving.


Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst

The chances of your home or property being damaged while you’re on vacation is unlikely. However, it’s always key to have backup plans in case something does occur. For instance, just last week we rented a car from an Italian company and got extra insurance on a whim. Thank goodness, because they charged us an extra 800 euros for a small scratch! We’re fighting it, but luckily it won’t be too big a headache because we did get rental insurance, although we’ve had no issues with renting cars for more than 10 years. You can also get home coverage with companies like Chill Insurance to make sure all your valuables and equity is covered. If anything is stolen or damaged, you can have peace of mind that it will be taken care of quickly.

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In addition to these choices, it’s simple to have a home alarm system installed on your property. You can do this yourself with some surveillance cameras that can live stream to your phone or laptop. Or, a system that alarms when the door is opened can alert authorities of an invasion.


Weigh your options

Most travelers will leave their home unoccupied and not think much about it while there on vacation.  Besides insurance, there are other ways to protect yourself and your belongings. Have a neighbor know you’ll be away and let you know if they see any strange vehicles in your driveway. Or, consider letting a house-sitter look after your place – as an added bonus, they can take care of plants and pets too.

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Let’s recap! Here’s some active things you can do to keep your home and belongings secure while you’re on vacation:

  • Let a few trusted friends or family keep an eye out on your house
  • Consider a housesitter to look after your place
  • Don’t announce online or on social media you’ll be away from home
  • Purchase home insurance to cover any potential damage
  • Invest in a home alarm system

This guide was created in partnership with Chill Insurance. As always, all research and opinions are solely from Pure Wander’s stellar writers.

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