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Review: The Ladies of Managua, a Novel by Eleni N. Gage

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Ladies of Managua by Eleni N. Gage novel cover


Inspired by traveling females worldwide, I love to pick up books that I can relate to for my passion of wanderlust. But sometimes a story comes along so profound and outside the normal diatribes of travel-to-escape that it leaves an unforgettable impression.

The Ladies of Managua, the second novel by esteemed author Eleni N. Gage, weaves a beautiful tale of three generations of women who have led very different lives, both in Nicaragua and in the United States. With polarized experiences growing up in the American South, amidst Nicaraguan revolution and shuffled among relatives, each woman has her own challenges and strengths.

This is expressed through a captivating inner dialogue, woven through each chapter seamlessly. Although stories from socialite Maria the daughter, revolutionary Ninexin the mother and Isabela the widowed grandmother are contrasting, the reader comes to realize how each perspective really is a reflection of interconnectedness and love.

What I love most about this multi-generational tale is how it reflects worldviews from three very different females. Young Maria loves her life in the states and find her ex-pat life to be normal after immigrating from Nicaragua as a child.

Growing up myself, leaving your home was a rarity, except for the occasional vacation. If I had consumed this novel then, it might have made me yearn to explore more of the world even earlier. The lives these women led are fascinating. Although unlike my own, they were still easily understood and it was simple to relate to their struggles.

The Ladies of Managua can inspire a wonder about worlds between North and Central America. Gift this to a young lady curious about her growing wanderlust and desire to connect with her family or friends on a global scale. Or get lost yourself in a cultural rollercoaster of love and loss that transcends time and our own traditions.

You can pick up a copy of The Ladies of Managua through Amazon. Check out Eleni’s incredible story about taking her toddler to Greece on Pure Wander! We received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for the review. Opinions are our own.

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