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Skyscanner: USA Flights and More for American Travelers

By November 15, 2018April 12th, 20196 Comments

If you’ve ever booked a flight before, you know full well that the process is not always easy. Between constantly changing prices, frustrating layover schedules, and the sheer amount of time it takes to find the right flight, it can begin to take the fun out of planning a trip. We all want to find the best flights possible, regardless if we’re on a budget or splashing out. Luckily, Skyscanner helps us out with that. Check out our Skyscanner review to learn how to navigate the best flight finder.

Skyscanner USA flights and more are easy to browse through on the site or app.

The frustrating process of booking flights is made far easier with Skyscanner.

What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner, a.k.a a traveler’s best friend, is a site (and app) that helps you find the lowest priced flights, hotels, and car rentals on the internet. The company began in 2001 out of the same feeling of frustration that we all have when scouring the internet for flights. With Skyscanner, you don’t book directly through the site. However, it makes it easy to compare and contrast your options. Then, you are directed to book elsewhere. The best part? It’s completely free to use.

How-To: Skyscanner USA and Beyond

The Website:

The Skyscanner website makes the flight booking process simple. Enter your departure location and destination, dates of the trip, and number of travelers. Then, Skyscanner will filter out the best options for you, including the cheapest and fastest choices. Can’t decide where to go? The website lists possible destinations and even gives suggestions based on your profile. There are Skyscanner USA flights, as well as flights to exciting places like Germany, Nicaragua, Thailand, and beyond.

The App:

Using the Skyscanner app is more or less the same experience as using the website, but made much more accessible on your phone. Some convenient features on the app include a helpful chart with the cheapest days and months for flights, an option for notifications with price alerts, and even access to your recent searches on other devices.

Use the Explore Everywhere feature for Skyscanner USA or other flights.

The Skyscanner “Explore Everywhere” feature shows a variety of exciting destinations.

Skyscanner Extras

The extra features of Skyscanner are all incredibly useful, and one of our favorites is the everywhere search feature. This feature sorts out the cheapest prices to every destination in the world. After all, with all the possibilities out there, it can be hard to decide where your next vacation should be.

Part of why our Skyscanner review is raving is also because of the flight price tracker, which allows you to set alerts when prices drop for flights you’re interested in. This saves you valuable time from scrolling through and constantly refreshing flight information.

The daily deals section updates top flight deals, you guessed it, each day. We recommend reading through Skyscanner’s blog for tips on how to best navigate the site. We also love Trip by Skyscannera hotel review site that easily helps you find the right place to stay on your next vacation. Check out Eileen’s profile for some awesome reviews, and peruse her travel guides to inspire your next trip. 

Traveling is stressful enough when it comes to things like keeping track of your money and navigating a new place. Don’t make booking a flight part of that stress. Whether you’re using Skyscanner for the USA or elsewhere, you will no doubt be able to find the perfect flight, and make the planning of your next trip just that much easier. 

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There are certainly many Skyscanner USA flights for American travelers, but there are also plenty of flights to Europe and beyond.

If travel inspiration hasn’t already hit, browsing the amazing deals on Skyscanner is sure to spark an exciting trip idea.

Have you used Skyscanner before? Where is your next destination? What is the best travel deal you’ve ever found? 

skyscanner USA

skyscanner USA

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