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The Art of Travel

Families Find Sparkling Seahorses

By December 29, 2013January 26th, 2015One Comment





This travel activity for kids will occupy children on a journey with an engaging seahorse picture to color in and encrust with sparkling jewels. You can learn more about Caribbean Seahorses by visiting by National Geographic together. Encourage your child to imagine all sorts of vibrant patterns and colors on this beautiful sea creature.



This travel art can be done in:jewels_1

  • Cars
  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Hotel rooms


What you will need:

  • Print-out seahorse template
  • Felt tips, pencils or crayons
  • Colored self-sticking jewels/beads/sequins—optional
  • Safety scissors, stiff card, glue stick—optional



  1. Print off as many seahorse templates as you need and put all drawing materials and jewels in a plastic lidded box ready for transporting.
  2. Give your children a tray to work on and ask them what they imagine sparkling seahorses look like, discuss interesting facts, like, ‘did you know that they swim upright?’ Make up a name for the seahorses you will create together.
  3. Invite them to color in their seahorse and add the jewels or beads.
  4. Back at home, glue the seahorse onto stiff card, cut it out and hang it on a window where it will spin, shimmer and catch the light.

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  • Diana ress says:

    Thank you.
    I am applying your pattern of seahorse, to my driftwood sculpture I have started this winter in Santa Cruz ca.
    I will send picks soon
    P.s. very interesting stuff you blog about but I’m not fortunate to have money to even think of travel. I work with what I got and adventure where ever I may be
    Thanks Diana

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