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The 2014 Traveling Kid Gift Guide

By December 18, 2014November 23rd, 2018No Comments

Kids may be the most difficult group to buy for. They want all the things, but tend to only play with a few things after the excitement of Christmas wanes. What do you get for the kid who already has everything? The Pure Wander 2014 Holiday Gift Guide to the rescue!

For the curious kid
Little PassportsDoes your child enjoy learning? Is she excited about traveling the globe? Little Passports is a subscription box that was created specifically for this kind of child. Each month your child will get a package with passport stickers, a note and souvenirs from a different country (or state, your choice). They will delight in following Sam and Sophia’s adventures around the world all while discovering new places from the comfort of your couch. And really, who doesn’t love to get mail these days?

For the explorer
Sometimes the simplest gifts are the ones that make the greatest impact. What could be better than a flash light that you attach to your head? Nothing really. My son uses his to play superheroes, search for villains in the closets and recently he decided that his headlamp is perfect for making light shows in the kitchen before dinner. When the warmer weather comes around, he is looking forward to taking the headlamp camping.

Northbound Train Headlamp

For the animal lover
You can give back when you adopt a species from the World Wildlife Fund for your little one; but just know that this isn’t your typical “adoption”. The WWF has made supporting their cause just a little bit more fun for kids with this year’s adoption kit which includes a photo, adoption certificate, gift bag and animal plush. Choose from over 120 different animals including some interesting ones such as Okapi, African Wild Dog and Prairie Chicken in addition to your typical lions, tigers and bears.


For the budding artist
If your little person is a Picasso in training, get her the supplies she needs to take her work on the road. The Art Box from the Metropolitan Museum of Art is ideal for little travelers. It comes with 113 high-quality supplies which all fit nicely into the suitcase for easy transport, and a little easel pops up in the middle so they have the space to create on planes, trains and in automobiles. Pair this box with an art-themed game or puzzle from the Met to make the perfect gift.

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Shauna Armitage is a parenting blogger, a freelance travel writer and the co-founder of Pure Wander Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @CarpeCalamus

Shauna Armitage

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Shauna Armitage is a military spouse, mother of four, lover of Coca-Cola, and host of the Startup Renegades podcast, a raw conversation with powerhouse founders building amazing businesses. While Shauna is a marketer by trade, she is a traveler by choice and loves to explore the world with her family in tow. Connect with her on Instagram @shaunajarmitage

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