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The 2014 Traveling Teen Gift Guide

By December 19, 2014October 5th, 2017No Comments

They might deny it, but teens love getting holiday presents just like anyone else does. If you have a kid who digs traveling or could use a little more swag for your next family getaways, we have some fantastic ideas for you. From electronics to custom-made luggage, your teen will roam in style and have some great stuff in their holiday haul to tell their friends about this year with our holiday gift guide. Happy gifting!

Teen gift BirchBox

For the Globally Stylish Teen

A traveling teen may worry they’ll have to leave all their favorite beauty products at home. However, we love the idea of trying new hair, skin and makeup items while on the road and Birchbox makes it easy. For $10 a month, your teen can get a package delivered to your home, filled with top of the line samples that fit easily into carry-ons. It changes every month, from conditioner and eye shadow to perfume and cleanser. There is also a men’s version for $20 per month with often bigger products that could be fun for older teens away to college.



Go Pro Camera

For the Future Filmmaker Teen

The nifty little Go-Pro camera can get expensive really fast. However this year they have released a more affordable option called the Hero that would be an ideal model to gift a teen. Get them pumped about shooting video and stills when traveling with the family, as it can go almost anywhere, even underwater. Paired with some simple editing software, they could be well on their way to making some great family trip videos to show everyone at home about all your adventures!


For the Savvy Saving Teen

As a more unusual gift, parents can open a account for their teen. For flights, shopping and getaway bookings, users earn points towards free flights. They can earn badges and extra points for visiting certain cities and social media sharing as a fun travel-themed game to play online. You can also buy points for them to use to add to their account. Pool your entire family’s points together too and let your teen know they get choose the next weekend getaway with the airline rewards.

Jet Blue Airways


For the Teen Who Digs Tunes on the Road

Noise reduction headphones on a loud flight can be a game changer. Not to mention, they come in super fun designs and colors teens will love. They can sport these Atlas headphones hooked up to their iPhone, laptop or tablet on flights, in the car or anywhere in between. As much as we want teens to engage us while traveling, it’s great for everyone to take a little noise cancelling break!


For the International Culinary Kid

One way to travel without ever leaving the house is to try some new cuisine. Teens who have a blast cooking and baking in the kitchen will adore this fool-proof way to make these trendy French cookies. The sleek European design of the LeKue Macaron Kit walks you through every step of the way. Combine this gift with some almond flour and flavoring oils so your teenager can get to baking right away. They will dazzle their friends with fresh cookies in school and delight the rest of the family with their new skills.


For the Teen with Travel Swag

Vibrant, bright colors are all the rage in fashion among young people. Why not let them express their style through their luggage? The company MyFly Bag lets you design your own personalized hard shell suitcase to bring anywhere you roam. Snag teens a gift card so they can get online to choose which hues they like best. The rugged features help the suitcase last for years to come.


For more information visit:

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