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Line up side-by-side 60 feet in the air to compete with your child on the timed Challenger Slide, or watch him glide down The Leap of Faith, an almost-vertical slide that will send your child speeding through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. These are only a few of the 18 adventurous water slides you will find in Atlantis’ famous water park, the ideal place for aquatic fun in the Caribbean.

Traveling to Atlantis Paradise Island, located in Nassau, Bahamas, can take a big chunk out of your wallet, but it’s definitely worth each penny. Unlike other Caribbean resorts with stunning white sand beaches, it offers not only an action-packed water park, but also other adventures to captivate you and your curious little one.

_MG_6346Underwater adventures
The Dolphin Cay, Shark Adventure and Stingray Experience are all very sought-after attractions. Your kid can put on a fancy wetsuit to swim with the dolphins—the trainers will even teach him to do a few tricks with the talented marine animals. The smoothness of the dolphins’ bodies and their vast size may seem intimidating at first, but they will put a big smile of your child’s face with their elegant jumps and tricks. Give your child the experience of a lifetime as he puts on a state-of-the-art clear glass helmet to gets lost in a live shark tank with the help of a trained diver. Stand amidst a number of sharks in this Mayan Temple and let them swim past you. These educated divers encourage your child to ask questions as his curiosity peaks.

If you are getting a little too much sun, spend an afternoon indoors admiring the breathtaking collection of exotic marine habitats in the 11-million-gallon fish tank at the core of the resort. Watch your kid’s jaw drop as he discovers the little gems and treasures that fill the tank.

Taste of the Bahamas
When it comes to food, conchs are a must try. These large-sized sea snails are one of the Bahamas’s most popular dishes—a must-try while you’re in Nassau. Usually served in fritters and salads, mouth-watering conch can be found anywhere from a street stall to a fancy restaurant.

Step outside the world of Atlantis with a 30-minute walk over the bridge to the local food stalls and take a look at the boats full of fresh conch. Walk a little further and you’ll find yourself at The Poop Deck. The name of this restaurant itself is enough to lure you in. Located on the second floor, the staff will welcome you with wide smiles as soon as you stroll up the stairs. There is a cozy bar area to grab a snack if you and your family are not there for a full meal; if you are looking to stay a while, the outdoor section of the restaurant is spectacular. Along with the scrumptious food on the menu and the picturesque panoramic view of the ocean and Atlantis in the background, it’s the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat.


Keeping busy
There are seven types of accommodations to choose from at Atlantis. The most cost-effective options are the Beach Tower or Coral Towers. With a vast amount of things to do at the resort, you may not be spending much time in the room anyway. Whichever tower you choose, it will include free entrance to the 141-acre Aquaventure Water Park, all eleven swimming pools, marine exhibits and sandy beaches. There is also a free shuttle to all of the towers due to the size of Atlantis.

Vacationing at Atlantis is unlike anything else in the world. With a water park, a one-of-a-kind marine aquarium and delicious conch just steps away from your room, it’s a destination your child will remember for the rest of his life.

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