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Travel Buddies: The 6 Best Vitamins and Supplements to Take on Your Trip

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While it’s best to get your daily vitamins and minerals from the food you eat, sometimes travelling can throw a spanner in our dietary plans – which can be an exciting, adventurous thing! We love to try new foods while in fresh destinations, from Pad Thai in Bangkok to the perfect pancakes in Chicago. But extra indulgences can lead to feeling fatigued, bloated or just not our best. Not to mention, other factors such as jetlag, lack of sleep and potential illness can also leave travellers sluggish.

There are a few simple solutions to handle these variables and stay healthy on the go. One is carrying your favorite multivitamins and supplements along with you on your trip. They don’t take up much space, can be taken daily alongside food, and will provide lots of positive benefits to your body and mind. If bringing your usual supplements with you is a challenge, consider a vitamin IV hydration treatment in New York. Nutrients are delivered directly to the bloodstream, ensuring a high absorption rate. These immune-boosting treatments also hydrate you, fueling your body to take on your travel plans. Enjoy your regular routine of supplements, but consider a couple of extra ones that are best for a road warrior.


I recently started traveling with melatonin supplements and it’s been a game-changer. I’m not crazy about taking harsh or strong sleep aids, as I’m sensitive to medicines. I also tend to feel groggy or disoriented after a traditional sleeping pill. But as long as I have a nice chunk of time siphoned off for sleep, melatonin works wonderfully for me.

Melatonin is a natural hormone and can also be produced synthetically. Melatonin is produced naturally when darkness is perceived, like at night time. If you add additional melatonin to your system via a pill, it can help regulate your sleep cycle when it is out of whack from jet lag or other factors.


Even on a basic level, magnesium can be great for combating things you may encounter on the road when it comes to new foods. Some say this supplement is a great source of antacid alongside over-the-counter drugs. If you want to keep everything in working order when it comes to digestion, this might be the ideal supplement to consider.

While studies have been inconclusive, some claim regular doses of magnesium can help with anxiety and mental health. This can be due to a deficiency or other factors of production in the body. Those with pre-existing liver function conditions can also benefit from magnesium on a regular basis.


An interesting supplement, tyrosine helps with all sorts of brain functionalities. If you’re on a business trip that demands high levels of concentration and memory, this can maintain your ability to perform at your optimal levels.

It’s a safe and easy way to ensure that you are regulated when it comes to cognitive functions in the mind, and energy levels too. Try this supplement before you take off on your next trip to see if you can feel the benefits and wish to continue taking it.


This is an ancient herb often found in the practice of Ayurvedic diets and lifestyles, deriving from India. Most people take this as a supplement to help reduce stress, feel energized and improve concentration. All of these benefits can be super useful for a traveler, particularly on long journeys.

Some studies claim additional benefits including reducing blood sugar, helping inflammation reduction or even combating some types of cancers. Those who manage mental health issues of anxiety or depression, even while travelling, may find Ashwagandha beneficial alongside regular methods of medicine and management.

Vitamin B12

While everyone could use a boost, this vitamin is especially helpful for travelling vegetarians or vegans. It can aid in keeping your energy levels normal if they tend to be low from a deficiency in your body and/or your diet. Your body will only absorb what it needs, so check with a doctor if this may be a viable vitamin to add to your regimen.

Caffeine alongside L-theanine

To stay alert while travelling, I often drink extra espresso and even the occasional energy drink. It helps keep me productive when working on my laptop in an airport or helping a taxi driver navigate to my hotel. But I’m often affected negatively by caffeine too, as it gives me jitters and irritability fairly quickly. This is a supplement that can balance out your caffeine intake and help alleviate negative symptoms.

L-theanine is a natural amino acid that can be taken in a pill form. But, if you’re worried about coffee jitters, you can ingest it in the form of tea – where it is naturally occurring. Sometimes I make the switch from coffee to tea while I’m travelling to feel more focus with less restlessness.

What types of supplements do you take? Do you try anything differently if you’re traveling?

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