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Travel With Kids to the Movies: California’s Cinépolis

By February 6, 2015October 17th, 20172 Comments

Travel with kids to the movies at Cinepolis

It’s always fun to take the kids to a movie, but the uncomfortable-when-you-sit-too-long seats and overpriced, mediocre hot dogs leave much to be desired. If you’ve got some extra cash to spare and feel like spending the day in luxury while you travel with kids, consider seeing a flick at Cinépolis in Orange County, California.

Home away from home while you travel with kids

A few months back, I was invited to the Rancho Santa Margarita location for a marathon viewing of the Hunger Games trilogy and I was blown away at the quality of the theater. Each of the six auditoriums is filled with reclining leather seats, making you feel right at home. In the more than six hours we spent watching the films, we never felt the cramped feeling often experienced at regular theaters. Kids will feel like superstars in these upscale recliners—we’re pretty sure they’ll be bragging to their friends for days to come—and the picture quality in the all-digital theater is just as upscale as the seating.

Grabbing a bite at the movies

In addition to the standard popcorn, candy and nachos, the Cinépolis menu features endless choices to fill your bellies. If you’re ready for a meal, grab some gourmet BBQ sliders, the Southwest chicken panini or the short rib tacos, all crafted with delicious marinates or spices. For something a little healthier, try the Baby Greens and Apple Salad. There are also special vegan or vegetarian choices available.

Travel with kids to the movies at Cinepolis

If you’re looking for a smaller plate, there are plenty to choose from—with many options that will appeal to children. The menu features quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, vegetable pot stickers, chicken tenders, sweet potato fries and an artisan cheese plate full of fresh fruit and walnuts. Or opt for dessert and grab a milkshake or a chocolate lava cake. Adults can also enjoy handcrafted cocktails based on some of the movies showing at the theater.

Kids will want to order food just so they can push the glowing blue button next to the seats. Instead of ordering at a concession stand, sit back and relax as a waiter takes your order and brings the food to your seat. A small tray slides over to provide you with a place to eat. Though the food can get a bit pricey, splurge a little and you will enjoy the experience a whole lot more. I mean, how often do you get to eat a gourmet meal in a movie theater?

Come one, come all

Although the theater is upscale, it welcomes families with open arms. Despite only having six screens, they show children’s movies as well. Recently, they have show movies like Strange Magic, the Spongebob Movie and Into the Woods.

Overall it was a fantastic way to view a film, providing a unique and exciting movie-viewing experience that families can enjoy together. Movies make for a fun option while you travel. With kids, you need something to capture their attention and leave an impression. Aside from Rancho Santa Margarita, you can stop by one of the four other California locations, or visit the two newest locations that recently opened in Florida.

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  • I was sorry when a local theater was closed and Cineapolis opened up but its been a huge hit in the Del Mar Highlands with everyone except the cash strapped high school kids who flocked to the movies before. Many great perks though for the rest of us.

  • Kids will want to order food just so they can push the glowing blue button next to the seats. Instead of ordering at a concession stand, sit back and relax as a waiter takes your order and brings the food to your seat. Thank you for the sharing informative post!

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