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The 2014 Traveling Baby Gift Guide

By December 12, 2014November 23rd, 2018One Comment

Traveling adults sometimes become traveling parents interested in laying the world at their child’s feet. There are plenty of fun and practical gifts to get the traveling baby this season that will peak their curiosity and give them the travel bug before they can even walk! We’ve included some great options for baby in our 2014 gift guide.

Balboa Sling

For the ride-along baby
We always want parents to remember that you can take your little one anywhere—and you should! Whether you are enjoying a day in the city or a walking tour of a vineyard, baby can come too! The Balboa Adjustable Ring Sling makes that happen. Sleeping babies will relish snuggling close in the cradle carry, and older more alert little ones can sit up and watch the world go by when mom or dad have them sitting on a hip. The fabric is light and stretchy making it comfortable for both parent and baby. The Balboa sling is the perfect way to keep your little one close to you while you explore together.

For the crawling baby
What better way to get baby interested in traveling than with a map? As your little mover and shaker starts to crawl, a map on the floor—like this one of the USA from Learning Carpets—will get her excited with bright colors and big shapes. As baby grows, you can start to point out states and talk about where your travels might take you.

For the adventurous baby
Whether you plan on traveling with your kids to Africa or just to the local zoo, babyhood is the best time to introduce your child to new animals. We love this unique take on the classic rocking horse by Happy Trails. They make plush animal rockers for little people—giraffes, elephants, pandas, cows, and even dragons. There are so many great animals to choose from and the rockers hold kids up to 80 pounds so you know that they can delight in it for years to come. The only problem is deciding which animal your baby will love the best! You can find these online through Walmart, Target and Amazon; just a few of the retailers who carry them.

gift guideFor the binky baby
Lots of little ones are attached to their pacifiers, which can be extremely helpful when you are flying and baby needs to suckle to get her ears to pop. Can you imagine a plane ride without one? Get your baby some pacifier clips for the holidays and you will always know where to find that spit out paci! Crisis averted.

For the jet setter baby
Planning on bringing your little person on your family getaway in Aruba or on your annual Valentine’s Day trip to Paris with the hubby? Something every traveling baby needs (more than any toy!) is a valid passport, so don’t forget to get one before your first big trip.

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Shauna Armitage

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