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The 2013 Traveling Kid Holiday Gift Guide

By December 11, 2013December 1st, 2022One Comment

As adults, we love our travel gear, and those of us who live to wander always delight in a great holiday gift that will aid us on the road or in the air, but the little wanderers shouldn’t be left out. Whether you venture abroad or explore the confines of your own backyard as a family, here are some great travel gifts that kids will love to receive this holiday season.

For the reader
Both educational and entertaining, a subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine offers the reader in your family a chance to travel the world when they aren’t on the road. From stories of other children around the world to wildlife explorations, this 10-month subscription is full of resources—accompanied by colorful, intriguing photography—that will expand your kids’ minds. In addition to learning about other cultures and ecosystems, kids will discover what it means to be a responsible world citizen. They may even discover some destinations to add to your family’s future travel list.

For the independent type
After years of packing in Mommy or Daddy’s suitcase, your globetrotter will love taking on the new responsibility of helping to pack and carry their own suitcase with their very own luggage. Sure, they may have toted a backpack filled with games and toys through the airport on past trips, but a child-sized rolling suitcase offers more room and more possibilities. Lots of companies offer fun designs and colors, and adding their name or monogram to the bag is the perfect way to personalize the gift.

For the budding photographer
Capture your family travels from the perspective of your child by giving them a kid-friendly camera. They will love the opportunity to snap photos of their favorite places and experiences as you travel together. Once you return home, you’ll both enjoy sifting through the photos to relive the memories together and choose favorites for frames and the fridge. Many companies offer cameras that are designed with kids in mind—featuring large buttons for tiny fingers, big viewing screens, durable plastic outer shells that come in a variety of bright colors and special effects like sounds and digital stickers.

For the petite Picasso
Artistic kids will love documenting your family travels in scrapbooks. Travel-themed stickers, paper and a scrapbook are the perfect gift that will allow your child to combine his or her loves of travel and creativity. Spend time as a family sorting through your favorite photos from your trip (Or if they have a kid-friendly camera, they can use their own) then let your child’s imagination run wild as they add embellishments to document their journeys. Not only does this gift provide an interesting creative outlet, but it is also memory your child will look back on for years to come.

Courtesy of Flickr/pspechtenhauserFor the hands-on kid
Kids who crave tactile activities will adore this lego-like activity set from Nanoblock. A “Sites to See” collection features 3-D replicas of iconic landmarks that your child can assemble, disassemble and reassemble time after time. Choose from the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty and more. Whether the landmark is one you’ve seen as a family or a place you plan to explore in the future, the series is the perfect way for kids to revisit favorite places and learn about new ones.

For the collector
Kids who typically return home with a pocket full of treasure from a family vacation or even an afternoon of backyard exploration will adore gifts that help them to curate their collections. From passport books to keep shiny pressed pennies with iconic images from each destination secure and albums to file postcards from around the world to a treasure box that can hold beloved items of all shapes and sizes, a gift to compliment their travel collection will be something your children treasure for years to come.

Courtesy of Flickr/Marcia.furmanIf your children haven’t nailed down a favorite collectors item, your gift could help them to start a new collection. No item is too bizarre or too simple; it’s the memories of favorite places or experiences that make each collection truly special. (I collected music boxes as a child—each with a special story behind it.) Consider your child’s personality and what type of collection they would enjoy. You’ll come to love the tradition of hunting down new additions for the collection in each place your family visits.

For the social butterfly
Whether they love staying in touch with friends or calling Grandma and Grandpa from the road, your social butterflies will get plenty of use out of a customized postcard set. Choose photos from you child’s favorite destinations to print postcards using a service such as Vistaprint. Add a few unique stamp booklets and a set of colorful pens to round out the gift. Your child can share stories and memories from on the road with friends and family. This gift is also the perfect way to encourage kids to practice their writing on the road.

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