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Having been born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, I’m ashamed to admit I rarely think to skip out of work a few hours for a weekend getaway in Vermont. Growing up, we spent plenty of time with family feasting on lobster in Maine, hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and boogie boarding along the Nantucket shoreline. Sadly until recently, Vermont had not made the list. 

This past August, my boyfriend and I quickly learned we have been missing out on the beauty of covered bridges, fall foliage, and maple syrup creemes that northern Vermont has to offer. If you live in New England are looking to escape city life this fall, don’t count out the Green Mountain region. 

Setup your remote office on the base of Mt. Philo

As many of my readers know, my day job as a woman in tech allows me to work from anywhere. One of the best parts of working on a globally distributed team is I’m able to work anywhere with a strong wifi connection. In fact, stepping away from the office now helps me to recharge and find my creativity. 

spacious accommodations at Mt. Philo Inn

Mt Philo Inn, located in Charlotte, Vermont is the perfect place to have a productive morning during your weekend getaway in Vermont. Whether you prefer to take your conference call from an Adirondack chair, kitchen table of a three-season porch, or stunning antique desk, the inn has plenty of options for remote work. 

The west wing includes three bedrooms, which means plenty of family and friends can join you for a multi-generation vacation. Not to mention the aroma of organic locally sourced dark roast coffee in the morning. More about that amenity later! After a few hours of working with a stunning view of Lake Champlain, we decided to head out and explore the great outdoors. 

Explore mountain ranges and covered bridges

No weekend getaway in Vermont is complete without stumbling upon the iconic covered bridges that the region is known for. After crushing through a few work-related tasks Friday morning, we decided to log off and take a photographic adventure of Charlotte and beyond. 

We found the peaceful sound of a bubbling brook at Seguin covered bridge to be the perfect spot to snap a few memories of our trip away from the big city. Holmes Creek is another bridge that you shouldn’t miss. Known as the shortest covered bridge in New England, this bridge is located on the shores of Lake Champlain. Don’t miss the stunning views of the Adirondacks in the distance. if you want to soak in the stunning views of Lake Champlain with a backdrop of the Adirondacks. 

Pro tip: Google maps is your friend when exploring local bridges!

In addition to covered bridges, staying at Mt. Philo Inn has another unique advantage. Direct access to Mt. Philo State Park. A light hike in the fresh air will lead to stunning views at the peak. All that outdoor activity will be sure to stir up an appetite!

Eat breakfast in bed during your weekend getaway in Vermont

Ok I’ll admit it, my boyfriend and I are breakfast people. In my humble opinion, it is by far the best meal of the day. I have a feeling the owners of Mt. Philo Inn, Dave and Jane, tend to agree with me. Each guest that stays at the inn receives a complimentary breakfast basket. You will find all the essential ingredients to re-create a delicious Sunday brunch without leaving your suite. 

breakfast mt philo inn weekend getaway in vermont jeanne harran

Enjoy breakfast from the three-season porch at Mt. Philo Inn!

The bacon, bag of coffee beans, butter, milk, and pancake mix, and most importantly maple syrup was all locally sourced in Vermont. Meaning that this breakfast was seriously fresh and absolutely delicious! Once we devoured our syrup-filled pancakes, it was time to head out and grab a taste of American art and culture during our weekend getaway in Vermont. 

Discover the art and culture of New England at the Shelburne Museum 

One of our favorite memories from our late summer trip was spending a few hours at the Shelburne Museum. Just a short twenty-minute drive north of Charlotte, Shelburne is an eclectic mix of American art, history, and culture. The campus spans over forty-five acres and thirty-nine structures. The outdoor space includes one of the covered bridges that the Green Mountain Valley is so famous for. 

stunning gardens at Shelburne Museum weekend getaway in vermont

Exploring the gardens and greens at Shelburne Museum can easily soak up a whole day!

From impressionist artwork, retired steamboats, and explorations of circus culture, there is something for everyone. Fall is a fantastic time to visit. The crisp air and blue skies make for fantastic photo opportunities! 

quilt exhibit Shelburne Museum weekend getaway in Vermont

The Quilting exhibit at the Shelburne should not be missed!

Our short seventy-two-hour road trip to Charlotte left us eager to hop back in the car the following weekend. Whether you enjoy hiking, soaking in fall foliage, or just eating delicious food, there is something for everyone. Be sure to plan a weekend getaway in Vermont this fall! 


How would you choose to spend a weekend getaway in Vermont?

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