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Well Worth the Splurge: Adler Thermae in Tuscany, Italy

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Light pours into the small studio, framed by a fresh smelling and gentle breeze. Although I’m not a morning person, I wanted to take part in morning yoga class – it’s offered to all guests at the Adler Thermae Resort and Spa every day. I knew we were in for adventure with rich culinary delights the rest of the week, so I hoped to center myself early on to indulge in the rest of the day’s surprises.

yoga studio morning

The Adler Thermae Resort and Spa is located in San Quirico d’Orcia among the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy. The sister properties are in the Dolomites, while all the hotels are held to the highest standard of luxury. It’s about a two-hour drive from Rome to Adler Thermae, and they are happy to arrange a transport in a sleek private car to arrive in style.

Rooms to Write Home About

hotel room bed adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

Embracing a lifestyle of occupying a tiny flat has been interesting. Although I love our home base in London, The large spaces of luxury hotel rooms feel even more magical. Doors open into a massive bedroom area that has flung open French doors. Meticulously manicured green lawns surround the blue pools holding soaking guests, which can all be seem on the giant private terrace. I appreciate the luxurious, almost full-sized toiletries to use while lounging in our fluffy robes that seem to almost be a uniform among guests everywhere around the hotel.

people in robes adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

Best Active Pursuits in Tuscany

biking adler thermae eileen cotter wright sunset

It can be difficult to cater to both the lounge-by-the-pool crowd and the action-adventure-seekers while on a vacation. Adler has managed to make everyone completely satisfied. The saunas and pools are accessible all day, but there are also excursions off the resort available to guests. You can visit the resort’s own winery and vineyard to sample new varietals and see how wine is produced. Or, take an easy hike through farmland to reach the Sasso di Sole winery and be rewarded with a home-cooked Italian meal. Paired with wine of course.

sasso di sole barrels adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

Other options for ‘field trips’ are cheese making workshops, village visits and local events. Adler has a couple of electric BMW vehicles as well that can be rented for a reasonable fee. We loved taking the car off-property one afternoon to see neighboring castles and local historic hospots.

electric cars bmw at adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

Also available complimentary are several bicycles. If you are worried about the hills, reserve one of the partially-electric bikes instead. They have both street bikes and off-roading bikes to go to nearby Montepulciano and more. Stay stationary while exercising too at the expansive gym on-site and treadmills actually located outside surrounded by nature.

village visit outside of adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

Sip and Savour

I knew there would be wine in and around Adler Thermae, but I had no idea they boasted their own vineyard and winery! It’s brand new, at least in the wine world, so many vines are still working on being mature enough for harvest.

afternoon coffee adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

Back at the hotel, the meal options are extensive and wonderfully classic. Dinners come in four-to-five courses, featuring wonderful Tuscan ingredients like colorful vegetables and hearty pastas. Large spreads accompany breakfast as well, with fresh baked breads straight from the oven you can personally see. In the afternoons, all-inclusive guests can have afternoon tea in the lounge as well for event more pastries and charcuterie.

Extra Special Common Spaces

The rooms, pools, cuisine and fitness/wellness centres are wonderful aspects of Adler Thermae, but what makes this property unique is the relaxing space between. In the past I may have ordered a cocktail at the lounge or walked the grounds of a beautiful resort, but Adler works to encourage more use of their ample areas of leisure. We embraced the culture of wearing plush, long white robes everywhere we went, including the multiple relax rooms. These spaces offered everything from individual water beds, swinging lounge daybeds and plush rocking chairs. It brings you back to the simple love of people in commune with other people, away from technology and simply being present in the moment.

relax room adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

Besides the relax rooms, there are sauna rooms to suit every taste. From a steam bath in a man-made cave to a cosy herbal caldarium, there’s more than enough space for everyone to find their perfect sanctuary. We really had a wonderful session in the salt bath pool underground, booked through private appointment to help stimulate circulation with Dead Sea salts.

cave sauna adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

I’ve never had access to so many additional options outside the hotel room to lounge in, relax at and linger in my own time. It’s a wonderful perk of Adler Thermae that guests can utilize all of it’s sprawling property with abandon. We still felt like even after several days on the property we hadn’t come close to discovering all it’s secrets.

pool at night adler thermae tuscany italy by eileen cotter wright

The experience was so luxurious, my American parents have decided to book some time at Adler Thermae themselves. I hope we can join them to return to this Tuscan paradise next fall.

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