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3 Things To Prepare When Traveling From Boston To New Haven

Boston, Massachusetts and New Haven, Connecticut are some of the most gorgeous cities to explore in the United States. Boston is famous for sightseeing-worthy places, like the Old State House, the Old North Church, Fenway Park, the Bunker Hill Monument, and many more. If you’ve been in those places and want to head to another vibrant city nearby, it’s best to go to New Haven next.

Whether you’re a tourist or a Manhattanite who wishes to explore New Haven, it’s very convenient to go to your next destination by bus. After all, it’s only a good two-hour drive or so. New Haven is a city in Connecticut where you can find beautiful beaches and art galleries, as well as eat delicious cuisines. While New Yorkers are the most common visitors to the city, they welcome just about anyone from any place in the world. 

While you can drive between cities, a sleek bus might be the best eco-friendly option. Before you head on your journey, here are the things to prepare for your trip from Boston to New Haven:

Researching a bus ticket

Fortunately, many transportation options allow you to travel from Boston to New Haven. But, one thing you may opt for is to ride a bus as there are many cheap bus tickets from Boston to New Haven. You can get the best fare and schedule if you search and purchase your tickets early. If you’re planning to return to Boston again from New Haven, it’s ideal to book a round-trip ticket instead.

The buses you can ride to your destination come with Wi-Fi connection, comfortable seats, and even electrical outlets that allow you to charge your gadgets. Depending on your budget, there’s a wide range of bus rides to choose from. If you’re feeling a bit generous, you can always go for luxury buses, too. However, you can expect to pay around a minimal fee of USD$25 for a one-way ticket.

Remember to book earlier as prices can increase when your travel date becomes closer.  

Make an itinerary list 

The next thing to prepare for is your itinerary list for your time in New Haven. Elm City is another name for New Haven. The reason behind this name is because of its abundance of trees, arts, and cultural activities. You’ll, indeed, find it hard not to have a good time in this city.

Here are some activities to do while you’re in New Haven:

Have A Tour At Yale University 

In New Haven, there are many things to do and see in addition to Yale, although Yale does dominate many of them. Since Yale University has been widely recognized as one of the world’s best universities since its founding in 1701, why not explore the campus while you’re visiting?

The architecture tour is highly recommended, and they offer daily tours, so you won’t be disappointed. Another option is to explore their school grounds by yourself as you take in all the beautiful scenery. 

If you have more time, you can also proceed to the university’s art gallery as it can be one of your trip’s highlights. Here, you’ll find traditional artworks dating back thousands of years in history. It features a diverse collection, showing off works from Asia, Africa, and more, and shining a spotlight on modern and contemporary art that’s truly a sight to behold. Hence, it’s a must-visit to be included in your itinerary.   

Visit Museums 

Explore and discover more of New Haven’s history and culture by visiting some well-known and free-admission museums. Even a short 15 minutes is enough to check and view one museum so you won’t feel any regret when you leave the city. You can head over to the British Art Museum and Peabody Museum, as these two offer great sightings. A Dinosaur Museum, on one hand, will attract your kids’ attention if they’re traveling with you. Your family will enjoy the impressive exhibits for sure. 

List Of Foods To Try 

Lastly, you need to prepare a food list when traveling from Boston to New Haven. Especially if you’re a foodie, you shouldn’t miss out on this task. You’ll love New Haven if you’re a foodie. It has more restaurants than you expect. Hence, it can be challenging to choose where to eat. Doing your research and reading reviews online can help you resolve this dilemma. After all, this is one of the things you should do before your trip anyway. 

There’s quite a number of mouthwatering restaurants and famous food creations in Connecticut, where the city of New Haven is located. Connecticut cuisine is known for its extensive use of seafood and dairy products from their farms and seaports. The foods are also crafted with expert chefs’ skills and the freshest ingredients. This city is definitely worth taking a day trip if you’re looking for a change of scenery and some good food.

With the warm weather this season, now’s the best time to head over to New Haven from Boston. It’s a great place to visit if you love exploring museums and the outdoors, and eating some delicious cuisine. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, ride the next bus schedule and go to New Haven to experience some great moments to remember. 

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