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5 Father’s Day Gifts for the Best Adventure Men Ever

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I always have the hot list for Father’s Day. But this year is a little more special — it’s my husband’s first Dad’s Day! So not only do I need to come in big for my own dad, I have to think about my husband’s gift as well “from” our 7-month-old girl. Luckily, both these men in my life are big travelers and, well, big drinkers! There’s still plenty of time: Here’s some curated Father’s Day ideas to make it memorable and useful for those special father-figures you want to celebrate.

Post Meridiem Cocktail Cans

post meridiem ready cocktails margarita can

We sure did miss ordering cocktails made by the pros this last year. And while things are starting to look hopeful again when it comes to frequenting bars, we now have a 7-month-old at home, making it a bit tricky to party! I love a good cocktail and so does my husband, but as a former bartender he’s not keen on all the time is takes to make one at home. But Post Meridiem Spirits has come up with a tasty solution. The offer canned cocktails unlike the sugary ones you see in most liquor stores. Thiers are made from super premium ingredients and follow classic recipes. So far, our favorites are the 1944 Mai Tai (with lots of added cherries of course) and the traditional margarita (limes on the side!) You can find the cans in some southern states, or you can order online.

Cocktail cans are about $16 per 4-pack from Post Meridiem

Verve Culture’s Thai Chef’s Moon Knife

thai moon knife cutting oranges by veve culture

Food is a way to a man’s heart. Ugh gross, right? But honestly, often true! I love getting gadgets and high-end kitchen accessories for my husband’s birthday and our anniversary, so Father’s Day will be another great time to shine. Instead of spending money at some big box store though, we always try to focus on sustainability and support true artisans around the world. The Verve Culture is an excellent place to find amazing items from a women-owned business. They have really interesting gift ideas, most straight from artisans in Mexico, Morocco, and Thailand.

We picked up some Thai chef’s knives hat transported us right back to the trip we took through Chiang Mai and Phuket. The dads are looking forward to making some Tom Kha Gai soup with our new expertly crafted knife.

Chef’s Moon Knife, $70 at the Verve Culture

Scuba Diving Adventures

nautilus DIVE Adventures image of a whale breeching

We wish all presents could be booze and food, but really experiences is what tops many dads’ lists. My own dad is an obsessed scuba diver and has enjoyed excitement under the water from Mexico to the Maldives. I’d love to gift him a drive trip someday, such as the live-aboard experiences from Nautilus Dive Adventures. You can observe creatures in their natural habitats, from orca whales and marlin fish to ‘flying’ mantra rays and sea turtles. Then retire for the evening on the dive ship, complete with meals and lots of good company. I hope to get dive certified someday soon too!

L’Ecole Wines from Washington State

L'ecole wine bottle merlot with glasses

Father’s Day came a little early for my dad this year from L’Ecole Wines.

We had the pleasure of sampling a 2018 Merlot from the Walla Walla Valley region that did not disappoint. The L’Ecole winery was founded nearly four decades ago and has claimed accolades and prestige through the years for its sustainable, delicious varietals. They have a few different vineyards under the L’Ecole name that allow for a robust catalog, including a chenin blanc and a rose I have my eye on next.

My dad is big into red wines and often sticks to Italian, French or Californian. So it was a real treat to dip a toe outside the norm, at least for us east coast drinkers. Anyone can buy a bottle, but learning and sharing about this specific winery is what made this gift extra special.

Buy L’Ecole wines here!

Lulu Custom Cartoons

I’m sure like many of you, we tucked into some serious binge watching the past year on television. I don’t know if we left a stone unturned, especially during those long, long nights with a newborn during a long, long pandemic. One show that always put smiles on our faces is Bob’s Burgers — we love the family antics and sassy-yet-light script. If you want to make your favorite show come alive for Father’s Day, a commissioned portrait from Lulu Cartoons is perfect. We’re having a custom Bob’s Burgers drawing done with my husband, myself and our new baby. What a fun way to celebrate fatherhood. The finished product is coming soon! You can buy a digital copy as well as a hard printed copy for your home.

Custom cartoons start at $25 from Lulu Cartoons

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