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5 Golf Inspired Group Holidays

Every golfer has a bucket list of golf destinations they would love to explore. While some destinations, such as Pebble Beach or St. Andrews, are at the top of their list, there are a few golf meccas that you may not have been to yet but are surely worth a visit. Even though golfers enjoy every game regardless of where they are playing, travelling, and playing at some beautiful destinations offers a more exciting experience.

If you and your friends are golf enthusiasts and are thinking of travelling soon, here are some golf-inspired group holidays you may want to consider.

South Africa

Group travel trekking through South Africa near ocean

Most visitors would come to South Africa to witness the “Big Five” – lions, buffalos, leopards, rhinos, and elephants. But South Africa is a vast country with a lot to offer visitors, aside from being one of the best safari destinations in the world. In fact, it’s also one of the world’s best destinations for golf. 

With numerous golf courses on offer, some of them of the highest calibre, South Africa stands proudly alongside the finest golfing destinations in the world. The country has been hosting several international golf competitions for many years. But South Africa is not only a golfing destination for professionals. It offers an extensive selection of great courses all over the country, from the beautiful Cape Town to balmy Durban. Even while on safari in Kruger, you will never be far away from an excellent golf course in South Africa. 

While you might probably be spending most of your time golfing in South Africa, take time to explore the country between golfing. Get up close with lions and leopards on a luxury safari in the Kruger, taste the finest vintage wine in the Winelands, or sleep under the stars in a private reserve in the middle of the Kalahari Desert!


Scotland is often mentioned when it comes to bucket-list destinations for golf, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the birthplace of golf and where the first 18-hole course was established. Whether you’re just beginning to take up the sport or have not played for many years, you’ll find Scotland an excellent place to brush up your golfing skills. 

A golf trip to Scotland is also the perfect opportunity to witness one of the world’s most prestigious golf tournaments being played out. Head to St Andrew’s to watch The Open Championship and stay in luxury accommodation, such as the Auchterarder House. This lavish vacation home rental offers superb accommodation and can accommodate up to 20 people, making it the perfect choice for those travelling to Scotland in big groups.

Aside from the iconic St Andrews, you’ll find more than 500 other golf courses in Scotland. Given the wide range of golf courses to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that matches your level and course preference. If you are new to the sport and want to improve your skills, you will also find numerous golf courses that can help build your confidence, with professional lessons available and high spec driving ranges where you can practice your swing.

The US 

The United States has long been a favourite destination for golfers. Spanning 2,680 miles, it is home to 45% of the world’s golf courses spread across the country – from the luxury resort courses of Florida to the striking desert courses of Arizona and outstanding golf courses along the coast of California. Home to three of the year’s four major golf championships, the US has more tournament courses than anywhere else on the planet! Thus, it’s the perfect destination for any golf fanatic. 

For those looking to escape the cold winter weather and embark on a golfing experience like no other, consider golfing in Florida. The Sunshine State is home to some of the world’s greatest courses with a picturesque setting. As one of the few American states that enjoy year-round sunshine, Florida is a wonderful place to play golf any time of the year.


Cyprus is becoming one of the world’s leading destinations for golf, thanks in part to the country’s beautiful weather all year round and the many stunning beaches on offer. With courses designed by the likes of Sir Nick Faldo, Cyprus is the perfect place for any golfing enthusiast. 

Your golf holiday in Cyprus is an experience like no other. Aside from golf, the country is rich in culture and home to several incredible historical sites waiting for you to explore. As it relies heavily on tourism, the locals pride themselves on their outstanding hospitality and will make sure that all visitors feel welcomed. 

Cyprus is home to fantastic golf courses, with each offering breathtaking views of the country’s stunning natural landscapes and offers an invigorating challenge that’s not to be missed. 


Praia do Carvalho portugal

Portugal has always been a favourite destination among golf fanatics when it comes to golf holidays. With its fantastic weather and a large concentration of excellent golf courses, especially in the coastal region of Madeira, it’s easy to see why Portugal is a great destination for golf. There are more than 70 golf clubs in Portugal, and most of them are located in Algarve and Madeira areas. Thus, most tourists who come here for golf would visit those areas. 

The golf courses in Portugal are ideal for golfers of all levels and expertise. Some of these courses will require high skill and are more suitable for professionals. Others are easier and are more appropriate for beginners. If you’re heading north, there will be no shortage of opportunities to play golf in this part of the country. Some of the best ones are the Oporto Golf Club and Estela Golf. Meanwhile, Central Portugal has premium quality golf resorts, such as the Montebello Golfe de Viseu and Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort. 

Over the past few years, several high-quality golf courses have been established around Lisbon. You will find the Penha Longa Golf Resort and Oitavos Clube de Golfe some of the best ones. The Lisbon Sports Club is also a popular spot for golfers, with its 18-hole course located 20 km from Lisbon. It features a typically Scottish layout, set over the hills, and opens to breathtaking scenery.

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