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5 Shops That Will Sell Your Kid On Santa Fe, New Mexico

By October 31, 2015January 9th, 2018No Comments

5 Shops That Will Sell Your Kid On Santa FeSanta Fe, New Mexico has a serious art scene and a charming, small town feel that appeals to the laid back and classy travel sense that many adults possess. For kids, however, this can be boring. Walking around the plaza all afternoon to look in shops…. who wants to do that? Well, when you are sure to visit these five shops, your kiddos will love discovering even more about Santa Fe.

1. Sock Magic

This little shop is located along a long stretch of building that is home to many other boutiques, and it it’s not hard to miss if you aren’t looking for it. Luckily for us, the logo out front caught our eyes immediately and we headed right in. Calling Sock Magic a “little shop” is probably an understatement; there’s barely enough room in there for a family of four to stand and view the wares, but it can (and should) be done. Socks in different colors, patterns and degrees of fuzziness can be found hanging from the walls, and your kids will love to try and find a pair with the funniest characters possible on it. If that isn’t enough to keep them occupied (and it certainly is) they can move on to creating their own look with the plethora of hats and scarves.

2. The Gilded Page

Ideal for crafty kiddos or ones that take particular pride in their writing, the Gilded Page offers visitors stunning journals, stationary, colored pencils and other locally made gift items such as candles and soap. These aren’t your average Wal-Mart quality writing supplies; there are leather bound books and handmade paper—basically all the pretty things that a budding creative could ever want or need.

3. StampaFe Art Stamps

Kokopelli Gallery Santa FeIf you thought that you have seen all the pretty supplies at The Gilded Page, you’ll be thrilled once you get the chance to visit StampaFe. Whether your child loves to scrapbook or simply loves the opportunity to play with some rubber and ink, they’ll be delighted to find themselves here. Owner Lee Kellogg is one of the artists, and the stamps are made from fresh rubber every week.

4. Kakawa Chocolate House

You probably didn’t realize that Santa Fe is a hub for chocolatieres, but it is—which is certainly a fact that your kiddos will relish. You can find something here that every family member will adore from simple milk chocolate coins to chili covered in chocolate to drinking elixirs filled with subtle floral and spicy flavors; you simply can’t go wrong. The hardest part of a visit to Kakawa is making choices and sticking to a budget.

5. Kokopelli Gallery

Lots of shops along the Plaza in Santa Fe have fun little trinkets that kids will want to take home, but one shop stands out as having unique items that aren’t everywhere else you look: Kokopelli Gallery. There are cases full of pawn jewelry in chunky shapes filled with turquoise stones and red spiny oyster shell. There is beautiful pottery and hand painted tiles. There are gorgeous gemstone globes that would make a serious traveler faint from delight. My son bought a hand crafted dream catcher with his birthday money and has been very pleased with the results.

What’s your favorite shop in Santa Fe?

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