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Baby Boomers and Their Kids: Fun Destinations for Both Generations

By September 29, 2017November 20th, 2018No Comments

Being a parent is rewarding. You get to influence your children’s behavior, and you get to shape them like clay. Most of us are what we are exactly because of our parents. People come and go. Everyone that’s been in your life left a special mark on you. But only your parents’ mark is completely permanent.

Your parents loved watching you while you were growing up, and guess when they were the happiest? When you smiled.

If you have the means, consider going for a little vacation trip with your parents. That’s a great way for you to show gratitude to them. But, where should you go? Let’s take a look.


Europe Italy Piazza San Marco Venice Lake Europe is always a great choice, especially if your parents never visited the old continent. Picking the right country to visit with my parents was hard. France is known for its wine and cheese (and my mom loves both). Germany was also an option since my father is an avid craft beer drinker, and you can say whatever you want about the Germans except that they don’t know how to make beer. In the end, I chose Venice, which was definitely the right decision.

This city has proven to be fascinating, both to my parents and me. The architectural star of the Piazza San Marco – The Basilica di San Marco is something that’ll leave you breathless. The Venice vino scene is also incredible. We explored the wine cellars only the locals know about, and we drank wine and laughed all day long.

One of the biggest plus sides was that we knew a local. We have a family friend, a born and raised Venetian named Mateo. He showed us all the unexplored parts, small streets with the few locals that still live in this magnificent place. It tends to be very crowdy but the amount of culture in one place is astonishing to say the least.


Thailand Bangkok High Rise SkyscraperWhen we think about Thailand, we all think about Bangkok and for a good reason! This city is simply one of a kind, and taking your parents there might prove to be an excellent choice. A day in Bangkok with your parents will certainly be one of the best days of their lives, and yours too.

If your parents love shopping, then here are some good news – you can buy absolutely anything in one of the world’s largest markets. Oriental food is something that not everybody likes, but don’t skip on trying it while you’re there. You’d be amazed how different real Oriental food is compared to Oriental food served in the USA.


Australia Beach Lake Cathie Canyons Twelve ApostlesEvery tourist experiences some form of culture shock when they visit another country, there’s no doubt about that. However, if you want to spare your parents from this ill feeling, Australia should be on the top of your list. The Australians are in many ways similar to the Americans. They also love taking care of their parents and doing what they can for them.

In Australia, they even have prestigious over 50s resorts where people can settle down and enjoy the company of their peers.

Those who want to treat their parents like royalty should most certainly visit Lake Cathie. This town is located in a tranquil place and is perfect for those who prefer peace and quiet above all else. If your parents enjoy a bit of an adventure, you have to visit the Twelve Apostles.


United States Florida Palm Trees OceanThere’s only one state in the USA which is a dream destination for seniors. Yeah, you guessed it right – Florida. In all honesty, Florida is a great place to visit no matter how old you are, but seniors love it because of a plethora of places that are catering to the elderly. If you’re short on budget, but you still want to go on a vacation with your parents and pay them back somehow for all those things they provided you with, buy the tickets in advance for a lower price.

Just don’t be surprised if your parents decide to stay there. After all, the climate is great, and there’s no income tax there.

In the end, it doesn’t matter where you choose to go with your parents. It’s about making the most out of your trip and bonding even more with those who raised you. Give them a chance to see the real you, that magnificent person who wants to thank them for all they did.

Roxana Oliver

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