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The sound of seagulls flying overhead as you dip your toes in the sand has you completely at peace. The waves crash on the shore and then slowly creep back toward the deep, over and over again in a dance as old as time. The warm sun plays along your skin keeping your heart happy. You lift your ice cold water bottle to your lips…. and then a wet, screaming child jumps into your lap, spraying sand in every direction. Ah, family vacation.

The truth is, you’re ok with the chaos. As crazy as they can be, you adore your little nuggets, even when you are on the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen in your life and they are trying to bury you in sand. (You’ll never get that sand out of your bikini; don’t even try.) Coming up with family vacation ideas isn’t always easy, but a trip to the beach may be something that everyone can agree on.

Beaches are a great opportunity for both relaxation and exploration. Children of all ages can enjoy this kind of trip. Babies and toddlers can splash about in the cool waves or squish the sand between their fingers. There’s so much to feel, see, and smell for little minds that are working hard to develop.

Get Older Kiddos Inspired Seaside

For kids and teens, a trip to the beach is the perfect chance to learn how to swim—a skill every child should acquire at a young age. Explore the beach together climbing on rocks, looking for shells, or making sandcastles. Learn about the local wildlife together, go fishing, or help the kids brush up on their photography skills.

Family vacations can take on a whole new level of awesome when you whisk the brood away to a resort. Stay in fabulous accommodations alongside stunning strips of sand all with stellar ocean views. Kids will delight in all of the activities that these all-in-one vacation spots have to offer from kids clubs to lessons on the beach.

Come Sail Away!

While everyone loves a good beach, don’t be afraid to take your family vacation out on the water. Cruises are filled to the brim with fun activities for kids, and they are a good way to explore destinations all over the world. Cruise the ocean. Cruise the river. See the sights! A family vacation to a beach or aboard a cruise is a great chance for some togetherness with fun and educational experiences sprinkled in between.