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Review: Eco Lunch Gear

By August 5, 2014November 23rd, 2018No Comments

Eco Lunch GearEver since we moved to Colorado last summer, hiking has become a much bigger part of our lives. My little family loves to get outdoors, climb on rocks, run up trails and experience everything this diverse landscape has to offer. Hikes typically start in the morning, but it’s never long before both big and small family members are hungry, so homemade snack bags are essential to each trip we take.

The first thing that I always pack is sandwiches—typically peanut butter and jelly. This sticky option can be messy, but that wasn’t an issue when we had a reusable sandwich bag from Eco Lunch Gear. With the sandwiches ready, I moved on to bagging up some healthy snacks for munching along the trail. On this particular trip I chose grapes, and I wasn’t sure how secure they would be in the little Velcro baggie, but it worked out nicely.

The bags were much stronger than I had imagined and they ended up being an exceptional alternative to plastic sandwich bags. Each one had a tough Velcro seal and a gentle lining that helped keep our food fresh in the backpack as the day got hotter and hotter. My absolute favorite part was the prints; the company offers many options, but we had one with bikes, one with paddles and another with all modes of transportation. They were each perfectly travel themed—an absolute must at Pure Wander!

In addition to the snack/sandwich bags, we also had the opportunity to try a reusable napkin, which we loved. I continue to use it during lunch time at home and take it in the car every time I know that we will be snacking on the go.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about the reusable solutions that we received from Eco Lunch Gear was that the ones with the Velcro need to be washed by hand. They aren’t difficult to wash by any means, but as a busy mother with a dishwasher, I avoid anything that needs to be washed by hand like the plague. I suppose that is a small price to pay for such an adorable, green solution!

About Eco Lunch Gear
Lifelong artist, Tina Beatty, noticed lots of plastic baggies filling up the trash because of lunches and decided to make a change. She started Eco Lunch Gear in 2008 to offer families an eco-friendly way to pack snacks and save money in the long run. All of Eco Lunch Gear’s many products are made locally in Northern Michigan, so stock up on the necessities and start packing smart!

We received a free product in lieu of this Pure Wander review, however all opinions are the free-will of the writer.

Shauna Armitage is a parenting blogger, a freelance travel writer and the co-founder of Pure Wander Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @CarpeCalamus

Shauna Armitage

Author Shauna Armitage

Shauna Armitage is an editor by day and a social media addict by night. She's also the co-founder of Pure Wander, a passionate traveler and mother of two little nuggets. She loves hiking with the family, staying in hotels that deliver cheeseburgers to your room at midnight, and all the red wine. Pinot Noir please. Connect with her on Twitter @CarpeCalamus

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