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Fall Travel Tips for 2022!

By October 16, 2022August 14th, 20234 Comments

Summer weather was not meant for me. Sure, I’ll take a palm tree and a pina colada any day. But when that fresh and crispy air of autumn rolls in, I’m ready.

Fall might be my favorite time of year, which means it’s also my favorite time to travel. I know we are in the thick of the season, but now is the perfect time to plan a quick getaway or be prepped for a trip the next time this season rolls around. Don’t fret: I have you covered.

What to wear for fall travel?

I’m all about capsule wardrobes nowadays to keep my packing light. Unbound pieces are perfect for that.  These dresses, shirts, leggings, and more are the ultimate all-weather clothes for traveling. Pieces are designed to be anti-odor, anti-wrinkle, and offer a timeless silhouette. They have sizes up to XL and options for men, women, and unisex styles. I rock the muscle tank under every sweater that has a lovely silky-smooth feel.

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If you live in a more temperate climate and want to keep showing off your pedicure, you can still definitely do some sturdy sandals. To dress up my prairie dresses, I like my Famolare chunky sandals right through September and October for weekend getaways. The brand from the 70s is back, offering quality shoes and lots of transparency when it comes to sustainability. They also offer a cute chelsea boot for more stomping year-round.

Where to go in the fall?

New England

Obviously I have to represent my home! While the fall foliage around the world is just as gorgeous there’s something special about leaf peeping in New England.fall weather is perfect for road trips up and down the coastline. Cities like Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts are bumping in autumn with lots of seasonal events and attractions. Don’t miss a luxurious stay at the Cliff House in Maine, or spend some time in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts after the busy summer season.

fire pit mirbeau inn spa plymouth ma

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I haven’t had the chance to watch the seasons change in Colorado yet, but I can’t wait to visit soon. If it’s even close to a beautiful Colorado summer or cozy, snowy, winter, I bet it’s perfect. Denver works as a nice base for experiencing the state, especially if you head a bit west to stay at the Table Mountain Inn and swing through the wonderful Colorado Railroad Museum.

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Don’t sleep on Romania, especially for fall travel. Outside of Ireland, it’s my favorite country in Europe. It’s spooky season year-round in some parts of this country, but it feels especially cozy and spiritual in the fall. There’s a million warm coffee shops to pull up a chair in Bucharest when things feel dreary. There’s also some great thermal baths that are ideal for warming up throughout the city, as well as some stunning castles in Romania to visit. Don’t miss Europe’s biggest wellness spa too, called Therme Buchresti. Then venture north into the Carpathian Mountains for a brisk hike and stiff drink.

hiking group in romania by Nicolae Alexandru Niculache

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There’s something to fall in love with in Japan during every season, but the fall is really special. We spent a couple weeks there in 2019, and I still haven’t written about the whole experience! It was that magical, overpowering, beautiful, and surprising. The cities have almost as much nature as the countryside, packed with parks and lot of colorful leaves that are changing with the passing season.Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto should be on everyone’s list, along with a visit to the osens and spas near Mt. Fuji.

Quick IG reel about Japan in the fall!

Keep calm and carry on this fall

A lot of my friends and fellow travelers are gearing up this fall for more flights. It can definitely be nerve wracking and full of chaos, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve taken a trip.

Never fear, though, it can be done. And it can be done with ease! whether you’re flying to Ireland, Iceland, or India, you can certainly help manage stress and anxiety in a few realistic ways.

First, my hot tip for flying comes from TikTok. I know. But I love a good visual, and this viral clip about turbulence really has helped!

Over on CrookedFlight, I’ve gathered a bunch of ways to steel nerves for flying specifically as well that can ease your worries. But really the main thing is to lower expectations, go with the flow and expect changes in the plan.

Most importantly, make sure there’s calm around you: If traveling with kids, bring their favorite creature comforts so they also feel relaxed about the journey. Support a stressed out partner or snippy friend group to introduce tranquility back into the trip.

Also, your pets can feel the vibe of calm as well! We’ve taken our dog on a few road trips lately, and have prepped using Treatibles. They offer wonderful CBD supplements, treats, and oils for all types of animals. There’s plenty of dosages to help all sizes, and it can also provide potential pain relief or ease an upset stomach. Aids like medication and holistic treatments are always worth talking to professionals about if you or your loved ones are anxious about traveling.

Good luck on your fall trips! We’re always here to help on social or via email if you need anything!

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