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A Kid’s Perspective on the Island of Malta

By August 14, 20152 Comments

The sunset over MaltaMalta is so amazingly beautiful; it is one of the hidden gems found in the sea. From jet skiing to snorkeling at the blue lagoon, Malta was one of my favorite trips that my family took in the three years living in Europe.  The view from my hotel was beautiful; you could see the water and all the sailboats sitting in the water. It all seemed like a dream.

One of the first things we did was going snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon.  We took a huge sailboat that reminded me of a pirate ship. The ride to the lagoon was amazing, but the best part was when we got to the lagoon. The water was so blue you could see all the fish under the boat. We sailed for approximately and hour and then we arrived in a medium sized cove.  At the cove, we had lunch on the ship and were allowed to finally get in the water.  When I got in the water, the fun really started; under the water you could see all the various types of fish. There was probably a thousand fish swimming around and they even swam around me and encircled me as if they were forming a cocoon. It was amazing how close you could get to them before they would swim away.

The second thing we did was go jet skiing, it was so much fun! My dad drove it and I rode on the back.  We didn’t fall off but when he took my sister they did. On the water, the Jet Ski bumps all over the place. It is really fun but it can also be kind of scary because of the danger of falling off.

We also did a couple of other things as well, but overall those were two of my favorite things. There is more than just that to do but there, there are historical buildings, beaches, scuba diving and caves to explore, take time to get to know Malta. I recommend going to Malta for a couple of days.

Katanna is a 13-year-old native of Maine. Some of her hobbies include dancing competitively, listening to music and of course, writing.

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  • Lori Leal says:

    Malta looks absolutely gorgeous!! Looks like I have a new Bucket List entry. Great article, thank you for sharing!

  • Adrien Beatty says:

    I absolutely love the details of the trips and photos. I learned about a new place that I now love and want to take my family to.

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