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The 12 Best Travel Skincare Products You Need in Your Carry-On

By August 20, 2019March 8th, 2024No Comments

When traveling, many people find that they have to combat all sorts of new challenges. Luckily, however, most of them are good challenges! If your body is sensitive to change, it’s important to maintain routine even when you’re on a trip. This is especially true for your skin, which can react to everything from climate changes to what you eat.

When planning your carry-on, you’ll want to make room for some skincare products to ensure you feel great while in transit. Use products that work best for you alongside other essential toiletries that are part of your daily regimen.

Many of these products can be purchased in small containers to pass security protocols for liquids. Some can even be bought in solid forms, like stick sunscreen or roll-on oils. If you like to care for the environment like us, you can buy small reusable containers to fill up from your full-size products at home.


Irritable skin is not ideal when you’re trying to have fun on your trip. A quick once-over with a quality moisturizing lotion will do the trick. Some hotels will include these in the amenities, but if your skin is sensitive, you’ll want to avoid certain perfumes and additives by bringing your own.

Eye Cream

Puffy, dry and itchy eyes are the worst. If you travel for business or want to handle your features as soon as you leave the plane, eye cream is crucial. It also works well if you aren’t getting as much sleep as you would at home.


No matter where you roam, sun protection is essential. Obviously, if you are travelling to a hot climate, sunblock is a given necessity. Sunny island vacations and trips to Thailand are experiences where you’ll want to bring your own sunscreen, as you can pick the correct SPF ahead of time and avoid costly resort mark-ups. Also, did you know you can get sunburned while skiing? Snow reflects the sun just like water, so have this handy regardless of the season when you travel.

Cleansing Soaps

Whenever you travel, it’s important to pack your own cleansing soaps. Commercial soaps can often be harsh on your skin, stripping away natural oils and leaving you feeling dry and irritated. Goat milk soap is a great option for those with sensitive skin, as it’s gentle and hydrating. Tea tree oil soap is another good choice for travelers, as it can help to prevent breakouts and keep your skin looking clear. So, next time you’re packing for a trip, make sure to include some of your favorite cleansing soaps!

SPF Protected Foundation

Alongside sunscreen to use on your skin, you might want something special just for your face. I personally don’t wear foundation, but if it’s part of your makeup must-haves, choose one with sunscreen in it too. Your face is often the most exposed part of your skin, so extra protection helps.

Hydrating Mask

One product that can bypass security liquids is an eye mask. These can be made of gel or other materials and provide cooling comfort to your skin. I even like to sleep in one or wear it on a plane to keep my eyes from puffing.

Water Mister

We’ve recommended water misters in our past travel gift guides for good reason. It’s classic, easy, and can hydrate your skin instantly. These misters are sold in mini spray bottles that are compressed for a light, even mist.

Citrus Booster

Citrus is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities and refreshing scents. Citrus-based products can be especially wonderful if you need a pick-me-up after a long flight or want to wake up with a zesty cleanse in the morning.

Night Serum

All sorts of serums can take care of various skin issues you may want to target. If you’re working on reducing redness or lines, you don’t want to skip days in your regimen just because you’re travelling. Luckily, these serums usually come in small containers great for trips and work best when left on longer overnight.

Skin Oil

Alongside oil-based serums, there are other products that work well for the skin and even your mindset too. Look for hydrating oils that include lavender, which is known for its calming reputation as an essential oil. Breathe in deep while applying oils for the skin and gain an extra bonus benefit.

Creams for Dryness

Flights are notoriously icky experiences. The circulating air quickly gets stale and often dries out the skin. Special creams and lotions are ideal for re-hydrating the skin quickly, without leaving a residue.

Anti-bacterial treatments

Speaking of dryness, you also have to consider the other heebie-jeebies that circulate in the air of a plane. Namely, germs! I have a rock-solid immune system, but after a few long flights, I start to feel awful, and prone to colds and other illnesses. Use a gentle antibacterial cream or gel on your skin to stay protected and healthy.

Spot Cream


If your skin is prone to dryness, you might be at risk for breaking out. Blemishes can happen too if your diet is put out of whack with greasy street food or extra humidity in the air. You can have a small tube of cream to handle this, or even small pads that are left on for a few minutes to handle individual spots.

What’s in your carry-on to keep your skin fresh while travelling? What are your favorite products?

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