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Pure Wander’s Business Travel Gift Guide

By November 27, 2017November 20th, 20182 Comments

OK business travelers, listen up! Lots of you love to see the world, but you also know the hustle of getting work done on the road. or, maybe you have a digital nomad in your life who’s constantly on the go. Either way, this wonderful list of sustainable, stylish and practical holiday gifts will suit anyone who’s ever had to get stuff done on the road.


Holistic Silk Eye Pillow

holistic silk lavender eye pillow

Tired eyes from starting at a laptop screen all day is the worst. The struggle is real on the road for battling fatigue and tiredness too. During my at-home restorative yoga sessions, I truly love to give myself a few blessed minute to unwind and disconnect. The luxurious Holistic Silk Eye Pillow does the trick everytime to make my jet-setting work days easier. Made from beautiful silk materials and gives off a pleasant lavender smell, it fits great in your carry-on and comes with a small pouch for travel. Several colors available and can be hand-washed.

Retail: £45.00

Yogo Portable Yoga Mat

noli yoga star leggings

Staying in shape on business trips is as easy as packing a Yogo Portable Yoga Mat. The lightweight natural rubber folds easily and weighs just 2.4 pounds. In comparison to other mats I have jammed into my suitcase, this one has a fantastic grip and dries quickly.

Now all that is left to do is pull up the Yoga with Adriene channel on Youtube. Thirty minutes later your body and mind will be refreshed and ready for that critical client meeting. Oh, and also you must resist the urge to namaste in bed!

Retail: $64.99

Earl of East London Travel Candle

earl of east london greenhouse travel candle

Let’s be honest: sometimes you get stuck with a less-than-stellar hotel room. It’s a quick and easy solution to bring along a small travel candle to help fresh up a space on the road – much better than using flowery aerosol sprays. The Earl of East London offer a line of small, minimalist candles that work wonderfully for smaller rooms and on the road. Each candle comes with a twisting jar top and weighs only 3.5 ounces. Our favorite scent is greenhouse, which remind us of the herb garden back home in London.

Retail: £16.00

Lemnia Leather Travel Wallet

lemnia romanian leather travel wallet

Us ladies in tech are all too aware too familiar with the purse switching dilemma. Shifting from the daytime laptop bag to evening clutch can be a pain, especially when you only have 20 minutes to freshen up before dinner.

The Lemnia Leather Travel Wallet transitions from day to evening easily and with style. The wallet can fit cash, credit cards, a small lipstick and a cellphone. Heading to the airport? A passport can also fit in the large pouch. What more can a girl ask for?

Retail: About $40.00

Duolingo Language Learning Application


For those loved ones who travel to global offices on a regular basis, learning the local language basics is key. This can be extremely challenging, but the Duolingo team has put a new spin on becoming bilingual.

Duolingo is a web and mobile application that challenges users to put their linguistic skills to the test! This application uses gamification to help users to quickly pick up the basics of a language in no time. Currently supporting 23 languages, the basic application is sticky, always leaving you wanting to come back for more. The best part, the basic application is free. However if that business traveler is serious about picking up a new language quickly, the plus subscription has many perks, including offline mode.

Retail: Basic is free, Plus is $10.95 per month. In app purchases are available.

Apple SD Card Camera Reader

Apple SD Card zReader

Photographers and travel bloggers know that images are incredibly important—especially while traveling. Up your Insta game with the SD Card Camera Reader, an Apple accessory that cuts out the need for a laptop every time you head out of town. Post stunning pictures from your iPhone by connecting your camera’s memory card to your phone’s camera roll. With endless apps for photo editing, this item is a great way to enhance your social media accounts while traveling.

Retail: $29.00

Quechua Windwarm 500 Softshell Trekking Jacket


Something that look smart, that’s warm and that will travel well is ideal when looking for a jacket. Decathlon makes a sturdy and sleek trekking jacket made ideally for outdoor weather on the mountains, but works great for a business traveler in various climates too. The jacket is lined with soft fleece material, has deep pockets and a fitted hood to avoid rain. It is breathable and flexible for lots of moving without wear and tear. I even layer it with a puffy vest when it gets super chilly outside.

Retail: £39.99 for women’s style

Medium Photo Boards

Medium Photo Board

Whether you’re taking product images for a living or staging a shoot for your blog, traveling often makes it difficult to find reliable settings in which to take photos. When you can’t find a suitable backdrop, turn to Medium Photo Boards. These innovative boards offer designs like wood, marble, wool and slate stone that make the perfect background for any image you need to take. On top of that, they’re thin and lightweight, so when you hit the road, just slide one or two into your backseat and you’re set for the entire trip.

Retail: $45.00 each

Vapur Foldable Water bottle

vapur water bottle

Ever tried sneaking a bottle of water through airport security? Purchasing water at the airport is expensive. Trust me, it is much cheaper than rebooking a missed flight! Next time you are looking to quench your thirst on a budget, throw the Vapur Foldable Water Bottle into your carry on bag. The wide mouth design makes it easy to fill at a water fountain and you’ll never have to go thirsty on those long haul flights!

Retail: About $11.99

Tenba Laptop Bag

lapto and camera bag by tenba

My work means I’m lugging around tons of equipment. I need cameras, lenses, a laptop, phone, maybe tablet and goodness knows what else. While these fit fine in my luggage, I hadn’t found a good solution for everyday use. Backpacks weren’t shaped right and I’m not wheeling a suitcase around all the time. So instead, I’ve been using my Tenba bag that covers everything I need.

Biz travelers will be ready to go with this sleek, unisex messenger-style bag that boasts a sturdy strap, easy-to-use snaps and tons of pockets. Its shaped like a briefcase and could be subbed for one as a modern-looking carrier.

Retail: $159.95

Friction-Free Shaving Club

friction free shaving kit

This is the best damn couple of quid I’ve ever spent. I’m never home as I travel a couple times a month – and my house is always empty of the essentials. I need to keep things stocked and often don’t find the time to zip to the store. So, anything I can order online is clutch.

Razors are something I constantly forget about, so Friction-Free Shaving (FFS) has handled it for me. Your first box has a shiny rose-or-bronze-colored handle, shave cream and razors for the month. Then every month you get replacement razors and cream delivered to your door. Done and done. Did I mention they’re stupidly affordable and make my legs feel like butter?!

Retail: Starts at £5-9 per month, save 25% of your first box here!

Bill Bryson Neither Here Nor There

bill bryson neither here nor there book

Travelling for work involves juggling presentation decks, client dinners, and communicating with colleagues on the go. A great method to decompress after a stressful day is to crack open a good old paperback book.

Just when you may be dreaming of sleeping in your own bed, American journalist Bill Bryson inspires wanderlust. Neither Here Nor There includes tales of a trek to the northernmost point in Europe, pickpocketing gypsies, and a near death experience with a Parisian motorist. Bryson’s recollection of his student backpacking days will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Retail: About $11.00 per book

Belvedere RED Vodka


Time to cheers! A bright bottle of high-end vodka is ideal for the business traveler who needs to unwind. But this special edition Belvedere RED isn’t to celebrate the holidays – it’s for a great cause. RED is famous for fighting against HIV and AIDS in Africa, partering with top brands over the years to provide support and funding. You can gift this for wonderful cocktail concoctions, knowing it’s also helping others live full, healthy lives.

Retail: Varies, about $22.00 per 750 ml



cozyphones sleep headphones

Everyone, shhhh. Business travelers are attempting to get work done everywhere – on the plane, in the hotel and even in the back of an Uber. They need quiet, and they also need it while sleeping. New environments when traveling can be unpredictable and can effect your sleep. This is why CozyPhones are so handy. It looks like a fleece headband, but hidden inside are wires headphones. It can be plugged into any phone or sound gadget to allow you to sleep comfortably while wearing headphones without slipping or pinching.

Retail: 21.97

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