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Top 3 Favorite Regions of Spain

By February 28, 2017February 21st, 20192 Comments

I can never get enough of Spain. Any chance I get I like to get everyone together for a tapas-eating adventure full of sunshine, dancing, history and culture. While I haven’t been everywhere is this stunning country, I definitely do have my favorite areas to explore so far.


barcelona eileen cotter wright

In the northeastern part of Spain is a sultry and sophisticated region that welcomes a melting pot of culture. Catalonia boasts Barcelona, wine regions and beautiful artistic pursuits found prevalent in its architecture and design. When it comes to the great outdoors, Catalonia also offers tons of scenic coast for vacations and the towering Pyrenees Mountains to hike.

Just south of Barcelona you can have a wonderful getaway while booking a villa Costa Dorada along the coastline. There’s endless beaches to choose from with wide, sandy sections that seem to glitter in the sun.



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As an all-time favorite, this vibrant and spicy part of Spain has tons of passion and vivacity. I am slightly biased as I have spent significant time in the south living and studying, but it never gets less magical to me. The capital city of Seville is a great place to start, with flamenco dancing late into the night and strolling promenades along the Guadalquivir River. An hour or so away is Granada, which has stronger ties to a North African influence among its marketplaces and tea houses. Don’t miss the Alhambra Palace either, a wonder of the world. Cordoba is worth a visit for its half Catholic church, half Mosque structure, as well as Rhonda for its amazing town built straight on the cliffs. Along the coast you’ll find Jerez for top-quality sherry making and Malaga for wonderful seafood and sunbathing.alhambra eileen cotter wright

Valencia/Costa del Sol

Valencia is one of the centers of innovation in Spain. Valencia city alone is ideal for those who want to check out its beautiful aquarium, observatory and art center, surrounded by gorgeous, futuristic architecture. Valencia’s progress is wrapped up in old history as well, complete with ancient forts and churches that line both city and village streets.


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While the Costa del Sol is not an official region, it’s the beautiful Mediterranean coastline that snakes along the eastern border of Spain. In fact, Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia share this coastline that proves to be a wonderful road trip option to hitting the beach everyday. Compared to London, costs are reasonable on the Costa del Sol for food and accommodation.

I hope to visit Basque Country, Extremedura and other regions of Spain in the near future. Have you been to Spain? Where do you like to go?

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